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Bosch PVQ811F15E self-sufficient induction field with extractor frameless/flush

€1769.98 / 7170.37 ₪
The induction hob with integrated extractor module: combines induction and extractor hood technology for the best results.
DirectSelect: direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zone, power level and additional functions.
CombiZone: More flexibility thanks to the combination of two cooking zones for cooking with even heat distribution, for roasters and the like.
PowerBoost: Shorter heating times with up to 50% more power.
Child lock: locks operation and thus protects against accidental adjustments.
Energy consumption display: shows the energy consumption of the last cooking process.
4 induction cooking zones with pot detection.
Device dimensions: (H/W/D) 223 x 802 x 522 mm.
Installation dimensions: (H/W/D) 223 mm x 750 mm x 490 mm.

Bosch PXV901DV1E Series 8 induction hob, glass ceramic, 90 cm wide, flush, HomeConnect

€1138.99 / 4614.16 ₪
DirectSelect Premium: direct, extremely simple selection of the desired cooking zones, power levels and additional functions.
PerfectFry frying sensor: for optimal browning of the fried food thanks to sensor control in 5 power levels.
FlexInduction Zone: Flexible connection of cooking zones to form a continuous surface for small pots through to large special accessories.
Induction: Fast, precise cooking, easy cleaning and low energy consumption.
PowerBoost: Shorter cooking times with up to 50% more power.
5 induction cooking zones with pot detection.
17 power levels.
Home Connect: Connected home appliances from Bosch to make everyday life easier. (only in countries where Home Connect Service is available).
Dimensions: Width: 892mm x Height: 56mm x Depth/Length: 512mm.
niche dimension Broad: 880mm minimum, 896mm maximum Heightat least 56 mm depth: 500mm minimum, 516mm maximum.

Bosch PXV975DV1E Series 8 induction hob, glass ceramic, 90 cm wide, aluminum frame, Home Connect, DirectSelect Premium

€1087.90 / 4407.19 ₪
Flex induction zone: Flexible interconnection of cooking zones to form a continuous surface for small pots and large special accessories.
DirectSelect Premium: direct, simple selection of the desired cooking zones, power levels and additional functions.
PerfectFry frying sensor: for an optimal degree of browning of the food thanks to sensor control in 5 power levels.
PowerBoost: Shorter boiling times with up to 50% more power.
Timer with switch-off function for each cooking zone.
17 power levels.
Home Connect: Connected home appliances from Bosch for an easier everyday life.
Key lock, child lock, power management function, safety time-out, pan detection.
Item dimensions (without packaging) H x W x D (cm): 5.1 x 91.6 x 52.7.

Bosch PXX645FC1E Series 6 Induction Hob (Independent) / 60 cm / Black / All-Round Frame

€602.35 / 2440.18 ₪
FlexInduction zone: flexible connection of cooking zones into a continuous surface for small pots to large special accessories.
Timer with switch-off function: switches off the selected cooking zone after the desired time.
Power levels: 17 levels.
Functions: Minute minder, PowerBoost function / rapid heating, timer, pan detection, PowerManagement function, PerfectFry (frying sensor with 4 temperature levels), ReStart, QuickStart.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 55 x 58.3 x 51.3 cm.

Bosch PXX975DC1E hob induction 90 cm DirectSelectPremium FlexInduction PerfectFry MoveMode

€1018.99 / 4128.03 ₪
Direct Select Premium: large and intuitive touch surface.
Flex Induction: A hob that gives your pots and pans more space.
PerfectFry frying sensor: doesn't burn anything.
Comfort profile: elegant, shapely design with front facet cut and side metal strips.
Move Mode: the automatic heat level setting for quick boiling on the front cooking zone and continued simmering on the rear cooking zone.
3 FlexInduction zones: Use cookware of any shape and size within the 40 cm zone.
17 power levels: Adjust the heat precisely with 17 power levels (9 main levels and 8 intermediate levels).
2-stage residual heat display per cooking zone: Shows which cooking zones are still hot or warm.
Device dimensions (HxWxD mm): 51 x 916 x 527.
Required niche size (HxWxD mm: 51 x 880 x (490 - 500).
Minimum worktop thickness: 16 mm.
Total connected load: 11100 W.

Bosch PXY875DC1E Series 8 Hobs, Electric / PrefectFry / Recessed / 81.6 cm / Glass Ceramic

€854.95 / 3463.49 ₪
Number of hotplates 4
Cooking zone type Flexible / vario induction
Connected load 7,400 watts
Equipment features Main switch, with roasting sensor, with cooking sensor
Controls with touch control
Display type Digital display
Display power consumption
Manufacturer specifics Boost, reStart, QuickStart, PerfectFry, PowerManagement, PowerBoost, CountUp-Timer, FlexInduction, PanBoost, PerfectCook, TopControl, DirectSelect
material Glass ceramic
colour black
Frame color silver
design Partial frame with facet
width 81.6 cm
height 5.1 cm
depth 52.7 cm
Niche width 780 mm
Niche height 44 mm
Niche depth 500 mm

Bosch Series 6 PIE631FB1E Built-In Induction Hob Black

€385.26 / 1560.73 ₪
The induction hob from Bosch offers four induction hobs that can be controlled separately using the well-thought-out operating logic.
There is also a timer with a switch-off function for each cooking zone.
17 power levels can be set by simply pressing a button.
A minute minder and a PowerBoost function complete the hob.
PowerBoost: shorter cooking times with up to 50% more power.
Dimensions ‎59.2 x 52.2 x 5.1 cm.

Bosch Series 6 PVW851FB5E Integrated zone induction hob 80 cm

€743.33 / 3011.30 ₪
DirectSelect Premium: direct, extremely simple selection of the desired cooking zones, power levels and additional functions.
Induction: fast, precise cooking, easy cleaning and low energy consumption.
CombiZone: more flexibility by connecting 2 cooking zones for cooking in a roaster, for example.
PowerBoost: Shorter heating times with up to 50% more power.
5 induction cooking zones with pot detection.
17 power levels.
Installation dimensions: (H/W/D) 55 mm x 780 mm x 500 mm.
Device dimensions: (W/D) 795 mm x 517 mm.

Gaggenau CA052300 Grill Plate 370mm

€241.87 / 979.84 ₪
non-stick coated.
For flex induction hob.
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 25.00×37.00×2.50cm

Gorenje BO735E114X + ECT41SC oven set (737365)

€439.00 / 1778.43 ₪
Electric built-in oven set: oven and hob are self-contained, the devices can be installed separately.
Dynamic cooling fan with automatic delay (DC+).
Supreme Enamel Coating.
Retractable toggle and GentleClose door pull.
Electric glass ceramic hob with touch control control, automatic cooking, timer and warming function.

Gorenje Gas glass hob GTW642SYW

€326.54 / 1322.85 ₪
Plenty of space for each pan or pot: The enlarged cooking surface (up to 20%) and longer distances between burners provide ample space for pots and pans of all sizes.
The sleek and flat design allows you to easily move and use extra-large pans, with perfect stability for all your culinary adventures.
Massive and elegant ProGrids cast iron grids are exceptionally stable and resistant even to the highest temperatures.
The WOK burner with a special shape of the gas crown directs the flame directly to the WOK and allows you to heat the cooked food even more powerfully.
One-handed igniting the burner provides additional comfort and easy control of the gas hob.
Width 60cm Depth 52cm Height 13cm.

Gorenje Induction hob Advanced IS645BG IQcooking black

€699.00 / 2831.72 ₪
The Gorenje IS645BG induction hob in black with ground edges offers 4 cooking zones of different power and diameter with the possibility of connecting the zones.
Each cooking zone is equipped with a PowerBoost function and a residual heat indicator.
The Gorenje IS645BG has a number of useful functions, such as the EggTimer function, the sleep timer, Stop & Go, StayWarm, SoftMelt and StepZone.
The child lock protects against unwanted manipulation of the controls.
The hob has elegantly ground edges with a guide groove on the control panel in the front and is equipped with TouchSlider control - finger movement.
Width: 60 cm Height 5.4 cm Depth 52.5 cm

Gorenje Induction hob Advanced IS845BG IQcooking black

€684.12 / 2771.44 ₪
SliderTouch touch control with practical guide groove.
Faster cooking with PowerBoost.
With Areaflex technology, you can connect several cooking zones into one.
Rich range of functions for defrosting, grilling, heating and maintaining the temperature.
4 multi-circuit cooking zones with a total input of 7.36 kW.
Dimensions (wxhxd): 79.5 × 5.4 × 52 cm

GORENJE induction hob IS846BG

€719.19 / 2913.51 ₪
Induction hob Gorenje IS846BG in black color with beveled front facet.
4 induction cooking zones.
StepZone - combines two cooking zones into one, with the possibility of setting the power for each zone.
SliderTouch - power control by finger movement.
The TimeAssist function tracks the cooking time for you.
StayWarm function - maintaining a temperature of 70 °C.
StopGo function - immediate temporary stop of cooking without losing the set parameters.
Dimensions : 54 x 795 x 520 mm (HxWxD).

Gorenje IS646BG induction hob, 60 cm wide, frameless, black

€521.80 / 2113.86 ₪
Residual heat display.
AreaFlex: Induction - with two expandable cooking zones.
Stop&Go function: Easily interrupt and continue the cooking process.
PowerBoost increases the performance of the hob so that the preparation time is significantly shortened.
IQ programs - intelligent and flexible The IQcook system can be used in all cooking zones, for which you can select different cooking programs with perfect time and temperature settings.
Keep warm function.
Device dimensions (W x H x D): 59.5 × 5.4 × 52 cm.
Installation dimensions (W x H x D): 56-56.2 × 7 × 49.5 cm.

Gorenje IT643BSC induction hob - self-sufficient, 60 cm PowerBoost

€399.95 / 1620.24 ₪
FLEXIBLE BridgeZone : Induction with an expandable cooking zone.
Flush installation possible: smooth transition between hob and worktop. It is easier to clean and brings a modern, stylish look to your kitchen.
With the Stop&Go function, all cooking zones can be reduced to power level 1 with a single press of a button. This means you can leave the hob unattended for a short time without anything boiling over or burning.
StayWarm warming function : On the keep warm setting you can keep your food warm at approx. 70 °C. The keep warm setting is available for all cooking zones and remains active for a maximum of 2 hours.
Residual heat indicator: After intensive use, the cooking zone you are currently using may remain hot for a few minutes afterwards. During this time an "H" will be displayed.
Parental controls: If parental controls are activated, no device settings can be changed.
Frame: stainless steel frame.
Device dimensions: 600 x 525 x 54 mm (W x D x H).
Installation dimensions: 560 x 490 x 70 mm (W x D x H).

K&H 80-IN-9200FLX 5 Zone Flex Induction Hob 80 cm Automatic Built-In

€319.00 / 1292.30 ₪
9200 watt powerful induction hob.
Sensor touch control control in 17 power levels per cooking zone where warm and simmering is possible.
ompatible with any type of magnetic cookware. Can only be installed with connection to high current.
The hobs have a high-quality glass ceramic surface, a residual heat indicator and the fans are quieter than conventional devices.
Dimensions: 52 x 80 x 5.5 cm.

Klarstein Cook n Roll Induction Hob Single Hob

€62.99 / 255.18 ₪
The Klarstein Cook n Roll induction hob allows optimal use of space and perfect cooking results.
The hob makes it crack properly with a total power of 2000 watts and offers a total diameter of 26 cm.
The hob is easily operated via its integrated touch control panel and LED display. The 6 cooking programmes, the desired heating output in 10 stages, and a switch off timer for up to 3 hours.
For perfect cooking results, the SousVist function with HeatControl: simply connect the included cooking thermometer to the hob, activate the SousVit function and then set the desired temperature between 40 and 160 °C.
To ensure that everything runs smoothly during cooking, the Cook n Roll has a wide range of fuses: an overheating and surge protection with automatic switch-off becomes active, should the hob become too hot or the voltage is too low or too high.
Dimensions 42 x 33 x 10 cm.

Küppersbusch GKS 9851.0 ED K-Series. 8 self-sufficient gas hob

€1097.40 / 4445.68 ₪
Easy to operate using a responsive, built-in spark ignition per Simple Press and Turn.
Comfort A Variety Of Different burner sizes with any kind of burner performance.
Security thanks to the automatic Gasabschaltung if the gas flame on being accidentally Erlöscht.
Efficient and environmentally friendly; as gas of a primary energy is and no harmful substances caused by conversion processes.
5 Flachbre's jacket with continuous power adjustment voll security.
Device dimensions: 900 x 520 mm (W x D).
Cut-out dimensions: 835 x 490 mm (W x D).

Küppersbusch KI 8810.0 SR hob induction frameless 80 cm K-Series 8

€1007.40 / 4081.08 ₪
11-stage power control "knobControl" via high-quality aluminum rotary knobs.
1 predefined special level: approx. 70 ° C warming level.
Bridge function, front and rear cooking zones can each be combined to form a surface.
Connected load 7.4 kW.
Frameless W x D approx. 798 x 518 mm.
Installation height 48 mm.
Cut-out dimensions W x D approx. 760 x 490 mm.