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AL-KO-TE Profi Mix 3-Season Spring to Autumn, Floating Pellets, (1er Pack), Length: 6 mm.

€68.99 / 278.77 ₪
For spring, summer and autumn: floating main food for koi over 25 cm at a water temperature above 8 degrees.
After winter rest or for building energy reserves in autumn: with high-quality wheat germs, spirulina, fish meal and beta gluance.
Low raw ash content and high raw material quality: easily digestible, low water pollution, promotes healthy growth, improves condition.
Feeding recommendation: as much as fish in 5 minutes. recording.
Box contents: 1 x 9 kg bag AL-KO-TE, 3 season food, professional mix, for koi and pond fish, 6 mm.

AL-KO-TE, 1 Season Koi & Ornamental Fish Summer Month Floating Pellets 6mm Multi Mix Main Food 9kg

€51.95 / 209.92 ₪
In summer: floating main food ideal for koi from 30 cm at a water temperature above 12 degrees .
Adapted to the special dietary needs in summer - raw material composition with spirulina, peppers and wheat germs.
Low raw ash content and high raw material quality: protects the filter, easily digestible, low water pollution, supports the digestive system, natural colour intensification, better condition.
Feeding recommendation: as much as fish in 5 minutes. Record.
Box contents: 1 x 9 kg bag (resealable) AL-KO-TE, 1 season food, multi mix, for koi and pond fish, 6 mm.

AL-KO-TE, 1-season food for koi and ornamental fish, summer months, floating pellets, 6 mm, basic food Prime, 9 kg

€47.95 / 193.76 ₪
In summer: Floating basic food ideal for koi from 30 cm and above at a water temperature of over 12 degrees.
Adapted to the special nutritional needs in summer and for rapid growth - High protein content, prebiotics and yeast.
High raw material quality: support for rapid growth thanks to prebiotics and yeast, natural color intensification.
Feeding recommendation: As much as fish eat in 5 minutes.
Scope of delivery: 1 x 9 kg bag (resealable) AL-KO-TE, 3-season food, Prime, for koi, carp and ornamental fish, 6 mm.

BBQ, snack for cats, nibble sticks with chicken, 40 g

€1.24 / 5.01 ₪
Without colorings and flavorings
No added sugar

Bedsure Orthopedic Large Dog Cushion with Memory Foam Ergonomic Design, Washable Non-Slip Dog Bed, Size: 104x74x10cm XL

€80.99 / 327.26 ₪
An orthopedic dog pillow made of memory foam specifically relieves the spine and joints.
Memory foam inside is surrounded by a water and dirt repellent, separate layer.
So that the washable dog pillow does not slip so quickly, the base is equipped with anti-slip knobs.
Thanks to the sturdy zipper, the cover can be easily removed and removed.

Dibea DB0036 Dog Bed, Size Name: (M) 106 x 62 x 15 cm

€23.95 / 96.78 ₪
Comfortable and airy summer lounger for dogs, cats and other pets.
Strong, durable Textilene fabric.
Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry.
Easy self assembly.
106 x 62 x 15 cm.

Dog toy, lion in a Sitting position

€8.98 / 36.29 ₪
Height: approx. 24 cm

Drybed non-slip NEW - plain dark brown, Gr. XL - 100x160cm

€19.56 / 79.04 ₪
Fur structure made of polyester fibers.
machine washable up to 60 ° C.
Gr. XL - 100 x 160 cm - with two selvages of approx. 5 cm each.

Drybed non-slip NEW - savings package, 10 x size XL - 100 x 160 cm, various colors

€223.95 / 904.94 ₪
Fur structure made of polyester fibers.
machine washable up to 60 ° C.


€342.99 / 1385.95 ₪
Self-priming, a large pre-filter and a safety hose adapter are just some of the advantages.
Square basic shape for a large filter volume and high stability.
Self-priming for quick filling of the filter container Safety hose adapter; can only be released when the valves are closed.
Large pre-filter holds back coarse dirt and extends the service life of the biological filter material.
Product dimensions 330 x 330 x 567 mm (W x D x H).

EHEIM professionel 3 1200XLT - huge external thermal filte

€399.99 / 1616.28 ₪
Outer filter of the top and top class with all the benefits of the professional, professional 3 or 3e series.
For aquariums of approx. 400 litres to 1200 litres.
Filter and heat in one device - no other heater required in the aquarium.
Heating element protected in the filter base.
Temperature sensor in filter container.

EHEIM professionel 5e 600T thermal filter (2178)

€439.95 / 1777.75 ₪
The electronics monitor all functions and keep the flow constant.
The cleaning intervals for the biological filter material are considerably extended thanks to the clever construction and the electronic flow regulation.
Electronic professional filter with integrated WLAN function (Wifi) and wireless control via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC.
Large pre-filter directly accessible under the pump head for quick removal of mechanical dirt without having to intervene in the sensitive bio-filter material.
high-quality, wear-free ceramic axle with ceramic bearings guarantee maximum smoothness.
large safety locking clips for an absolutely tight and secure connection of the pump head and filter container .
For aquariums up to: 300 - 600 liters.

Flight safety set screws - suitable for transport box SKUDO 4 - 5 - 6 IATA

€19.98 / 80.74 ₪
Flight protection set suitable for the dog boxes Skudo 4 - 5 - 6.
Consisting of: - 4 threaded screws length about 8 cm - 6 washers - 4 thread counterparts.

Ja! Gourmet menu multipack meat 15x100g

€3.49 / 14.10 ₪

Multipack meat with 4 delicious types.

Pedigree Dentastix Dog Treats 56 Count (1 Pack)

€31.40 / 126.88 ₪
With a delicious DentaStix Daily Oral Care chew sticks per day, you contribute to improving oral hygiene.
SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TRIPLE ACTION - The chew sticks reduce tartar formation by up to 80%, clean hard to reach teeth and help maintain healthy gums.
Low in fat, no sugar, no artificial colours or flavours, the sticks for large dogs have a low calorie content.
Box contents: DentaStix Daily Oral Care Pedigree 8 bags with 7 sticks for large dogs / contributes to the dental care of dogs.

Pedigree Snack for dogs, dental care Dentastix for small dogs, multipack 8x7 pieces, 880 g

€18.64 / 75.32 ₪
A snack for small adult dogs (5-10 kg).
Has a unique X shape and daily feeding, the combination of special texture and active ingredients based on scientific findings helps reduce tartar formation by up to 80%.
It also contains a unique blend of ingredients of green tea extract and patented eucalyptus oil, which is proven to refresh breath.
Dentastix is low-fat and sugar-free.

Pfotenolymp Natural Sheep's Wool Cat Cave - Handmade in Nepal / Cat House for Cats - Cat Basket / Cuddly Cave - Cat Bed

€56.99 / 230.29 ₪
Safe return place – with the Pfotenolymp cat cave, you can offer your furry nose a safe and comfortable retreat. Thanks to the closed shape, your pet can relax and gather new powers.
A fluffy experience – thanks to 100% New Zealand sheep's wool, the cat cave is heat regulating. In addition, the cuddly interior ensures a particularly high level of comfort.
Cosy – thanks to the special properties of New Zealand sheep's wool, the cat cave offers maximum comfort at any time of year, in winter it is warming and cooling in summer – the ideal sleeping place at any time of year.
Hygienic and easy to care for – due to the high lanolin content in the natural wool, the cat cave is dirt-repellent and breathable. As a result, foreign odours are absorbed less quickly. The cave can be cleaned with a damp sponge.
Quality product – Our Pfotenolymp pet cave is handmade in Nepal – each piece is unique.

PURINA DENTALIFE Daily Oral Care, Maxipack Mini, 5x345g

€22.39 / 90.47 ₪
for effective oral care: chewing strips clean even hard-to-reach teeth.
Deep cleansing with activation of the back of the mouth for fresh breath.
Reduces the formation of tartar and plaque when used daily.
with a delicious chicken taste without the addition of artificial flavors and colors.
Vitamin D & calcium for strong teeth.
Made in Germany.