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Холодильники и морозильники


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Bosch KSZ39AL00 refrigerator accessories / 10 cm / connection set

€59,99 / 238,11 ₪

Stand unit
Connection set
Accessories Refrigerators

Camry CR8068 Wine Fridge

€195,00 / 773,99 ₪

Capacity: 33 litres
Contoured shelves for 12 bottles of wine
Low Power Consumption

Connection set inox Side by Side fridge 00712015 - KS39ZAL00

€54,40 / 215,92 ₪
Fixing / connecting element for fridge and freezer.
Allows a free-standing refrigerator and freezer to be combined as a side-by-side.
Color: stainless steel look.

Мини-холодильник Klarstein 20 л Frosty EEK B

€159,00 / 631,10 ₪
Ideal for rooms with limited space.
Temperature regulator on the back of the device.
Net volume of the wine cooler: 10 L.
Minimum temperature 12 ° C.
Overall size 30.3 cm H x 33.4 cm W x 31.5 cm D.
Indoor 21 cm H x 17 cm W

Мини-холодильник Klarstein 20 л Frosty EEK B

€579,90 / 2301,74 ₪
Stylish wine cooler for optimal storage and cooling of 37 bottles.
Elegant insights: illuminated interior with removable Shelf inserts made of wood.
Easy to use and two separate cooling zones for simultaneous use Cooling red and white wine.
With its elegant combination of stainless steel and wood, the Wine cooler for a stylish ambience in the living room, kitchen, in your bar or restaurant.
The fine wines are easily accessible: the bottles store securely on 6 pull-out wooden shelf inserts.
You can easily control the temperature using the centrally located touch control panel set: 4 to 12 ° C in the upper and 12 to 22 ° C in the lower refrigerator section.
Dimensions (with door handle): approx. 54 x 84.5 x 60 cm (WxHxD).

Liebherr EGN 9271 Monolith NoFrost Freezer with IceMaker

€8959,60 / 35562,44 ₪
Capacity - 322 litres.
Fixed water connection IceMaker.
Door hinge is Left (default) but reversible.
Temperature range -14°C - -27°C.
Frost free.
Product dimensions: (H/W/D) 212.6/60.2/61 cm.
Cut out dimensions (H/W/D): 213.4/61/61 cm.

Liebherr EKB 9671 - 651L Integrable Built-in Fridge with BioFresh

€8499,95 / 33738,00 ₪
German Engineering - Superior products offer premium quality, cutting edge design, and innovative features that best fit your lifestyle.
SuperQuiet - Noise levels are kept to a minimum thanks to virtually silent, speed-controlled, and sound absorbing compressors.
BioFresh-Plus - Liebherr’s BioFresh technology guarantees the perfect climate for superior, long-lasting food freshness.
SmartDevice - Monolith comes with a SmartDeviceBox which can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, activating settings and features while on the go.
InfinitySwipe - Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch-control panel features a full-color 2.4-inch touch & swipe screen that’s bright, clean, and wonderfully user-friendly.
InfinityLight - Monolith’s seamlessly integrated LED side-wall lighting casts a beautiful and even glow that can be adjusted according to taste, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors, and a pleasing night dimming feature. InfinityLight doesn’t just add drama and flair, it also emits less heat, preserving food quality.
InfinitySpring - The seamlessly integrated, flush-mounted InfinitySpring internal water dispenser is there when you need it, and virtually invisible when you don’t, and can accommodate pitchers of any size. Liebherr’s filtration system eliminates harmful contaminates, resulting in crisp, clear, fresh tasting water.
SoftSystem - Doors close automatically and gently thanks to our SoftSystem technology, which eliminates slamming even when shelves are fully loaded.
PowerCooling - Liebherr’s high-performance PowerCooling system ensures that newly stored foods are quickly cooled, while maintaining an even temperature throughout the interior.
Net capacity, total 534 l.
Product dimensions (H/W/D): 212.6/90.6/61 cm.
Cut out dimensions (H/W/D): 213.4/91.4/61 cm.

Replacement water filter replaces Bosch 9000 225 170 9000252129 9000 252129 9000 252 129 9000672622 9000 672622 9000 672 622 9000705475 9000 705475

€26,65 / 105,78 ₪
Water filter universally compatible with many side-by-side refrigerators and all refrigerators with ultra charity cartridges
Advanced Filtration; reduces impurities such as chlorine, dirt, dust, tasteless and odor-impairing substances and offers clean, fresh water

Replaces Following original parts : Bosch Ultra Clarity, 9000077104, BT-644845, BT644845, 499850, D570104, D405434, 101443, 101443-A, WF25 640436, 641425, 643019, 643046, 644845, 00644845, 667256, 7134220, 740560, 740560, 0074020 00740571, 740570, 740572, 00740572, 740574, 00740574

Siemens KG39FPXDA iQ700 standing fridge-freezer, 60cm wide, 345l, hyperFresh, EmotionLight, black

€1138,70 / 4519,73 ₪
All food stays fresh up to 3x longer with the hyperFresh premium 0°C drawers.
Never defrost again - noFrost.
Equip your refrigerator with additional WiFi functions - Home Connect communication module (available as an accessory).
Control and operate your refrigerator when you're out and about - with the Home Connect app (Android and iOS).
Store bottles safely - bottleRack.
Doors blackSteel antifingerprint, side walls cast iron.
EmotionLight - gently dimming LED interior lighting.
4 safety glass shelves of which 3 are height adjustable, 3 extendable glass shelves.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 203.0 cm x 60.0 cm x 66.0 cm.

AEG ABE812E6NC built-in freezer, 55.6 cm wide

€948,08 / 3763,12 ₪
ÖKO ARCTIS freezer with door hinge on the right, exchangeable.
Soft closing for easier door closing.
Net volume freezer: 122 l.
NoFrost technology - never defrost again.
Electronic temperature control with multifunctional LC display and touch control operation.
FROSTMATIC for quick and gentle freezing.
Flexi-Space, the flexible use of the freezer space: the drawers and glass shelves can be removed.
Ice cube tray.
Device dimensions HxWxD (mm)1224x556x549.
Installation dimensions HxWxD (mm) 1225x556x550.

Beko GN162341XBN side-by-side combination, 91cm wide, 571L, NoFrost, water and ice dispenser, fixed water connection, stainless steel look

€1158,99 / 4600,26 ₪
ProSmart Inverter Compressor: Efficient and durable with low noise levels.
EverFresh+: Fruit and vegetables stay fresh for up to 30 days.
Water dispenser type: water dispenser with direct water connection.
Ice cube production per day: 0.7 kg.
LED Illumination: Bright LED on side walls.
Total volume (l): 571 L.
Dimensions:H 179 x W 91 x D 70.5 cm.

Beko GN163241XBN side-by-side combination, 91cm wide, 576L, NoFrost, water tank, water dispenser, ice cube maker, Everfresh+, Harvest Fresh, stainless steel look

€1087,45 / 4316,31 ₪
Total volume: 576 L.
2 vegetable compartments .
Water dispenser with space-saving water tank .
ProSmart™ Inverter Compressor: Efficient and durable with low noise levels .
Holiday mode: Particularly energy-saving .
Cooling system: No Frost .
Ice Cube Production Type: Ice cubes made easy .
LED Illumination: Bright LED on side walls .
Dimensions (HxWxD): 179x91x70.5 cm .

Beko GNE60530DXN French Door fridge/freezer combination, 84cm wide, 539L, eco function, holiday mode, stainless steel

€1389,00 / 5513,22 ₪
Total gross volume 605 L.
Pro Smart Inverter Compressor.
Cooling system: No Frost.
Ice+ with permanent water connection.
Water dispenser type: water dispenser with fixed water connection.
Display type: LED.
Storage time in the event of a fault 22 hours.
Voltage 220 - 240 V/ frequency 50 Hz.
Height 182.5 cm / width 84 cm / depth 74.5 cm.

between two Gorenje NRK 6203 TBK

€133,66 / 530,52 ₪
link between two NRK612ST cooling units

Bosch KFN96APEA Series 6 Smart Fridge-Freezer Combination, Multi Door - No Frost - Multi Airflow System - 605 liters, stainless steel

€1699,00 / 6743,67 ₪
NoFrost: so you never have to defrost your fridge-freezer again.
VitaFresh XXL : extra-large drawers with humidity control to keep food fresher for longer.
Home Connect: Control and monitor your fridge remotely and receive push notifications.
MultiAirflow: circulates cool, fresh air for an even temperature throughout the fridge.
BigBox frozen goods drawer: for stacking freezer containers or for large frozen goods.
LED lighting: Optimum illumination.
Item dimensions (without packaging) H x W x D (cm): 183 x 91 x 73.1.

Bosch KGN39IZEA standing fridge-freezer combination, 368 L, 60 cm wide, Vario Style, VitaFresh, NoFrost, matt black

€938,90 / 3726,68 ₪
NoFrost: Never defrost the freezer again.
VitaFresh: keeps fresh food fresh for longer.
Perfect Fit: Flexible placement possible, since the device can be placed directly next to side walls and furniture.
LED lighting: uniform and glare-free illumination of the cold room, with a long service life.
Total useful capacity: 368 l.
Freezing capacity in 24 hours: 10 kg.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 203.0 cm x 60.0 cm x 66.0 cm.

Bosch KUR15AFF0 Series 6 Undermount Fridge, 82 x 60 cm Recess 137 Litres

€559,98 / 2222,67 ₪
LED lighting: even and glare-free illumination of the cooling room, with long service life.
MultiBox: the ideal storage place for your fresh fruit and vegetables.
Flat hinge (fixed door): fixed connection between furniture and appliance door.
Made in Germany.
Item dimensions (without packaging) H x W x D (cm): 82 x 59.8 x 54.8. Recess dimensions H x W x D (cm): 82 x 60 x 55.


€1855,84 / 7366,20 ₪
NoFrost - never defrost again.
XXL size: offers you extra space for your groceries.
Total usable volume 560l.
LED lighting: uniform and glare-free illumination of the refrigerator compartment, with a long service life.
VarioZone: more flexibility thanks to variably deployable drawers in the freezer compartment.
Super cool: cools newly inserted food faster and thus offers protection for what has already been chilled.
Crushed ice, ice cubes or cold drinking water by pressing the dispenser button with LED lighting.
ColorStainless steel (anti-finger print), gray (sides).
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1787x908x707mm.