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Pfotenolymp Natural Sheep's Wool Cat Cave - Handmade in Nepal / Cat House for Cats - Cat Basket / Cuddly Cave - Cat Bed

Safe return place – with the Pfotenolymp cat cave, you can offer your furry nose a safe and comfortable retreat. Thanks to the closed shape, your pet can relax and gather new powers.
A fluffy experience – thanks to 100% New Zealand sheep's wool, the cat cave is heat regulating. In addition, the cuddly interior ensures a particularly high level of comfort.
Cosy – thanks to the special properties of New Zealand sheep's wool, the cat cave offers maximum comfort at any time of year, in winter it is warming and cooling in summer – the ideal sleeping place at any time of year.
Hygienic and easy to care for – due to the high lanolin content in the natural wool, the cat cave is dirt-repellent and breathable. As a result, foreign odours are absorbed less quickly. The cave can be cleaned with a damp sponge.
Quality product – Our Pfotenolymp pet cave is handmade in Nepal – each piece is unique.
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€56,99 / 236,20 ₪
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