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Siemens enamelled baking tray HZ631070

€35.94 / 136.53 ₪
Dimensions of the packed device (H x W x L): 45 x 430 x 470 mm.

Siemens HZ638370 telescopic extension

€119.98 / 455.77 ₪
With the help of the Siemens 3-way telescopic pull-out HZ638370, baking trays, grids or universal pans can be pulled out of the oven on three levels without it tipping over.
41 x 31 x 9.2 cm

SIEMENS Rubber foot 00632783

€9.62 / 36.54 ₪

SMEG TR103IBL Free-standing Electric stove, Victoria Black

€3829.40 / 14546.74 ₪
The free-standing kitchen TR103IBL with black steam cleaning from the Victoria line from Smeg is an induction hob (5 zones) and a class A electric oven for greater convenience of baking.
Controlled by knobs in the color of stainless steel.
LED display.
Hob : 5 heating zones.
Main electric oven with 8 heating functions.
Temperature control from 50 ° to 260 ° C.
Gross / net capacity: 70/61 L.
4 baking levels.
Chamber dimensions: 316 x 460 x 412 mm.
Auxiliary Electric Oven with 1 cooking function: hot air.
Temperature control from 50 ° to 245 ° C.
Gross / net capacity: 94/84 L.
Chamber dimensions: 605 x 375 x 375 mm.
Additional electric oven with 1 cooking function: grill.
Temperature control from 50 ° to 260 ° C.
Gross / net capacity: 41/36 L.
Chamber dimensions: 169 x 440 x 443 mm.
Voltage: 220-240 (380-415) V.
Dimensions: 1000 x 600 x 900 mm.

SMEG TR4110 IBL cooking center, induction hob, black, 110 cm

€3585.65 / 13620.81 ₪
2 multifunction ovens.
5 induction cooking zones.
Grill drawer.
Vapor Clean cleaning.
Type of cooking space 1: circulating air / hot air.
Type of cooking space 2: convection.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 90 cm x 110 cm x 60 cm.

SMEG TR90IBL9 cooking center, induction hob, Black, 90cm

€3486.55 / 13244.36 ₪
Usable cooking space volume: 115 l.
Cooking chamber material: Ever Clean enamelling.
Number of cooking levels: 5.
Number of cooking chamber lights: 2.
Number of fans (convection/ hot air ): 2.
Power of the small area grill: 1700 W.
Power of the large area grill: 2900 W.
Soft-close comfort locking system.
Temperature Control: Electromechanical.
Product width: 900 mm Product height: 900 mm Product depth: 600 mm.

Steel Enfasi 100, range cooker, 100 cm, multifunction oven, color stainless steel, E10FF-6SS

€4165.00 / 15821.59 ₪
Induction hob with 5 cooking zones- 2 flex induction cooking zones (2 x 2.1 kW - booster 3.7 kW) 3 induction cooking zones (2 x 1.85 kW booster 3 kW - 1 x 2.3 kW booster 3.7 kW).
Multifunction oven left 70 ltr, conventional oven right 39 ltr.
Electronic time control with touch screen.
"Cold" oven door with double glazing.
Metal knobs and handles.
Oven doors with soft-close_function.
spacious storage compartment for accessories.
Width 1000mm x Depth 600mm x Height 920mm (adjustable).

Miele Built-in oven H 7264 BP VITROLINE obsidian black PYROLYTIC OVEN, 60cm wide

€2011.90 / 7642.60 ₪
Clear text display with sensor controls – DirectSensor S .
Minimal cleaning effort –3 pyrolytic cleaning programmes.
SoftOpen & SoftClose.
Especially light dough and nicely browned crusts – Moisture Plus .
Network-enabled WiFi appliance – Miele@home .
76 l capacity.
Dimensions: (H) 596mm x (W) 595mm x (D) 547mm.

Barazza ICON EXCLUSIVE 1ABEVEN Built-in stainless steel blast chiller

€3344.25 / 12703.80 ₪
capacity: 40 litres.
interactive and multilingual Touch Screen.
features: frontal control and Soft-Touch finish handle, stainless steel internal cavity, internal LED light, side racks.
equipment: 2 stainless steel shelves, temperature probe.
7 cold functions.
4 hot functions.
minimum temperature: -30 °C.
maximum temperature: 75 °C.
mat black stainless steel.
Dimensions: 60 x 45 cm.

Barazza ICON EXCLUSIVE 1CSEVEN Stainless steel vacuum sealer

€2157.75 / 8196.64 ₪
functions: 3 levels vacuum sealing, 3 sealing levels, 3 levels vacuum sealing in container, Chef function to marinate food, ripen or cold infusion and extraction of essential oils.
Touch Control digital programmer.
motor: oil pump.
features: cover in tempered glass, bowl interior in stainless steel, push-pull opening.
equipment: adapter for containers, kit of 50 storage food bags and 50 bags for cooking food, telescopic rails.
maximum absorbed power: 0,24 kW.
mat black stainless steel.
Dimensions 60 x 15 cm.

Barazza ICON EXCLUSIVE 1FEVEMCN Built-in microwave oven, BLACK

€1940.54 / 7371.53 ₪
17 manual functions 20 automatic cooking programs 5 automatic defrosting programs .
Microwave functions up to 1000 W.
Maximum temperature: 250 ° .
capacity: 40 liters.
Multilingual Touch Control digital programmer + knobs features.
Child safety function.

Barazza ICON EXCLUSIVE 1FEVEPN Built-in stainless steel oven

€1590.00 / 6039.93 ₪
Zefiro sanification system.
11 manual functions.
16 automatic cooking programs.
maximum temperature: 250 °C.
capacity: 65 litres.
multilingual Touch Control digital programmer + knobs.
features: frontal control, Soft-Touch finish knobs and handle, Easy Clean oven lining, extractable and removable door with triple heat-reflecting glass, Soft Close hinges, tangential cooling fan, drop-down grill, 2 internal lights, side racks • equipment: 1 Easy Clean enamelled steel deep drip tray, 1 Easy Clean enamelled steel drip tray, 1 stainless steel shelf, 2 pairs of telescopic oven rails.
safety devices: safety switch-off, electronic child-safety.
maximum absorbed power: 2,7 kW.
mat black stainless steel.

Barazza ICON EXCLUSIVE 1FEVEVCN Built-in stainless steel Steam oven

€1782.90 / 6772.70 ₪
Icon Exclusive built-in compact combi-steam oven Touch Control + knobs.
18 manual functions.
• 30 automatic cooking programs.
maximum temperature: 250 °C, progressive set up from 35 to 100 °C in steam mode.
capacity: 40 litres.
features: frontal control, Soft-Touch finish knobs and handle, Easy Clean oven lining, extractable and removable door with four heat-reflecting glasses, Soft Close hinges, tangential cooling fan, internal light, side racks.
safety devices: electronic child-safety.
Dimensions: 60 x 45 cm.

Beko BMOB20231BG standing microwave, 800W, 20L, built-in, 5 power levels, digital timer, black / stainless steel

€197.56 / 750.47 ₪
Interior lighting - clear view of the food while it cooks. The difference between 30 seconds and a minute can be enormous during the microwave process.
The interior light means you can see how your food is cooking and not be surprised if your dish is about to cook over.
5 power levels.
Interior volume 20 L.
Height 38.2 cm/ Width 59.4 cm/ Depth 34.3 cm.

BOSCH 11004976 Water tank, for the steam oven FullSteam combination device with microwave

€59.60 / 226.40 ₪
Used in cookers and microwave combination devices.
Consists of BSH no. 11004959 tank cassette lid and 12005649 channel.
For a suitable cap for the filler opening, see BSH no. 00637071.

BOSCH BEL554MB0 microwave (900 watts)

€398.00 / 1511.88 ₪
Dimensions (W / H / D) / Weight: 594 mm x 382 mm x 388 mm / 19 kg Power levels: Power levels Microwave: 90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W. Power levels Grill with microwaves 90 W, 180 W, 360 W can be combined. Defrosting function: Yes Grill type: Quartz grill Safety features: Safety shutdown, Door contact switch, Cooling fan Special features: Suitable for 60 cm wide tall cabinets. Observe dimensions and installation instructions for this device in accordance with the technical drawing. Comfort: memory function (1 memory space); LED interior lighting; Microwave and grill can be used individually and in combination. LED display, electronic clock. Color: volcano black

Bosch BEL634GS1 seriel 8 built-in microwave with grill

€611.35 / 2322.34 ₪
Swing door, hinged on the left.
TFT with plain text display.
Max. Power: 900 W; 5 microwave power levels (90 W, 180 W, 360 W, 600 W, 900 W).
Grill can be combined with microwave power levels 360/180/90 W.
Cooking space volume: 21 l.
Full glass inner door.
intuitive operating ring, TouchControl operation.
Device dimensions (HxWxD): 382 x 594 x 318 mm.
Recess dimensions (HxWxD): 362 - 382 x 560 - 568 x 300 mm.

Bosch BFR634GS1 seriel 8 stainless steel built-in microwave

€529.99 / 2013.27 ₪
The built-in microwave for 38cm niche: so you can thaw your meals saves time, warm and perfectly prepared. AutoPilot 7: every dish turns out perfectly by 7 preset automatic programs. Weight control: simply program and weight choose and the optimum power level is set automatically. Hinged door: convenient opening thanks to right-sided stopper.

Bosch BIC630NS1 warming drawer, niche height: 14cm, handleless, stainless steel

€429.58 / 1631.85 ₪
Push-pull mechanism: easy to open and close thanks to the practical spring mechanism.
Cleaning convenience: easy-to-clean tempered glass heating plate.
Load up to 25 kg.
5 areas of application: letting yeast dough rise, defrosting food, keeping food warm, preheating dishes, slow cooking.
Cooking chamber volume: 20 l.
Device dimensions (mm): 140 x 594 x 548 mm.
Niche dimensions (H x W x D) (mm): 140 x 560 x 550 mm.