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Cattle Scalp Approximately 25 cm – 30 cm – 1000g

€13,74 / 56,48 ₪
30 cm pieces without fur, golden brown, low odour.
Gently dried and very convenient.

Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

€26,56 / 109,17 ₪

US Patented leak-proof nozzle/No Drip Small Pet Drinking Bottle/BPA free/11.2 ml capacity
Mini sized nozzle (10 mm) is recommended for guinea pigs, ferrets, hamster, bunny

Dibo Premium beef maw, 10 x 250g

€29,99 / 123,27 ₪
Gently dried beef trachea, low in fat and also suitable for food-sensitive dogs - premium quality from Germany, natural, without any additives

Eheim Hose grey 16/22 3,0 m

€23,50 / 96,60 ₪
The material is phenol free, flexible and guarantees a safe connection.

EHEIM mechanical-biological filter medium Biomech 1 l

€16,89 / 69,43 ₪
mechanical-biological filter medium for effective water treatment
Dirt trap pockets ensure excellent retention of coarse and fine dirt particles
Optimized pore structure ensures reliable biological degradation

reusable and easy to clean

EHEIM MultiBox

€18,80 / 77,28 ₪
Easy attachment to the aquarium disc or cabinet door.
6 eyelets for attaching tools.
The hooks are adjustable from 4 mm to 20 mm.

Exquisit, snack for birds, nibble sticks with nuts and moulting function, 70 g

€0,79 / 3,25 ₪
Fresh for longer thanks to the fresh aroma pack.
With vitamins A and D3.

'Eyes Angels' Eyes Natural Supplement For Dogs

€17,22 / 70,78 ₪
Anti-Tear Stain Formula without Antibiotics
Recommended for Both Shedding a Non-shedding Breeds
Extremely Palatable
Proudly Made in the USA
100% Freeze Dried Beef Liver

Fluval 15004 Flex Nano-Aquarium, 34 L

€86,80 / 356,79 ₪

Powerful and energy-efficient LEDs for optimal growth of plants and beautiful colors of aquarium inhabitants
RGB + white LEDs for countless color shades
Practical lighting system with remote control
Flow rate: 230 l / h
Capacity: 34 liters

Fluval outer filter, FX6 high performance external filter- 1500L

€211,94 / 871,18 ₪
Multi-stage external filter for aquariums up to 1500 liters.
20 liters volume.
Integrated maintenance reminder in the filter cover.
Simple self-priming.

FRONTLINE® Ampules for dogs 10-20 kg. for ticks, fleas and lice

€18,85 / 77,48 ₪
FRONTLINE® is a highly effective contact antiparasitic for the reliable control of ticks, fleas and lice. 3 Ampules included.

hempetito hemp powder for cats

€12,25 / 50,35 ₪

Hoka Mix Dog's powder

€27,00 / 110,98 ₪

Hoka Mix Skin & Shine

€24,99 / 102,72 ₪
For skin and coat problems Omega fatty acids are a good health essential, because the body can be they don't make it yourself. Omega fatty acids have to be provided with the food and mostly included (complete) food for dogs is not enough of these fatty acids. In addition, these generally suitable lost during production and the conditions of fatty acids from falling into the appropriate feeds are not ideally balanced.

Hunter salmon oil 2*500 ml

€25,99 / 106,83 ₪
Dietary supplement for cats and dogs 100% pure natural product from fresh salmon from Norway Rich in omega-3 & 6 fatty acids: important for balanced nutrition & health, helping build healthy skin and shiny coat 500 ml 2 Bottles

JBL EasyTest 6 in 1 25339 Test strips for a quick test of aquarium water

€14,37 / 59,07 ₪
Test strips for 6 important water values ​​in 1 minute: Orientation quick test for aquarium, pond, well, spring and tap water Easy to use: move the test strip for 2-3 seconds in the water. Remove the test strip. Horizontal dripping of water. Comparison after one minute: test strip with color scale on packaging Determination of the following values: chlorine, acidity (pH), total hardness (GH), toxic nitrogen compound (NO2), algae cause (NO3) and pH stability (KH) of the water