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Bosch X-Lock cutting disc Expert for Inox + Metal AS 60 T INOX BF Ø 125 mm

Cutting disc Expert for Inox and Metal - for high demands in application
Particularly suitable for aluminium alloy, brass/bronze, copper, angular stainless steel and steel profiles and rust and acid resistant steels
Also suitable for unalloyed and alloyed structural steels, structural steels with high strength and tool steels
Diameter: 125 mm, bore diameter: 22.23 mm, thickness: 1 mm
Производитель: Bosch
Вес: 0,20 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
€6,50 / 23,18 ₪
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Bosch X-LOCK diamond metal disc 125mm, cutting disc (Ø 125mm x 22.23)

€25,89 / 92,34 ₪
Long service life: the diamond cutting disc has a service life of up to 100 times longer than standard composite discs.
Compatibility: The X-LOCK diamond cutting discs also fit standard angle grinders.
Areas of application: for cutting multi-metal materials such as cast iron, reinforcing steel, steel and stainless steel. Cuts profiles and sheets with a wall thickness of up to 4 mm for steel and 3 mm for stainless steel; also non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, etc. and fibreglass.
Box contents: 1 x diamond metal wheel X-Lock – disc diameter: 125 mm, hole diameter: 22.23 mm.

Bosch cordless angle grinder BITURBO with X-LOCK GWX 18V-15 SC, solo version, L-BOXX

€259,80 / 926,65 ₪
Powerful: the performance of the BITURBO tool corresponds to that of a wired grinder with 1st 500W: The brushless motor is fully optimized for ProCORE18V battery technology.
Easy to change accessories: the cutting disc can be changed with just one hand. If the X-Lock mechanism clicks, the accessories are properly attached and safe.
Long service life: the battery angle grinder allows high-performance cutting, grinding and grinding applications and is particularly robust and durable thanks to its brushless motor.
Professional 18 V system: ultimate performance. Maximum freedom. All our batteries are compatible with new and existing Bosch Professional tools of the same voltage class.
Box contents: GWX 18V-15 SC, additional handle, protective cover, L-Boxx.