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Berndes 031113 Vario Click Induction cast aluminum frying pan non-stick with removable handle 20 cm

Reinforced 3-ply BERNDES non-stick coating for low-fat frying and light, comfortable cleaning, also for the outer seal with non-stick effect, 100% PFOA free!
Durable, proven handle system. Space saving thanks to removable handle. Ideal for searing on the stove and baking / further cooking in the oven
Material: High-quality cast aluminum, approx. 6 mm thick floor with the innovative BERNDES Premium induction technology, for all types of cookers
For kitchen professionals and design fans! Quality MADE IN GERMANY
Производитель: Berndes
Вес: 0,80 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
€69,95 / 247,53 ₪
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