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Профессиональные инструменты


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Güde table & chop saw TKGS 216 - 55254

€194,99 / 695,49 ₪
Mitre and chop saw with additional table saw function for additional longitudinal cuts.
Quick tool-free conversion from Kapp to table operation.
Powerful 1800 watt motor, integrated laser, including carbide blade.
Cutting performance (for 90° chop saw 120 x 50 mm, table saw cutting height max. 40 mm).

HAN Contur drawer box

€53,99 / 192,57 ₪
10 closed drawers comfortably fitting B4 sized documents - depth 20mm
Drawers run in rigid guide rails and are equipped with sliding out locks and labels
Most of the Contur units can be connected together, using the patented plug in connectors between the modules
Size (W x H x D): 300 x 307 x 382 mm
Manufactured in Germany


€39,49 / 140,85 ₪
Substrate material: reinforced concrete, concrete, brick, masonry.
Working mode: hammer drilling, drilling.
Tool type: all tools with insertion TE-C (SDS plus).
Full carbide head with 4 carbide cutting edges in innovative X-geometry for optimum removal rate.
pecial 2-component carbide (gradient technology) absorbs shock effects many times better, e.g. for iron hits.

Hoover PRP 2400 Iron with Ironvision Kettle – 2 Litre Capacity, Teal

€64,54 / 230,20 ₪
Steam ready in under 1 minute.
Release steam flow: 100 g/min.
Steam Pressure: 5 bars.
Burst function: the lift the emission of steam up to 30% more to remove the folds difficult.
Extra large 2 litre canister for all your clothes, to iron without you fill a second time you.

Hot glue gun PGGS 10-3,7V + Hot glue stick set Transparent, 50 pieces (Ø 7 mm)

€21,40 / 76,33 ₪
3.7 V (1.5 Ah) strong lithium-ion battery without memory effect and without self-discharge.
Ideal for repair and crafts.
Instant adhesion after a few seconds.

HP C2P43AE | 950XL + 951XL Ink BK/C/M/Y Economy Set XL

€135,69 / 483,98 ₪

Küpper quality workbench RED, complete set model 70424, width 120 cm

€384,90 / 1372,86 ₪
Workbench with the dimensions 120 x 60 x 84 cm, 5 drawers, 1 door.
Perforated wall, 3 parts, 120 x 60 cm, incl. 12 standard hooks.
Wall cabinet, 120 x 60 x 19 cm, 3 doors, 4 shelves.

Malt mill "MattMill Compact"

€171,99 / 613,45 ₪
handmade in Germany with consciously exclusively German quality components
permanently reliable feed even without synchronization
Solid, closed housing made of aluminum and stainless steel: safe, no experiments, no dust
diverse options for individual funnels, large-volume funnels can be reordered

Milwaukee M18 ONEFSZ-0X FUEL ONE-KEY cordless reciprocating saw in HD box

€249,00 / 888,13 ₪
M18FSZ but with ONE-KEY technology.
Connects to the ONE-KEY app via Bluetooth.
Longer saw blade service life thanks to the material-specific optimization of the number of strokes.
Motor brake automatically stops the saw blade when the cut is finished when it emerges from the material.
Save up to 3 individual profiles on the internal memory of the device for a quick change at work.
1x Milwaukee cordless reciprocating saw ONE KEY M18 ONEFSZ-0X (without battery, without charger).
1x HD box.

MOA Thermostat Heating Cartridge Heating Rod 600 Watt (White) Spiral Cable with Plug

€90,00 / 321,01 ₪
Thermostat heating rod, heating cartridge, heating element for bathroom radiators MOA 600 watts. Coiled cable with plug.
Coiled cable with plug, available colours: white, chrome and black. Coiled cable is approx. 56cm Long and max. 85 cm.
The heating cartridge offers 5 different heating temperature settings in the range of 30°C to 60°C. An electronic temperature sensor ensures precise control.
The device shows the set and the current temperature level. It is characterised by a very low power consumption in standby mode.
The function allows you to use any temperature setting for 2 hours. After that, the heating cartridge returns to its previous state.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 114/900 Reflector Telescope AZ

€155,15 / 553,39 ₪
Easy to use mirror entry-level telescope
Mirror diameter: 114mm / focal length: 900mm
Mount: Altazimuth with tripod
Magnification: 36x-675x
Scope of delivery: telescope, eyepieces, tripod, accessories

Norske Tools NMAP004 Siding and Laminate Cutter

€249,51 / 889,95 ₪
Sliding extension table supports longer boards (41 inch working length).
Adjustable measuring gauge for quick repetitive cutting & laser etched table miter gauge for angled cuts.
Heavy duty 22 inch aluminium fence and reinforced table top for added strength and durability.
28-1/2 inch handle for increased leverage.

NUKI SMART LOCK 3.0 PRO, Black, Euro profile cylinder

€249,00 / 888,13 ₪
Nuki can be easily installed on the inside of your door, on top of your existing lock and key.
Depending on the height of the lock cylinder, the Smart Lock can be clamped on it, or glued to the door.
The key will be operated by Nuki as soon as you have configured your Smart Lock with the Nuki app.
Built-in Wi-Fi module.
Power Pack included for extra power.Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 60 mm.

Phonak 312 MERCURY FREE HEARING AID BATTERIES X60 cells (10 packets) by Keep Hearing Ltd

€20,38 / 72,69 ₪
For a real Phonak batteries supplied by Phonak UK 'Please use by keep hearing Ltd
Size 312 (Brown tab)
Mercury free. Valid until February 2020
60 geliefert cells (10 packs of 6)

Pica Dry Refill Set For Carpenters Graphit Mine 4050 | 20 Stk

€14,22 / 50,72 ₪
PICA Marker Pica-Dry Graphite Refill 4050 Pack of 20 for Carpenters Special Refills Deep Hole Marker Construction Marker.
Marks and writes on dry surfaces.
Special hardness H for fine markings.
20 graphite leads.