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Axor One hand shower 2jet 45720000 chrome

€130.98 / 528.24 ₪
2 jet types: Rain (powerful, pattering rain jet, ideal for washing hair), RainFlow (powerful, large-scale flood jet).
Spray type changeover at the push of a button (Select).
Remove limescale deposits on the silicone nozzles with a gentle wipe (QuickClean).
Internal, separate water supply protects the chrome surface.
Rinsable dirt strainer.

AXOR Starck single lever kitchen mixer 270 with pull-out spray, chrome

€387.76 / 1563.84 ₪
2 spray types: normal spray (round, air-enriched spray), shower spray (air-enriched, powerful spray for washing fruit and vegetables).
Shower jet can be determined: the jet is automatically reset when the water jet is stopped.
Removal of limescale deposits on the silicone nozzles by lightly wiping (QuickClean).
Swivel spout, swivel range adjustable in 2 steps: 110 °, 150 °.
With pull-out spray.
Magnetic shower bracket (MagFit).
Handle can be positioned on the right or left.

Designer Toilet / Bidet Hand Shower Complete Set with Mini Mixer Tap

€69.00 / 278.28 ₪ €89.00 / 358.94 ₪

Modern design: Heavy Italian brand quality
Chromed brass hand shower
Sedal brand ink cartridge (Extremely Durable and Quiet)
Complete set consisting of: mixer tap, hose (1.2m), integrated bracket and bidet shower
premium product

Dornbracht Single Lever Mixer Tap with Shower Down Function Sync 240 mm Platinum Matte 33870895 06

€599.90 / 2419.40 ₪
swivel spout 360°.
Fitting height 444 mm.
Height up to laminar aerator 240 mm.
Bore diameter 35 mm.
Metal shower hose 1800 mm.
Sprayface with anti-limescale system.
4 l/min at 3 bar flow pressure.
intrinsically safe against back flow.

Dornbracht VAIA 33525809-00 single-lever basin mixer without waste set, chrome

€403.74 / 1628.28 ₪
Swivel spout: 360 °.
Spray type: Round, air-enriched spray.
Aerator for a well-formed water jet.
Smooth-running ceramic cartridge.
Hole diameter 35 mm.
2x M 8 x 1 pressure hose screwed in, leak-tested.
Water consumption: max. 5.7 liters per minute.

Evolution 250 Premium Food Waste Disposal, .75 HP

€708.83 / 2858.71 ₪
Built-in air switch accessory for easy installation and added convenience.
Power booster circuit with micro-processor increases torque to tackle the most difficult to grind foods.
Stainless steel grind chamber (1,005ml) and stainless steel superior grinding elements handle all waste.

Premium black trim shell.
Evolution-Quiet technology.
Auto-reverse action for extended product life and trouble free operation.
Overall Height: 344 mm

Franke Turbo Elite TE-125 Waste Disposer

€333.26 / 1344.04 ₪
Motor power: 1.25 HP.
High speed motor with 2800 rpm.
Integrated antibacterial function.
High-speed motor with permanent magnet.
Stainless steel crushing elements.
Pneu controller - chrome design, for 35 mm hole, for mounting in a plate or sink with a thickness of 1-30 mm.
Dimensions: 200 x 345 mm.

Geberit AquaClean Mera Classic shower toilet 146200111 white-alpine, complete system

€3114.53 / 12560.90 ₪
shower functions:

Extendable shower arm with double nozzles for cleaning the buttocks area, can be positioned in 5 stages.
Patented shower technology with a rotating water jet for thorough, revitalizing and water-saving cleaning (WhirlSpray).
Separately extendable Lady shower integrated in the shower arm for cleaning the vaginal area.
Shower spray intensity adjustable in 5 levels.
Water temperature: setting range 34-40 °C, factory setting 37 °C.
Extendable warm air dryer with adjustable temperature, adjusts to the position of the shower arm and adapts to the different heat sensitivity of wet and dry skin.


Automatic pre- and post-cleaning of the nozzle with fresh water.
Rimless, therefore no hidden places for deposits and dirt.
Flushing technology with asymmetrical inner geometry for thorough and quiet rinsing (TurboFlush).

Seat & Lid:

WC lid brakes when opening and does not hit the wall (soft opening).
Automatic lowering prevents a loud slamming shut (SoftClosing).
The toilet seat can be easily removed for cleaning.

Simple operation via keypad or remote control .
Automatic, low-noise odor extraction with run-on function (with durable ceramic honeycomb filter).
Thanks to close-range detection, many functions can start automatically as soon as you approach the toilet (hot water treatment).
Fully automatic descaling program removes deposits from water-carrying parts.

Geberit Sigma 50 flush plate 115788112 alpine white, for dual flush

€148.95 / 600.72 ₪
For dual flush.
For actuation from the front.
Silenced push rods, tool-free quick adjustment.
Including mounting frame.

Grohe 5-way diverter 29033000

€156.00 / 629.15 ₪ €192.90 / 777.97 ₪

Grohe Atrio bathrobe hook 40312003 chrome, concealed fastening

€48.56 / 195.84 ₪
For wall mounting.
With concealed fastening.
Durable chrome surface, easy to clean (GROHE StarLight).

Grohe Atrio paper holder 40313003 chrome, without cover, concealed fastening

€81.75 / 329.70 ₪
For wall mounting
With concealed fastening
Durable chrome surface, easy to clean (GROHE StarLight®)

Grohe Atrio sink 2-handle fitting 30362AL0 brushed hard graphite, with C-spout with mousseur

€654.10 / 2637.99 ₪
1 jet type.
Spout with aerator for a well-formed jet of water.
Convenient water use even with tall vessels (ComfortHeight).
Swivel spout.
Pivoting range adjustable in 3 stages: 0°, 150°, 360°.
Side valves with ceramic discs.
Includes quick assembly system .
Particularly scratch-resistant and colour-fast surface (hard graphite brushed).

Grohe Blue cleaning cartridge, with head (40434001)

€53.37 / 215.24 ₪
Suitable for disinfecting & cleaning the Grohe Blue cooler and filter head.
The cleaning agent guarantees 100% biological disinfection and is harmless to people.
Always ensures clean water.
Contains hazardous substances.

Grohe Blue Home starter set CO2 bottles 425 gr (4 pieces) 40422000

€114.94 / 463.55 ₪
CO2 bottles for enriching drinking water of the highest purity (99.9% by volume CO2) from the Grohe Blue Home kitchen faucet.
Contents per bottle: 425 grams of CO2 from natural sources deep inside the earth.
Suitable for approx. 60 liters of sparkling water with a pleasant, natural taste.
Quick assembly thanks to a simple screw cap.

GROHE Blue Home Starter-Kit kitchen faucet with filter function, pull-out, C-spout

€1786.06 / 7203.18 ₪

GROHE Blue Home single-lever sink mixer with filter function single-hole
Display and monitoring of consumption data, filter or CO2 capacity via GROHE Ondus app
with Bluetooth 4.0 * and WIFI data communication
delivers 3 liters of cooled water per hour

Grohe Blue Professional the NEW kitchen faucet with filter function, extendable L-spout, supersteel (31326DC2)

€2199.98 / 8872.52 ₪
Kitchen faucet with filter function Grohe Blue Professional

Combination of drinking water dispenser and classic kitchen faucet.
Filtered, chilled drinking water in still, medium or sparkling water via push button handle.
NEW: Structured operating lever for a better grip.
NEW: LED display for selected water type, for low filter capacity and empty CO2 bottle.
Spout with aerator for a well-formed water jet, 2 outlets for filtered and unfiltered water.
NEW: Extendable spout.
Swivel spout, swivel range: 150 °.
Matt, particularly scratch-resistant and colourfast surface (SuperSteel).

NEW: Grohe Blue Professional cooler

Provides 12 liters of chilled water per hour.
With capacity display of filter and CO2 in%.
Including filter head with flexible water hardness setting, adapter for cleaning cartridge and CO2 pressure reducer for 2 kg.
Dimensions (W x D x H): 26.5 x 45.5 x 40 cm, fits in kitchen cabinets from 40 cm wide

NEW: Bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI data communication

Up to 10 m range, depending on the wall and floor coverings.
Control and monitoring of consumption data via the Ondus app.
Notification via Grohe Ondus app, push message and additional monitoring function via dashboard.
Water tap via smartphone.

Grohe Eurocube kitchen faucet 31395DC0 supersteel, C-spout, with professional shower head

€551.53 / 2224.32 ₪
Smooth running 28 mm ceramic cartridge (GROHE SilkMove®)
Removable professional shower head
Change the spray type on the shower by pressing
Automatic reset to aerator
Swivel spout, swivel range: 140 °
Spring arm rotatable: 360 °
Intrinsically safe against backflow
Matt, particularly scratch-resistant and colourfast surface (SuperSteel)

Grohe Eurosmart 19970002 3-Way Converter, Silver

€39.00 / 157.29 ₪ €59.90 / 241.58 ₪

Grohe Eurosmart Cosmopolitan single-lever basin mixer, Zero, L-Size with waste set (32830001

€114.80 / 462.99 ₪
Smooth-running 35 mm ceramic cartridge (GROHE SilkMove®)
Durable chrome surface, easy to clean (GROHE StarLight®)
Variably adjustable quantity limitation
Spout with aerator for a well-formed water jet
Swivel range: 150 °
Separate internal water supply - no contact with lead or nickel (GROHE Zero®)
Pop-up waste set for easy opening and closing of the basin