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Abbey A-Z Complete Depot Complete Long-term Multivitamins

€5,99 / 24,62 ₪
Supports your vitality and well-being.
With 25 vital substances: Vitamins + minerals + trace elements.
1 tablet per day.
With Depot effect, in which the vital substances are released from a depot over several hours, making them available to the body in small portions.

Abtei Silica Biotin Plus Depot (Zinc, Copper), 56 Tablets - 78 g

€10,31 / 42,38 ₪
For healthy skin, beautiful hair & strong nails.
With Copper for normal, solid connective tissue.
With high dose Biotin and Zinc.

Balea Vitamin C Serum 30ml

€4,99 / 20,51 ₪
Vitamin C provides energy and improves the appearance of the complexion in the event of tiredness and the first wrinkles.

Beurer EM 59 Heat Digital TENS/EMS Device, 4-in-1 Stimulation Current Device for Pain Therapy, Muscle Stimulation, Massage and Heat Therapy, Including 4 Electrodes and Battery

€78,13 / 321,15 ₪
Pain therapy: The EM 59 Heat relieves pain by means of Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS); it works directly on the painful area without any medication or side effects.
Electric Muscle Stimulation: The electrical stimulation device also has an EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) function, which can be used to tighten your muscles or regenerate of individual muscle groups.
Massage: You can also use the EM 59 for massage and muscle tension. A total of 64 pre-programmed applications are available in the areas of EMS/TENS/massage. Self-programming (EMS and TENS): Frequency, pulse width, On/Off time programmable.
Heat pad: The heat function of the electrodes also relaxes your body and can be used individually or in parallel with a TENS program.
Safe use: The medical product provides you a “Doctor's Function” with customisable programs for ideal coordination on your personal therapy program.

Can C Eye Drops, 5 ml (2-in-1 Pack) by Innovative Vision Products

€58,00 / 238,41 ₪
Increases the time that carnosine drops can remain in the eye.
Optimise the effect of carnosine eye drops.
Improves protection against free radicals.
Reduces oxidative damage

CHINA OIL with 3 inhalers (100 ml)

€32,90 / 135,24 ₪
For ingestion for spasmodic complaints of the bile ducts and the gastrointestinal area, for ingestion or inhalation for colds of the upper respiratory tract, for external use for muscle pain (myalgia) and nerve pain-like (neuralgiform) complaints.

Кукидент Таблетки для чистки зубных протезов AktivPlus

€3,49 / 14,35 ₪
daily all-round protection.
eliminates 99.9% of bad breath bacteria.
helps remove stubborn discoloration.
4in1 cleaning power: cleaning, antibacterial, removes discoloration, strong with active oxygen.
demonstrably cleans without scratching.

Curcumin-Loges plus Boswellia - turmeric capsules with incense (120 pcs)

€45,91 / 188,71 ₪
contributes to the normal function of the immune system.
supports the immune response to inflammation.
Combination of curcumin and frankincense.
excellent bioavailability through patented micelle technology.
diverse application possibilities.

CV Moisturizing Cream Hydro Glow Effect 24H

€4,22 / 17,35 ₪
The CV 4% vitamin C moisturizing cream with antioxidant power formula.
vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, avocado oil and turmeric extract nourishes the skin with proven effectiveness and visibly improves the complexion.
When used daily, the moisturizing cream ensures: • 24-hour hydro glow effect.
Intensive freshness kick for more radiance • Help with wrinkle prevention • Protection against oxidative stress.
Calming with turmeric extract and panthenol.

CV Vitamin C serum 4-fold hyaluronic acid

€9,94 / 40,86 ₪
Care for your skin effectively with the intensive vitamin C serum 4-fold hyaluronic acid from CV - the rich serum immediately provides moisture and improves the moisture content in the depths of the skin with the help of the 4-fold hyaluronic acid. It can plump up dry skin and wrinkles and make the skin appear smoother overall. Your skin gets a healthy-looking complexion and pigment spots are concealed.

Dextro Energy Minis Peach, 6 Pack (6 x 50 g)

€7,14 / 29,35 ₪
Nutritious glucose with fruity peach flavor. 6er Pack (6 x 50 g)

Hübner ImmunPro Cistus lozenges (60 pieces)

€19,93 / 81,92 ₪
with cistus extract.
with vitamin C: for the immune system / when you first scratch your throat.
- tasty lozenge.

Hylo Comod Eye Drops 20 ml Solution

€23,19 / 95,32 ₪
Gives the callus back its natural protective barrier.
Hylo Comod moisturising eye drops provide dry eyes with the moisture they need.
Compatible with contact lenses.
With 0.1% sodium hyaluronate.

HYSAN nasal ointment 5 g

€6,90 / 28,36 ₪
The vitamin A-containing care forms a protective, regeneration-promoting and long-lasting protective film in the area of ​​the nasal entrance and thus moisturizes the skin and mucous membranes. hysan nasal ointment is therefore very suitable for intensive and long-lasting care of the nose.
Can be used for 3 months after opening

Jaduoher Pill Box 7 Days 3 Compartments Morning Lunch Evening Pill Box Weekly Box (Black)

€4,99 / 20,51 ₪
Large capacity - This pill box 7 days 3 compartments has 21 slots. Each slot can hold up to 6 fish oils or 8 vitamins.
Tighter outer case - two locks ensure that the lid on the outer casing closes super tightly.
EVERY DAY YOU NEED - The separate daily pill containers can be removed in a bag without worrying about opening the dumping out medicine - super convenient for one person to take the pills three times a day.
BPA free – The pill organiser is made of high-quality plastic plastic, keeps you and your pills safe.
Total the whole medicine organizer: 20.4 x 11.1 x 3.6 cm, the size of each individual pill box: 10.1 x 2.6 x 3.1 cm.

Кукидент Таблетки для чистки зубных протезов AktivPlus

€3,95 / 16,24 ₪
Kukident Aktiv Plus enables powerful deep cleaning, even in places where the toothbrush cannot reach.
removes 99.9% of the bacteria.

LEGALON forte Madaus hard capsules (100 pieces)

€49,47 / 203,35 ₪
Strengthens the liver cell membranes and actively protects them from new attacks by free radicals.
protects the damaged liver from further stresses and attacks by harmful substances, environmental toxins, certain drugs, viruses, free radicals and bacteria.
Supports the detoxification of the liver.

Mivolis "Activity" herbal tea with mate, ginger, grapefruit (25 bags), 45 g

€1,25 / 5,14 ₪
The inspiring herbal tea composition with mate, ginger and a fruity grapefruit note accompanies you throughout the day.