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About us

BerlinBuy is a German company founded to reduce the high cost of living worldwide  by removing the middleman and cut the spread between consumers and marketers.

The company has developed a model that quotes consumers prices of German and European products as they are sold to the population in country of origin. We are able to do so due to combination of technological and smart routing system that provides fast and efficient service.

The company was founded by three entrepreneurs, each of them brings added value in his field (technological, financial and management).

This reflects in the services we provide: 

  • Technology innovation.
  • Bureaucracy.
  • Shipping - fast and efficient delivery directly to customer or collecting station.
  • Products Inventory - a variety of products.
  • User requests - We are able to accommodate user request for products that not yet exist in our catalog for a very competitive price.



* Website provides shopping service from a wide range of retailers / suppliers and order fulfilment is subject to product inventory.