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Abbey A-Z Complete Depot Complete Long-term Multivitamins

€5.95 / 22.85 ₪
Supports your vitality and well-being.
With 25 vital substances: Vitamins + minerals + trace elements.
1 tablet per day.
With Depot effect, in which the vital substances are released from a depot over several hours, making them available to the body in small portions.

Abtei Silica Biotin Plus Depot (Zinc, Copper), 56 Tablets - 78 g

€4.45 / 17.09 ₪
For healthy skin, beautiful hair & strong nails.
With Copper for normal, solid connective tissue.
With high dose Biotin and Zinc.

Canina GREENLIP ARTHRO FORTE GAG capsules- 200pcs

€30.88 / 118.59 ₪
Diet food for special medical purpose. 200 capsules, 110 gr.

Dextro Energy Minis Peach, 6 Pack (6 x 50 g)

€7.14 / 27.42 ₪
Nutritious glucose with fruity peach flavor. 6er Pack (6 x 50 g)

Hübner ImmunPro Cistus lozenges (60 pieces)

€19.93 / 76.54 ₪
with cistus extract.
with vitamin C: for the immune system / when you first scratch your throat.
- tasty lozenge.

HYSAN nasal ointment 5 g

€6.90 / 26.50 ₪
The vitamin A-containing care forms a protective, regeneration-promoting and long-lasting protective film in the area of ​​the nasal entrance and thus moisturizes the skin and mucous membranes. hysan nasal ointment is therefore very suitable for intensive and long-lasting care of the nose.
Can be used for 3 months after opening

Kaštano comfrey gel 125ml

€7.27 / 27.92 ₪
Suitable for removing joint, muscle and venous problems after physical exertion and sports performance.

LEGALON forte Madaus hard capsules (100 pieces)

€49.47 / 189.98 ₪
Strengthens the liver cell membranes and actively protects them from new attacks by free radicals.
protects the damaged liver from further stresses and attacks by harmful substances, environmental toxins, certain drugs, viruses, free radicals and bacteria.
Supports the detoxification of the liver.

Mivolis Lactase 12,000 tablets 40 pieces

€5.98 / 22.96 ₪
12,000 FCC units per tablet.
Improves the digestion of milk sugar in the case of lactose intolerance.
Acts continuously over a long period of time in the stomach and intestines.
With immediate effect.

Mivolis Multivitamin bears for children, fruit gums, 60 pieces, 120 g

€2.62 / 10.06 ₪
Fruit gums with vitamins.
Without preservative substances.
Without dyes.
In the three flavors lemon, orange and raspberry.

Now Foods L-Lysine 500 mg 250 Capsules

€18.99 / 72.93 ₪
High-quality L-lysine capsules as a dietary supplement.
Supports muscle building in the body.
Lysine is involved in bone growth, cell division and wound healing.
The Now Foods L-Lysine capsules are particularly suitable for all people who do without animal foods.

sanotact Express lactase 12,000 chewable tablets, 40 pieces, 18 g

€10.64 / 40.86 ₪
High-dose chewable tablet
Reliable effect from the first minute
For digesting milk sugar in the case of lactose intolerance

Scitec Nutrition Arginine Liquid

€24.99 / 95.97 ₪
1 Liter