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Siemens iQ700 HM676G0S1 oven with integrated microwave

€1189.00 / 4266.96 ₪
Oven with microwave with 13 heating types: 4D hot air, hot air eco, top / bottom heat, top / bottom heat Eco, convection grill system, large area grill, small area grill, pizza setting, coolStart, separate bottom heat, slow cooking, preheating, keeping warm.
Microwave combination operation (varioSpeed) for up to 50% time savings Electronic temperature control from 30 ° C - 300 ° C.
Cooking space volume: 67 l.
TFT touch display with plain text.
Flap door, oven door with softMove, soft opening and closing.
activeClean® - automatic self-cleaning.
Parental controls, with lockable oven door, Safety shutdown.
Device dimensions (HxWxD): 595 mm x 595 mm x 548 mm.
Recess dimensions (HxWxD): 585 mm - 595 mm x 560 mm - 568 mm x 550 mm/ .

Bosch CMG633BS1 built-in compact oven with microwave function

€845.84 / 3035.47 ₪
Microwave function: for quick warm-up or in combination with hot air for quick cooking.
AutoPilot 14: every dish is a perfect success thanks to 14 preset automatic programs.
Operation with TFT display: easy operation thanks to the operating ring with plain text and symbols.
Dampened oven door: particularly gentle, quiet opening and closing of the door.
LED lighting: perfect illumination of the food with minimal consumption.
Cooking space volume: 45 l.
4D hot air, + soft hot air, convection infrared grill, large area grill, small area grill, preheating.
Safety shutdown.
Device dimensions (HxWxD): 455 x 594 x 548 mm.
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 455 mm x 560 mm x 550 mm.

Bosch HRG5184S1, series 6, built-in oven with steam assistance, 60 x 60 cm, stainless steel

€844.90 / 3032.09 ₪
Steam baking: adding steam makes food crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
AutoPilot 30: every dish is perfect thanks to 30 preset automatic programs.
Damped oven door: particularly gentle, quiet opening and closing of the door.
Operation with white LCD display: easy operation thanks to direct access to additional functions, recommended temperature and additional temperature display.
Pull-out system with 2-way normal pull-out and 1-way telescopic pull-out, independent of level: for safe and convenient filling and removal of the baking trays.
Flap door, with SoftClose and SoftOpen.
Temperature control from 30 ° C - 275 ° C.
Cooking space volume: 71 l.
Dimensions of the device (mm): 595 x 594 x 548 mm.
Niche width (in mm): 560 mm Niche height (mm): 585 mm Niche depth (in mm): 550 mm.

Bosch HRG6769S6 Series 8 built-in oven with steam support stainless steel

€1298.99 / 4661.69 ₪
Full steam for a perfect taste: ovens with a burst of steam function.
Assist function: automatic setting of the optimal type of heating, temperature and duration for countless dishes.
4D hot air: perfect results thanks to optimal heat distribution - regardless of the level.
Operation with TFT touch display: easy operation thanks to the operating ring with plain text and images.
Home Connect: Connected home appliances from Bosch for an easier everyday life.
Pyrolysis: no cleaning effort thanks to automatic self-cleaning. Appliances with pull-outs are also pyrolysis-proof.
15 heating modes.
Oven volume 71 l.
Device dimensions (HxWxD): 595 x 594 x 548 mm.
Niche dimensions (HxWxD): 595 mm x 560 mm x 550 mm.

Bosch VBC 5580 S 0 Oven A + 90 cm single telescopic extension

€1284.89 / 4611.08 ₪
Energy efficiency class (EU - scale from A to G, best value: A): A + Energy consumption for conventional heating mode in kWh: 0.74 Energy consumption for heating mode hot / hot air in kWh: 1,11 usable volume in liters (l) (oven): 85 Size: big Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW: not specified Technical specifications: Comfort folding door Operation with LCD display electronic clock Temperature control from 50 ° C - 280 ° C Halogen-long lamp Baking oven type and type of heating 90 cm built-in oven with 10 heating modes: hot air standard, top / bottom heat, circulating air, convection infra grill, large grill, small grid grill, pizza stage, bottom heat, thawing, top / bottom heat gently rapid heating cooling fan Cooking space volume: 85 l XXL oven with GranitEmail Accessory carrier / extension system: 1-fold telescopic extension, independent of level Environment and safety Low door temperature Child safety device Safety shutdown Residual heat indicator Door contact switch Energy efficiency class (according to EU No. 65/2014): A + (on an energy efficiency class scale from A +++ to D) Energy consumption per cycle in conventional mode: 0.74 kWh Energy consumption per cycle in recirculation mode: 1.11 kWh Number of cooking chambers: 1 Heat source: electrically interior volume: 85 l

Bosch VBD5780S0 Oven, 90 cm wide (Electric / Built-in) /A+/59.4 cm / Pyrolysis self-cleaning

€1436.99 / 5156.93 ₪

Operation with white LCD display: easy operation thanks to direct access to additional functions, default temperature and supplementary temperature display
pyrolysis: no cleaning effort thanks to automatic self-cleaning
1-fold telescopic extension, independent of level: for convenient filling and removal the baking trays, usable at all levels

Built-in Gorenje BOP637E20XG pyrolysis

€629.00 / 2257.29 ₪
Built-In OvenOrganic Color Grill: 2700 WWhich has a grill, 1 shallow and 1 deep enamel baking trayThermware glass at the oven door with heat deflector over 65l Width 59.7 cm Height 59.7 cm Depth 56.5 cm Standard width 60 cm Standard height 60 cm

built-in oven Bosch HBA537BS0

€468.99 / 1683.06 ₪
consumption data Energy efficiency class A Conventional energy consumption 0.97 kWh Energy consumption of hot air / circulating air 0.81 kWh Technical specifications Interior volume 71 liters Heating modes convection grill, hot air, top / bottom heat, bottom heat, pizza stage, large grill Temperature control 50 - 275 ° C Connected load 3,400 watts Cable length 120 cm

Built-in Oven Gorenje BO637E30XG

€468.00 / 1679.51 ₪
Built-in OvenOrganic Color Grill: 2700 WWe have a grill, 1 shallow and 1 deep enamel pan Double glass on the oven door with heat deflector

Built-in Oven Gorenje BO658A41XG

€678.95 / 2436.55 ₪
Built-in OvenOrganic Color Grill: 2700 WWe have a grill, 1 shallow and 1 deep enamel baking dishTrill glass at the oven door with a heat deflector

Built-in oven Gorenje BOP798S54X

€928.00 / 3330.31 ₪

HomeMade shape is based on the shape of a stone furnace
The oven offers 14 ways to heat
Total oven capacity: 71 L
Energy efficiency class: A +
Width: 59.7 cm Height: 59.5 cm Depth: 54.7 cm

gorenje BO737E30XG, oven (black / stainless steel)

€394.94 / 1417.32 ₪
The built-in oven in stainless steel impresses with a useful capacity of 71 liters
The multifunction oven BigSpace offers more space for more flexibility
The 2-way telescopic pull-outs allow convenient filling and removal of the baking trays
The Supreme anthracite coating, the catalytically coated fan cover and the AquaClean cleaning function make cleaning easier
With the GentleClose door pull-in, all it takes is a light tap and the door closes gently by itself
Child safety lock and a thermoelectric safety device.
Dimensions Width: 597 mm x Height: 595 mm x Depth / length: 547 mm

Gorenje built-in oven, BOP747ORAB

€998.95 / 3584.93 ₪

HomeMADE oven mold Like from a stone oven
The oval shape allows hot air to circulate freely and this reaches the food evenly from all sides
Baking on up to 5 levels is possible at the same time
The HomeChef models are equipped with full telescopic pull-outs on three levels
Energy efficiency class: A +
Dimensions Width: 595 mm Depth: 546 mm Height: 595 mm

Gorenje Classico BO 7732 CLI built-in oven ivory

€368.90 / 1323.87 ₪
Rustic design in a pretty vintage look, old gold finish, elegant retro toggles.
The special shape of the oven is inspired by traditional stone ovens and guarantees optimal air circulation with even heat distribution.
8 types of heating: top / bottom heat, single grilling, large area grilling, large area grilling with fan, hot air with bottom heat (pizza setting), hot air, AquaClean, bottom heat with fan.
Unique HomeMADE baking socket: 71 l.
Temperature control via control knob.
Device dimensions: 595 x 597 x 547 mm (H x W x D).
Installation dimensions: 590 x 560 x 550 mm (H x W x D).

Gorenje Gas hob GW6D41CLB, black

€289.00 / 1037.13 ₪ €389.00 / 1396.00 ₪

4 cooking zones, which vary in size
The gas plate is very easy to operate with one hand
A unique wok burner with a special shape of a gas crownwill
Dimensions: width 60 cm height 13 cm depth 52 cm


€1199.00 / 4302.85 ₪ €1398.00 / 5017.00 ₪
The touch-controlled GCC800B coffee machine equipped with an LCD display will allow you to instinctively brew the coffee you love
Water container capacity of 1.8 l
Instant, automatic cleaning
Programming your own coffee taste and size options
Coffee tank capacity: 200gr
Dimensions (WxHxD): 595x455x361mm (without rails)

Gorenje GCM812B compact microwave oven

€1015.00 / 3642.53 ₪ €1299.00 / 4661.72 ₪
Compact oven with microwave - 50 L Super-size large baking area
Types of functionsDefrosting, True Fan Cooking, Top and bottom heating, Bottom heating, Big grill, Small grill, Rapid heating, Grill + fan, Eco, Microwave, Microwave + Grill, Frozen food, Top heating, AutoRoast, Plate heating, Fan + bottom heater, Microwave with hot air, AquaClean with microwaves, Bottom heater + hot air
Easily removable inner glass of the oven
Color: Matte Black
Device dimensions (WxHxD): 59.5 × 45.5 × 54.6 cm

Gorenje GP898B Built-in oven

€1089.00 / 3908.09 ₪ €1319.00 / 4733.50 ₪
Multifunction oven - large BigSpace capacity - 71 l Super-size large baking area
Baking on several levels at the same time
Thermostat - temperature sensor
GentleClose A gentle touch is enough for the oven door to close smoothly without any sound.
Energy class: A ++
Color: Matte Black
Device dimensions (WxHxD): 59.5 × 59.5 × 54.6 cm

Gorenje Induction hob Advanced IS645BG IQcooking black

€684.21 / 2455.42 ₪
SliderTouch touch control with practical guide groove.
Faster cooking with PowerBoost.
With Areaflex technology, you can connect several cooking zones into one.
Rich range of functions for defrosting, grilling, heating and maintaining the temperature.
4 multi-circuit cooking zones with a total input of 7.36 kW.
Product dimensions: Product width 79.5 cm Product height 5.4 cm Product depth 52.0 cm.

Gorenje WD1410BG heating socket

€533.39 / 1914.18 ₪
Colour: Black
Number of servings: Set for 6 persons or 20 dishes in diameter 28 cm or 80 coffee cups or 40 tea cups
Heat preservation
Defrosting of food
Manual setting of temperature and timer
Air vented circulation
Control: Touch control
Temperature setting: Variable temperature
Drawer bottom: Glass
Usable volume: 19.8 l
Temperature range: 40 - 80 °C
Timer range: 60 - 240 min
Dimensions (W×H×D): 59.5 × 14 × 56 cm