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Baby Stelatopia Emollient balm for children from birth 300ml

€13.25 / 48.22 ₪
provides the skin with long-lasting moisture.
soothes the skin immediately after application.
makes the skin soft and supple.
renews the protective skin barrier.
also suitable for the face.
89% ingredients of natural origin.

Blistex Lip care classic, 4.25 g

€0.99 / 3.60 ₪
Blistex Classic contains beeswax, jojoba oil and aloe vera.
The lips are effectively protected from drying out - even in cold and dry air.
For a pleasant and smooth lip feeling.

Blistex Lip Care Intensive Care Lip Balm, 6 ml

€1.55 / 5.64 ₪
Blistex lip balm provides noticeable relief from the very first application and makes lips velvety soft.
Free of mineral oil-based ingredients such as petrolatum.

Blistex Lip care Lip Infusions Hydration, 3.7 g

€2.95 / 10.74 ₪
The Blistex Lip Infusions Hydration is a particularly intensive moisturizer that hydrates the delicate skin of the lips for up to 24 hours.
It contains coconut oil, natural beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax.
With a refreshing citrus scent.

Blistex Lip care Med Plus Cooling Lip Care 4.25g, 1 pc

€2.39 / 8.70 ₪
The Blistex MedPlus Stick is the ideal lip care for dry and chapped lips.
The unique combination of active ingredients with menthol and camphor makes it a highly effective care product for damaged and chapped lips.
With sun protection factor 15.

Braun 52B (Series 5)

€21.90 / 79.70 ₪ €31.99 / 116.42 ₪
Shaving head, shaving knife. Compatibility: 5040s, 5030s, 5020s

Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream (50ml)

€69.12 / 251.54 ₪
The Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream from Clinique helps to create a gentle lifting effect in the cheeks and chin area, to improve the contour and to make the neck area appear softer and smoother.

Clinique Rinse-Off Makeup Solvent (125ml)

€18.65 / 67.87 ₪
Clinique Rinse-Off Makeup Solvent (125ml)

Clinique Sun SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Fluid For Face

€21.99 / 80.03 ₪
mineral tanning fluid for the face SPF 50 30ml

Diadermine Lift + Deep-Lifting Day Cream 50 ml

€7.37 / 26.82 ₪
Dermatoplex collagen optimizer.
Firming anti-aging care.
long-lasting deep padding.

Diadermine Super filler capsules 7 pieces

€4.27 / 15.54 ₪
Wrinkle filling complex + hyaluronic acid active ingredients.
Immediate smoothing effect for face and neck.

Dove Deo Roll On Antitranspirant Invisible Dry, 50 ml

€1.69 / 6.15 ₪
Protection against wet armpits and body odor.
Does not leave any visible white spots.

Dove Original deo roll

€1.55 / 5.64 ₪

Dr. Hauschka Face Care Regenerating Day Cream Intensive (40 ml)

€47.99 / 174.65 ₪
Rich care product for mature skin.
Almond milk, olive oil, sloe and sloe blossoms combine to form a delicate texture that allows the cream to be worn under make-up.
Tightens the skin, provides it with moisture and strengthens it.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, 30 ml

€20.95 / 76.24 ₪
The rose day cream is a classic from Dr. Hauschka cosmetics and contains the entire variety of roses.
t cares for and protects dry, sensitive skin that is prone to redness and enlarged veins (couperose). Valuable extracts from hybrid tea flowers and wild rose fruits harmonize and strengthen the structure of the skin.
Shea butter, rose blossom wax and avocado oil prevent dehydration.
The rose day cream has a harmonizing effect on the fat-moisture balance of the skin.

DR.HAUSCHKA day and night treatment sensitive ampoules 1 ml

€19.70 / 71.69 ₪
The oil-free sensitive day and night treatment lets the skin breathe freely and reminds it of its natural renewal processes.
As an impulse generator, it normalizes the skin's functions and stimulates the skin's own powers.
The composition with rhythmic extracts from borage, pearl, malachite and oak bark strengthens reddened, sensitive skin that is prone to couperose and supports the natural skin renewal cycle..
With medicinal plants and minerals, it has a decongesting effect and prevents the capillaries from expanding.