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Devolo Magic 1 WiFi mini Multiroom Kit Powerline WiFi Network Kit 100MBit/s, 8570

Uncomplicated and unobtrusive: With its compact design, the smallest Magic adapter stays discreetly in the background - and puts its powerful performance in the foreground.
Smart mesh networking: For a stable, nationwide connection with up to 1200 Mbit/s via Powerline.
Stable over the power line: innovative mesh WiFi and proven powerline technology bring you seamlessly to the internet with the strongest connection.
Plug & Play: Simply plug it into the socket – the adapters connect themselves to each other in a matter of seconds and are immediately ready for use.
Connects quickly: 1 LAN Ethernet port (10/100 Mbit/s).
Smart & simple: the adapter can be controlled via the devolo Home Network app.
Efficient Work: Uses all three wires in the power grid for high performance and stability.
Secure encryption at the push of a button: 128-bit AES for the powerline connection.
Practical additional functions: child safety, guest WLAN, time control and config sync are integrated.
Вес: 1,45 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
€125,98 / 495,01 ₪
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