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Belou Flutter Effect Finger Vibrator

€37.90 / 153.15 ₪
This finger vibrator is a real all-rounder, because it targets all hotspots with its two different types of stimulation.
The tip, which consists of 4 fluttering petals, pampers you with fine, precise vibrations, while the bulbous lower part distributes its powerful vibrations over a large area thanks to the large contact surface.
The vibrations can be easily controlled in 7 varied modes and are hardly noticeable on the ring-bearing finger.
The finger vibrator is waterproof
And thanks to the key lock, it is also an ideal companion when traveling and on the go.
Rechargeable - including USB charging cable. Overall length 9.2 cm, Ø 3.8 cm. 41 g. Silicone, PU, ​​ABS.

Cock Ring for Men, Adjustable Silicone Ring for Hard and Long Erection, Sex Toy for Couples to Increase Potency 1-6 cm Black

€6.79 / 27.44 ₪
lood congestion effect Ideal for beginners For and testicles Skin-friendly silicone Adjustable diameter

Durex Condoms in Stylish Box 3083647 Fun Explosion 40

€28.99 / 117.14 ₪
40pcs The varied condom mix creates intense moments for two and thanks to the cool storage box with the four colourful drawers, the condoms can be conveniently stored in matching colours. Included are the varieties Durex Feeling, Durex Feel Extra Moisture, Durex Pleasuremax and Durex Strawberry Aroma - this variety is guaranteed not to be boring! The preservatives are dermatologically tested and 100% electronically tested - for reliable protection / they are moistened and transparent (exception: Durex Strawberry Condoms Flavoured in Red). The condoms made of natural rubber latex have a reservoir and are characterised by an ideal fit and a pleasant smell. Nominal width: 56 mm, Length: 195 mm. Box contents: 1 x 30 "Love Collection" Condoms by Durex in Discreet Condom Box / Contraceptive in Various Varieties - Thin & Partly Extra Wet, Ribbed & Studded and Strawberry Aroma.

Pixey Exceed v2 Stab-Vibrator

€82.89 / 334.94 ₪
The new compact Pixey Exceed v2 massage wand packs a even more extreme vibrating motor.
With a specially designed silicone head with small round nobs to increase the sensation even more!.
The Pixey Exceed is easily controlled by turning the toggle wheel, set the wand to your preferred vibration speed to enjoy a extreme powerful massage on any body part.
For vaginal use we recommend a water or silicone based lubricant.
Multi speed toggle wheel, up to 14000 RPM.
COLOR: Anthracite/Gold.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation Vibrator SATPROPEN 1

€34.89 / 140.98 ₪
Our satisfyer Pro Penguin - Next Generation hang-on vibrator helps you to achieve unforgettable multiple clitoral orgasms with its new, revolutionary suction technology This sex toy is waterproof (IPX7) for even more intense fun in the shower or bathtub You can choose between 11 different suction intensities as you wish by simply operating plus/minus buttons Different pressure wave vibration programs and rhythms promote you to completely new orgasms The battery is charged via USB charging cable (incl.) - particularly quiet motor

Satisfyer Pro 2 Plus Vibration S4049369016525 Gold

€39.99 / 161.59 ₪
Clitoral stimulation through pressure waves and vibration through the latest technology.
2 separately controllable motors - in whisper mode.
11 pressure wave programs and 10 vibration programs for intense fun.
waterproof for even more fun in the shower and bathtub (IPX7).
The battery is charged via USB charging cable (included).


€39.95 / 161.43 ₪
Rabbit vibrator with a small tongue.
10 leak and vibration modes.
Bendable shaft holds the position.
Delicate soft touch surface.
The shaft of this extraordinary rabbit vibrator can be bent and then remains in the selected position, so that precise stimulation of the G-zone is possible or the shaft can be used as a handle and women can only concentrate on stimulating the clitoris.
Insertion length 14.5 cm.