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between two Gorenje NRK 6203 TBK

link between two NRK612ST cooling units
Manufacturer: Gorenje
Weight: 1.00 kg(s)
€133.66 / 525.19 ₪
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AdaptTech- This intelligent system is designed to maintain a constant temperature in the refrigerator, regardless of how often the door is opened. It constantly monitors your refrigerator use habits and manages the temperature to prevent possible temperature increases and to ensure the long-term freshness of your food.
spacious CrispZone drawer is designed to preserve nutrients and extend the freshness of food thanks to its low temperature and adjustable humidity levels.
Thanks to the innovatively designed, shiny and smooth interior of the Gorenje GardenFresh fridge-freezers, they are exceptionally easy to clean, keeping your food healthy and safe.
EcoMode - In the event of prolonged absence, the refrigerator can be switched to energy-saving mode, as the door is kept closed.
IonAir with MultiFlow 360 ° Produces negatively charged ions inside the appliance that are evenly distributed in the refrigerator compartment thanks to the MultiFlow 360 ° system. The enriched air retains its flavor and removes unpleasant odors.
LED lighting Provides excellent and highly efficient lighting.
Changing the direction of door opening.
Height [cm] 185 Width [cm] 60 Depth [cm] 59.2.