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Lyra Pet 10 kg lamb Lung

€78,49 / 330,01 ₪

Lyra Pet 100 pieces cattle ears

€31,03 / 130,47 ₪

Lyra Pet 200 pieces cattle ears

€60,79 / 255,59 ₪

Lyra Pet 5 kg oxtail white

€53,89 / 226,58 ₪

Lyra Pet beef neck tendons

€29,99 / 126,09 ₪

Lyra Pet5 kg Pig Noses

€63,04 / 265,05 ₪

Oase aquarium surface skimmer CrystalSkim 600

€46,75 / 196,56 ₪
- INNOVATIVE SURFACE REMOVAL: Our skimmer frees the aquarium surface quickly and effectively from "floating debris" such as plant remains and of course from the annoying scum.
IMPROVED GAS EXCHANGE: A thick scum skin makes gas exchange more difficult - with the CrystalSkim it can be significantly improved again for the benefit of all aquarium inhabitants.
AFTER THE PRUNING: After the plants have been pruned, the skimmer easily catches even the finest bits of plant that can hardly be fished out with the net.
INDIVIDUALLY ADJUSTABLE: The powerful motor can be individually adjusted and thus flexibly ensures a crystal-clear water surface.
COMPACT AND DISCREET: The skimmer's reserved, compact and modern design allows it to fade into the background.

Oase BioTec ScreenMatic² Set 60000

€1759,99 / 7399,88 ₪
Highly effective pond filter for ponds up to 60,000 liters
The Biotec Screenmatic² 60000 flow-through filter is divided into different filter levels
For a fish pond (Koi carp) it is suitable for a capacity of 30 m³ (15 m³)
The pump, which has been optimized compared to the previous model and now saves 20% energy