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Hair styling Cream- Nivea Men 150 ml

€3.95 / 16.61 ₪
For a malleable hold and well-groomed hair: With hold level 4, Nivea Men Styling Cream makes it easy to change the hairstyle.

NIVEA Micellar Cleansing Wipes Design Edition, 25 pcs

€1.88 / 7.90 ₪
Remove make-up & even waterproof mascara and clean thoroughly but particularly gently.
Moisturize and refresh the skin.

NIVEA Body milk in-shower Body Milk, 0.4 l

€4.45 / 18.71 ₪
Nivea In-Shower Body Milk with rich almond oil already creams while showering
The wet skin absorbs the care easily, and the in-shower is quickly absorbed
Skin tolerance dermatologically tested. Without artificial colors and silicones

NIVEA Body milk In-Shower Soft Milk, 400 ml

€4.45 / 18.71 ₪
Nivea In-Shower Soft Milk with pampering shea butter already creams while showering
Skin compatibility dermatologically tested
Without artificial colors and silicones

NIVEA Cream shower flower magic, 250 ml

€1.99 / 8.37 ₪
Refreshes and inspires with the fine rose fragrance
Nurtures through the formula with almond oil
98% biodegradable formula
Formula without solid microplastic particles

NIVEA Cream, shower cream soft, 250 ml

€1.95 / 8.20 ₪
Formula with natural almond oil
Pampered and nourished with its delicately scented formula
99% biodegradable formula
Formula without microplastics

NIVEA Day Cream Fluid Cellular Luminous Anti-Pigment Spots SPF 50, 40 ml

€26.95 / 113.31 ₪

Reduces pigment spots and prevents them from forming again.
Gives more evenness and natural radiance.
Protects against premature, light-induced skin aging.
Provides the skin with moisture.
For smooth, plump skin.

NIVEA Gentle cleansing milk, 200 ml

€3.69 / 15.51 ₪
Removes makeup and waterproof mascara.
Provides the skin with moisture.
Cares for and refreshes the skin with a mild formula.

NIVEA MEN Face gel Active Energy Hydro, 75 ml

€5.95 / 25.02 ₪
Immediately refreshed skin feeling & 24h moisture.
Ultra-light texture, absorbs quickly and is non-greasy.
With 100% natural water mint.
Recipe without microplastics & water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.

NIVEA MEN Shower Fresh Ocean, 250 ml

€1.85 / 7.78 ₪
3in1 for body, face & hair.
24H freshness effect.

NIVEA MEN Shower gel Citrus Smash 3in1 with bergamot & thyme fragrance, 250 ml

€1.85 / 7.78 ₪
3in1 for body, face & hair.
Gives the skin the feeling of long-lasting freshness.
Formula without microplastics.
Bergamot & Thyme fragrance.

NIVEA MEN Shower sport, 250 ml

€1.85 / 7.78 ₪
3in1 for body, face & hair.
24H freshness effect.

NIVEA MEN Tangerine Mule 3in1 shower gel with tangerine & sandalwood fragrance, 250 ml

€1.85 / 7.78 ₪
3in1 for body, face & hair.
Tangerine & Sandalwood fragrance.
With a fresh menthol kick.
Formula without microplastics.

Nivea Men Strong Power Shampoo 250 ml

€2.29 / 9.63 ₪
As shampoo with sea minerals and active power system, for every day.
Strengthens the hair measurably, gives the hair fullness and strength, cleans the hair thoroughly and is mild on the scalp.

NIVEA Night cream Luminous anti-pigment spots, 50 ml

€22.99 / 96.66 ₪

for all skin types
Cellular Luminous 630® anti-pigment night care against age spots - visibly reduces these in 4 weeks and prevents them from reappearing
Regenerating night cream, strengthens the skin overnight
Gives an even, radiant complexion - day after day
Moisturizes the skin and noticeably smooths it
Suitable for all skin types, also as a night cream for sensitive skin. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

NIVEA Serum Cellular Lumious anti-pigment spots, 30 ml

€28.95 / 121.72 ₪

Counteracts existing pigment spots.
Spots are lightened and the size is reduced.
Helps prevent the formation of new pigment spots.
Gentle on the skin.
Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

NIVEA SUN Sun spray kids, protection & care sensitive, SPF 50+, 200 ml

€8.99 / 37.80 ₪
Particularly high, immediate UV protection Especially for sensitive children's skin Reduces the risk of sun-related skin irritation The new NIVEA SUN Kids Sensitive Protection & Care Spray with SPF 50+ offers highly effective and quick UVA / UVB protection for children's skin in particular in need of protection. The very high sun protection factor reduces the risk of sun-related allergies. The caring formula without perfume for delicate, sensitive children's skin is extra waterproof. The skin tolerance is dermatologically confirmed under pediatrician supervision.

NIVEA Vital Soy Anti-Ageing Firming Night Cream (50 ml)

€12.99 / 54.62 ₪
Regenerating effect - Nivea night cream strengthens demanding mature facial skin, visibly reduces wrinkles and lines and moisturises
EFFECTIVE FORMULA - The formula of night cream with natural soy extract stimulates the skin's own renewal process overnight
Intense moisture - The facial care regenerates the skin and gives a toned, supple skin feeling overnight
For mature skin - Anti-ageing care is specially designed for the needs of mature skin. Skin compatibility is dermatologically tested