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Miele heat pump dryer TCR 790 WP Eco & Steam, 8 kg

€2299.70 / 9316.31 ₪
M Touch - Control via direct key or simple swipe.
Less ironing, more freshness - SteamFinish.
Pleasantly quiet drying - SilenceDrum.
DryCare 40 - dries almost everything that can be washed at 40 °C.
Miele@home - cleverly networked for more options.
Housing properties: (cm)59.6 Height (cm)85 Depth (cm)63.6.

Miele special detergent Sport 250ml

€15.94 / 64.57 ₪
Perfect for breathable sportswear.
Neutralizes unpleasant odors thanks to the built-in breakage absorber.
Maintains the dimensional stability of the textiles.
for approx. 13 wash loads.

Miele TEL 695 WP 125 Gala Edition heat pump dryer lotus white

€1789.20 / 7248.23 ₪
Capacity (kg): 9.
Pleasantly quiet drying - SilenceDrum.
DryCare 40 - dries almost everything that is washable at 40 °C.
Faster drying with maximum energy efficiency - EcoSpeed.
Housing properties:Width (cm)59.6 Height (cm)85 Depth (cm)63.6.

Miele UltraWhite heavy duty detergent 2.7 kg

€19.94 / 80.78 ₪
Powerful formula with active oxygen - for shiny white laundry.
Excellent stain removal even at low temperatures.
for 42 wash loads.

Miele WA UD 1502 L UltraDark 1.5L for dark and black textiles

€14.94 / 60.52 ₪
Combines strong cleaning performance with high fiber protection.
ColorProtect for long-lasting color intensity.
Anti-pilling effect: Protects clothing from graying.
Contains 7 enzymes for ultimate cleanliness.
Bottle made from 100% old plastic - for the sake of the environment.
Highly efficient - for 60 wash loads.

Miele washer-dryer WTR860WPM D LW PWash&TDos 8/5 kg, 8 kg, 5 kg, 1600 rpm

€2189.99 / 8871.87 ₪
Washing and drying in no time - QuickPower.
Select the right program via M Touch on the display: QuickPower washes 4 kg of laundry in just 49 minutes - the drying program ensures clean, dry laundry in under 3 hours.
With the extra single function, your favourite item is washed and dried in less than 1 hour. SteamCare ensures smooth textiles, pleasant freshness and so 50 percent less ironing.
Enjoy your clothes for longer: Miele washing machines with TwinDos automatically dispense the 2-phase detergent / tailor-made for every wash - so anti-ageing for your clothes.
With Miele@home, all smart Miele home appliances can be connected comfortably - whether via the Miele app, via voice control or by integrating into existing smart home solutions.

Miele washing machine WWR880WPS

€2199.55 / 8910.60 ₪
WWR880WPS PWash2.0&TDosXL WiFi
W1 washing machine front loader
for your convenience with TwinDos, PowerWash, Miele@home and SteamCare.
M Touch - control via direct touch or simple swiping Automatic detergent dosing at the push of a button - TwinDos
It couldn't be cleaned faster - QuickPowerWash
50% less ironing plus maximum variety of uses - SteamCare
Miele@home - cleverly networked for more options
Energy efficiency class A
Technical specifications
Dimensions in mm (width) 596
Dimensions in mm (height) 850
Dimensions in mm (depth) 643

Miele WTD160 WCS 8/5 kg washer-dryer (lotus white)

€1638.90 / 6639.35 ₪
Wash 8 kg and dry 5 kg - perfect for everyday laundry.
Precise drying results thanks to PerfectDry.
Gentle laundry care thanks to Miele honeycomb drum.
Economical, powerful, wear-free - the ProfiEco motor.
Miele@home - cleverly networked for more options.
Housing Properties width (cm)59.6 height (cm)85 Height without worktop (cm)82 depth (cm)63.7.

Miele WTV 502 washing machine/dryer accessory lotus white

€66.49 / 269.36 ₪
For all Chrome or White Edition W1 washing machines.
Combination with dryer T1 of the White Edition.
WTV height: 2.5 cm.
For W 3000, W 5000 and W Classic only with straight aperture.

base filter (2x) compatible with Miele T1 condenser dryer/heat pump dryer/tumble dryer

€18.59 / 75.31 ₪
2x precisely fitting sponge filters/foam filters/foam filters/base filters for your Miele T1 condenser dryer/heat pump dryer/tumble dryer.
protects your heat exchanger from dirt such as hair or lint.
easy to remove and clean; can also be washed under running water.

Bauknecht BW 719 B Washing Machine Front Loader, 7 kg, Clean Plus

€388.90 / 1575.47 ₪
Clean+ – the extra plus in cleanliness.
Extremely durable and wear-resistant dynamic inverter motor.
Anti-allergy program - reduces the most common allergens such as pollen, mites or pet hair.
Extra Touch option - shortens the cycle time or intensifies the washing performance.
Short 45 inches - clean laundry with full load in just 45 minutes.
Stains 40° - removes the most common stains at only 40°C.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 54 x 59.5 x 85 cm.

Bauknecht T Advance M11 83 N Heat Pump Dryer / 8 kg

€548.99 / 2224.01 ₪
Active Care – protects textiles and colors thanks to special drum movements.
EasyCleaning filter – for easier and faster cleaning of the condenser filter.
Reversing drum for optimal drying and improved wrinkle protection.
Electronic dryness fine adjustment in 4 levels.
Clean display for lint filter, empty water container.
15 electronically controlled drying programs.
Inverter motor.
Product Dimensions: ‎65.5 x 59.5 x 84.9 cm

Bosch WGB244A40 9 kg front-loading washing machine, 60 cm wide, 1400 rpm, AquaStop, i-DOS, refill function, interior lighting, Home Connect, white

€1024.40 / 4149.95 ₪
i-Dos with detergent scan: even simpler, more playful initial setting of the i-Dos basic settings.
Simply fill the containers and scan the bottle barcodes with your smartphone via the Home Connect app to send the water hardness and detergent consistency settings directly to the washing machine. The i-DOS system then doses the optimal amount of detergent for each wash cycle. The Home Connect app also monitors the level of detergent and notifies you before it runs out.
Iron Assist: reduces creases by up to 50%..
Mini Load - Fast and efficient washing of individual items.
Home Connect: Smart networked home appliances make everyday life easier.
Maximum load 9.0 kg.
Energy efficiency index in washing operation (EU 2017/1369) 41.5.
Device dimensions 845 x 598 x 590 mm.

Bosch WGB256040 washing machine, front loader, 10 kg

€1099.98 / 4456.13 ₪
EcoSilence Drive: quiet motor with a long service life.
Iron Assist: steam program for dry garments which reduces the ironing effort.
Home Connect: Smart networked home appliances make everyday life easier.
Remote monitoring and control: Control and operate your washing machine on the go.
Remote diagnostics: fast, smart help when it matters most.
The dimensions of the washing machine are 59.8 cm x 84.5 cm x 64.8 cm (WxHxD).

Bosch WGG244M40 standing washing machine front loader white

€739.89 / 2997.37 ₪
The stain automatic: reliably removes the four most common stains.
SpeedPerfect: perfect cleanliness with up to 65% time savings.
EcoSilence Drive™: a washing machine drive has to be this efficient and robust.
VarioTrommel: gentle and efficient washing thanks to the unique drum structure.
ActiveWater Plus: automatic load detection for precise regulation of water consumption for each wash load.
NEW Program duration Eco (min.): 224.
Laundry capacity (kg): 9.
Housing Properties: width (cm)59.8 height (cm)84.8 depth (cm)59.

Bosch WQB245B40 heat pump dryer, series 8, 9 kg

€1029.89 / 4172.19 ₪
Auto Dry dries your laundry just the way you want it.
Smart Dry: If the dryer and washing machine are networked, you always get the optimal drying program.
With Home Connect, your household appliances can be conveniently controlled via smartphone.
Anti-vibration design: extremely stable vibration protection ensures smooth running.
Climate-friendly dryer with the most environmentally friendly refrigerant (R290).
Capacity (kg): 9.
Device dimensions (H x W): 84.2 cm x 59.8 cm.
Device depth: 61.3 cm.
can be pushed under from a niche height of 85 cm.

Bosch WTW875W0 8kg A+++ heat pump dryer, AutoDry, SelfCleaning Condenser, ComfortControl

€747.90 / 3029.82 ₪
Heat pump dryers with self-cleaning condensers protect your clothes while being very energy efficient.
AutoDry: dries laundry precisely and gently to the required level of dryness.
ComfortControl: easy overview and operation thanks to the intuitive user interface.
Record-breakingly fast: dries 1 kg of laundry in less than 20 minutes.
SensitiveDrying System: even, gentle drying thanks to the unique drum structure.
AllergyPlus: specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.
Energy efficiency class: A+++.
TouchControl buttons: gentle drying, signal, ready in, start/pause, drying targets, on/off, fine adjustment of drying level, childproof lock 3 seconds, 60 min. anti-crease, 120 min. anti-crease.
Device dimensions (mm): 842 x 598 x 599.

Bosch WTX87E90 heat pump dryer HomeProfessional 9kg EXCLUSIVE selectLine

€1175.99 / 4764.05 ₪
AutoClean technology without a door filter makes regular fluff removal unnecessary.
Smart Dry: automatically selects the appropriate drying program based on the last wash.
Iron Assist: extra steam treatment to smooth out dried laundry to make ironing easier.
AutoDry: dries laundry precisely and gently to the required level of dryness.
Home Connect: Connected home appliances from Bosch to make everyday life easier.
AntiVibration Design: Extremely stable and exceptionally quiet thanks to special vibration protection.
ComfortControl Plus: simple operation thanks to intuitive user guidance and many program options.
Capacity (kg): 9.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 84.2 cm x 59.8 cm x 61.3 cm.


€629.00 / 2548.14 ₪
Drum capacity with internal lighting for drying 8 kg of laundry
The control is user-friendly, using a central controller with LED touch screen
This dryer with the IonTech function dries the laundry with ionized air, thus minimizing creasing and maximizing the freshness of the laundry. It uses TwinAir's patented two-way airflow system
It offers 14 drying programs and AutoDrain - the possibility of direct condensate drainage
There is also the option of setting the drying level, Anticrease anti-crease system and SoftSound sound signal to end drying.
Color: white Width: 60 cm Height: 85 cm Depth: 62.5 cm

Gorenje washing machine WEI84CPS 8 kg, 1400 tours steam function inverter motor only 54.5 cm deep

€374.65 / 1517.74 ₪
Max filling quantity: 8 kg.
Equipped with 16 adjustable programs.
Spin speed in the standard program: 1,400 rpm
Extras: EcoCare (consumption optimisation) TimeCare (time optimisation) pre-wash WasserPlus spin speed selection.
inverter motor.
LED display.
Parental controls.
Dimensions ‎54.5 x 60 x 85 cm.