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Algenkiller Protect, algae killer for garden and swimming ponds

€29.99 / 121.49 ₪
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Avoid release to the environment.

Algenkiller Protect, algae killer for garden and swimming pondsm, 1,5kg

€198.50 / 804.14 ₪
Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Avoid release to the environment.

Bestway Flowclear pool care deluxe set

€59.99 / 243.03 ₪
1 net attachment with robust mesh covering.
1 suction brush attachment.
1 lightweight aluminum telescopic handle for landing net and suction brush (length: 279 cm).
1 hose for suction brush (Ø 32 mm / total length 750 cm).
1 surface skimmer for connection to the inside of the pool (2 different adapters available).

Bestway H20 Go Single Slide Water Slide, Double, Orange

€18.99 / 76.93 ₪ €36.99 / 149.85 ₪
Soft and safe landing thanks to the padded end basin.
Age recommendation: 5-12 years.
For connection to a garden hose.

Biogents BG-Sweetscent Mosquito Attractant, Pack of 3, for Attracting the Asian Tiger Mosquito & Dengue Mosquitaire

€44.50 / 180.27 ₪
Contents: this set contains three packs of BG-Sweetscent which can be used for the BG mosquitars and the BG-Home and other mosquito traps - one packet is used per trap.
Effect: The attractant developed and patented in Germany imitates the human skin fragrance from which the tiger mosquitoes are attracted - the ingredients are also non-toxic.
Can be used in combination with the Biogents mosquito traps, the BG-Mosquitaire and the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 and the BG-Home, and also other standard mosquito traps.
Refill: this package works in a trap for two months and then it needs to be replaced. The pack of 3 is therefore ideal for mosquito control for a whole season (6 months).

CLP Leila rose pavilion made of iron with stylish decorations, Color Name: Antique Green

€709.00 / 2872.23 ₪
This stylish wrought iron art nouveau tent pavilion is a beautiful eye-catcher in your garden. The gazebo is made of iron and is extremely robust. This means that it can withstand a dense plant growth.
Leila is suitable for climbing plants such as roses, ivy or vine leaves, and conjures up a cosy place in your garden. The solid iron frame ensures stability.
Approx. Dimensions of this model: Base: 225 cm x 225 cm. Total height: 313 cm. passage width. 95 cm. Passage height: 189 cm. Material thickness: 2 x 2 cm. height of window opening: 90 cm.
The roof is supported by sturdy tubes connected by struts and artistic patterns. This preserves the open character and creates a sheltered space.

COSTWAY bouncy castle "water slide, inflatable play pool, water play center", inflatable, 350x300x225cm, without blower

€269.99 / 1093.76 ₪
This hippo water tower consists of a curved water slide, a climbing wall and a large pool with a water cannon.
Child-friendly design and the slide's platform is net-enclosed for added protection.
Practical accessories with 4 ground stakes, repair accessories and a practical carrying bag.
Ideal fun for the little ones aged 3-10 years for up to 2-3 children.
Overall dimensions: 400x300x230cm (L x D x H).

Costway Bouncy Castle + Blower Combination, Bouncy Castle with Slide, Electric Air Blower / Air Pump / Fan

€229.99 / 931.71 ₪
Free play: with the flat ball pit and the built-in basketball hoop, children can play as they wish. The 30 included balls provide extra fun and promote motor skills as well as balance.
【Safe to use】The surrounding grid walls are designed to effectively protect children from accidental drops and ensure excellent ventilation.
【Durable material】The climbing area and the slides are made of high quality Oxford cloth, which has been processed with reliable sewing thread. The bouncy castle is manufactured to a high quality.
【Easy to assemble】The inflatable bouncy castle can be set up and taken down within just 2 minutes, perfect for use in the yard, park, lawn etc. Note: The air blowers are not included.
Child-friendly design: the bouncy castle is spacious enough to accommodate 3 children aged 3 to 10 years old who can play together as a team and have lots of fun in the creative play area.
Dimensions 300 x 280 x 210 cm.

COSTWAY nest swing, 100cm, incl. 100-160cm rope, 150kg load capacity

€45.99 / 186.31 ₪
Adjustable height from 100cm - 160cm, to meet different needs.
Heavy-duty Oxford fabric and steel construction ensure 150kg load capacity.
Fixed ropes and 8mm bolts ensure a strong and secure connection.
Can be quickly attached to a tree or existing swing set without any other tools.
Color: Blue + Orange + Green.
Product dimensions: 100cm x 100cm x 160cm (L x W x H).

COSTWAY Ø140cm garden trampoline

€99.99 / 405.07 ₪
The safety net is attached directly to the jumping mat and is supported by posts.
Made from high-quality PP and PE, the jumping mat is very elastic and tear-resistant. L-shaped entrance with zip allows for easy entry.
Made of powder-coated steel and with non-slip feet, the trampoline is very stable, durable and has a load capacity of 45 kg.
Thanks to the extensive range of accessories and the easy-to-understand instructions, assembly is quick and easy.
Durable, tear-resistant and waterproof mat for long-term use.
Overall dimensions: 140 x 161 cm.
Jump area diameter: 106 cm.
Height of the mat from the ground: 37 cm.

Dolphin E30 Automatic Pool Cleaning Robot Handy, lightweight and easy to clean vacuum cleaner. Ideal for recessed and ground-level pools

€1064.20 / 4311.18 ₪
Super lightweight, portable pool vacuum cleaner for small swimming pools up to 12 m in length.
Highly efficient: this pool vacuum has a fast 2-hour cleaning cycle and offers industry-leading energy efficiency. With the PowerStream Mobility System, the device moves quickly and cleverly through the pool and covers all surfaces.
Easy to use: leaves, dirt and debris are collected in the easy to use filter basket. Lightweight design makes it easy to lift and handle.
Deep cleaning: dual-active brushes remove the deposits on all surfaces and ensure flawlessly clean floors, walls and water line. You can choose between two types of filters: one filter for coarse dirt and one for fine dirt particles.

GARDENA Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer THS 42 / 18V P4A solo

€104.89 / 424.92 ₪
For cutting hedges up to 3m high.
Handle: Telescopic shaft.
knife, Sword length: 42 cm Tooth spacing: 16 mm.
Operating mode: Battery operation.
LED charge level indicator.
Width: 96 mm x height: 138 mm x length: 2,450 mm.

Without battery and charger.

Gardena Classic Hoses, 13 mm Diameter, Size name: 18m without system parts

€14.99 / 60.73 ₪
Item dimensions L x W x H 16.8 x 69.9 x 72.6 centimetres.

Gardena Classic Spindle Mower, Working width: 40 cm (up to 250 m²), Single

€115.97 / 469.81 ₪
For lawns up to approx. 250 m².
40 cm cutting width, adjustable cutting height from 12 – 42 mm (4 level).
Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable work.
Additional deflector for controlled grass discharge.

Gardena Combisystem pull hoe 16cm (3193-20)

€19.54 / 79.16 ₪
The GARDENA combisystem pull hoe is the right small tool for weeding weeds and loosening the soil.
Thanks to the double bracket construction and the robust and rustproof stainless steel blade with a width of 16 cm, even more demanding work can be done without any problems.

GARDENA combisystem ridging plow GARDINO (3118), cultivator (turquoise, 16cm)

€25.75 / 104.32 ₪
Ideal for piling up vegetable patches, for example to plant potatoes.
The point of the share easily penetrates the soil and furrows can be drawn evenly and easily.
The Gardena combisystem ridging plow GARDINO has a working width of 16cm and fits all Gardena combisystem handles, whereby Gardena recommends a handle length of 150 cm, depending on the body size.

Gardena combo system star milling., Single, standard 3196-20 (without weeding knife)

€44.02 / 178.33 ₪
The GARDENA combisystem Star Tiller with a working width of 14 cm is ideal for preparing seeds and loosening the soil in beds.
Thanks to the four specially shaped star wheels, the soil is particularly fine crumbled during cultivation - an important prerequisite for the application of the seed.
The star grinder fits all GARDENA combisystem handles, whereby GARDENA recommends a handle length of 150 cm, depending on the body size.
The combisystem device is simply plugged into the handle and screwed tight.

GARDENA Garden Shower duo outdoor shower 00959-20

€39.90 / 161.64 ₪
Stable stand in the lawn or parasol stand thanks to the spike.
Comfortable and stepless height adjustment by push button.
Choice of two jet shapes.
Amount of water adjustable.
Height: 207cm.

Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx

€32.46 / 131.50 ₪
Uniform water distribution through 16 soft rubber nozzles and user friendly adjustments.
Can be connected to the original Gardena system at the water connection.
With its sturdy base, it can also be securely fixed on a surface with a gradient of up to 15% and positioned precisely where it is needed.