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FISHERMAN'S FRIEND Mint sugar free 25g

Fisherman's Friend Mint are extra fresh menthol pastilles with a strong mint taste. Refresh and at the same time avoid sugar.
Weight: 0.05 kg(s)
€0.89 / 3.69 ₪
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Snack for cats, nibble-stick mix, with 90% meat, 50 g

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Nibble sticks mix with 90% meat
No added sugar

Hylo Comod Eye Drops 20 ml Solution

€24.94 / 103.36 ₪
Gives the callus back its natural protective barrier.
Hylo Comod moisturising eye drops provide dry eyes with the moisture they need.
Compatible with contact lenses.
With 0.1% sodium hyaluronate.

Alcon Dailies Total 1 (90 pcs.)

€62.88 / 260.61 ₪
A new era of comfort in contact lenses: Dailies Total1 The daily disposable Dailies Total 1 are trend-setting in the development of contact lenses. The revolutionary technology combines the silicone hydrogel material with high oxygen permeability and classic hydrogel material with increased water content, resulting in even better comfort. This pack contains 90 lenses. Comfort and healthy eyes without redness Dailies Total 1 are the first and only contact lenses with variable water content. The core is made of silicone hydrogel with the water content 33%, through this material, the high oxygen permeability is ensured. The surface of the contact lens which comes into contact with the soft and delicate ocular tissue is therefore made from the classic hydrogel of high water content. The combination of these parameters provides comfort and thus comfort throughout the day. The healthiest method of carrying Dailies Total 1 is one of the daily lenses. Every day you unpack the new pair and after use this pair is simply thrown away. It is the most comfortable way of wearing contact lenses, because the entire care of the lenses is eliminated. It is also the most sterile and thus risk-free variant.

Ja! Gourmet menu multipack meat 15x100g

€3.49 / 14.46 ₪

Multipack meat with 4 delicious types.