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Felco 21 two-hand pruning shears

€134.99 / 554.85 ₪
Strength and cutting force result from the durable construction with an alloy of forged aluminum and a strong lever arm.
The straight cutting head enables precise and powerful cutting, as the serrated counter blade holds branches, while the hardened steel blade cuts cleanly through 35 mm diameters.
Two-hand pruning shears with 63 cm long handles.
Blade and counterblade made of hardened stee.
Toothed nut for easy adjustment of the cutting head.

AEG DDLE 230769 13 Compact Electronic Tankless Water Heater with Remote Control-Selectable power 11 or 13,5kW energy class: A

€316.19 / 1299.64 ₪
Space-saving hot water device: instant and unlimited warm water at one or more collection points in apartments and detached houses, e.g. in the kitchen (for space-saving installation under the sink) or on the washbasin and hand sink.
High temperature comfort: constant water temperature. Internally adjustable: temperature from 20-60°C, anti-scald.
Easy installation: under-sink mounting, remote or direct tapping, suitable for both pressure (closed) and low pressure (open) taps.
Simply economical – Made in Germany: saves up to 140 Euro/year compared to hydraulic devices, selectable power of 11 or 13.5 kW, solar suitable up to 60 °C.
Product Dimensions: ‎8.71 x 17.3 x 24.69 cm.

Angle Gauge, 1°-45°

€48.43 / 199.06 ₪
Accuracy ±30'

Atlas safety sandal TX 360 2.0 ESD S1 work shoe safety shoe 83000

€78.69 / 323.44 ₪
MPU tip protection.
SportLine upper material.
MPU Light sole technology.
aktiv-X functional lining.
3D cushioning system.
clima-stream concept.
Suitable for the insole supply-DGUV 112-191.

Baier bdn Turbo Booster for BDN 452/453/463/466

€93.00 / 382.26 ₪
Up to 40% more extract performance with suitable to the Turbo Segments Ausgerichtetem purge channel.
Baier BDN Turbo Booster for the BDN 452/453/463/466.
Less contraction between turbo pane and Abzutransportierendem material.
Made in Germany.

Bernina bernette swiss design sewing machine b35

€299.72 / 1231.94 ₪
23 stitches
1 step car buttonhole
Drop feed
Needle Threader
LED sewing light

BLUETTI AC200MAX [2048Wh / 2200W] Expandable Power Station

€1297.60 / 5333.53 ₪
The all-round companion with connection for additional battery extensions to provide you with power for even longer.
The battery capacity of 2048 Wh can even be expanded up to 8192 Wh thanks to battery extensions, thus ensuring a very high power supply.
The Bluetti AC200Max Powerstation has an LCD display that provides an overview of the battery status, date and time, AC and DC consumption display and the current charging status.
Dimensions 428 mm x 280 mm x 386 mm.

Bluetti solar panel PV350, foldable, 350W, monocrystalline, MC4, 24V

€421.50 / 1732.49 ₪
Perfect addition to the Bluetti Powerstations.
For vehicles and boats without a fixed solar installation.
Can be set up at a 45° angle using the integrated supports.
Bag made of a robust and water-repellent fabric.
The module is foldable, lightweight and space-saving.
Ideal companion for camping trips and outdoor activities.

Bonsenkitchen Vacuum Sealer, Vacuum Device with Cutter for Sous Vide Cooking and Dry & Wet Food, VS3802

€49.99 / 205.47 ₪
Freshness Assistant: The food packed by the vacuum machine keeps the original taste of the food and can reach 7 times freshness in the refrigerator, reducing food spoilage and waste. Cooking is easier and healthier. Perfect for home, apartment, boat, car and more.
Built-in Vacuum Bag Cutter & Roll Slot: Place the roll bag into the roll slot for easy storage. Use the cutter to cut custom size vacuum bags according to the food size. The roll bag storage design makes the vacuum sealer easier to use on a daily basis. The vacuum sealer seals up to a maximum length of 30 cm.
Multifunctional Sous Vide Vacuum Sealer: The VS3802 vacuum sealer comes with a 60cm hose. Can be used to expel air from lunch boxes or wine bottles to keep food or wine fresh. You can prepare fresh food just by pulling the air out of the lunch box. Owning a universal vacuum press is a modern, practical, healthy and economical way of life.
Wet and Dry Mode: Dry mode can store snacks, nuts, etc., and wet mode can store meat, seafood and vegetables. Also suitable for ham, cooked food, fruit, etc., ensures optimal preservation of various foods and is also a cooking assistant for sous vide!.
The food vacuum kit includes 1 x vacuum roller (28 x 300 cm), 5 x standard vacuum bags (20 x 30 cm), 1x external interface components, 1x cistern, 2x sealing tape, 1x user manual.

Bosch X-LOCK diamond metal disc 125mm, cutting disc (Ø 125mm x 22.23)

€25.89 / 106.42 ₪
Long service life: the diamond cutting disc has a service life of up to 100 times longer than standard composite discs.
Compatibility: The X-LOCK diamond cutting discs also fit standard angle grinders.
Areas of application: for cutting multi-metal materials such as cast iron, reinforcing steel, steel and stainless steel. Cuts profiles and sheets with a wall thickness of up to 4 mm for steel and 3 mm for stainless steel; also non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, etc. and fibreglass.
Box contents: 1 x diamond metal wheel X-Lock – disc diameter: 125 mm, hole diameter: 22.23 mm.

Bosch Accessories 2608601361 diamond wet drill bit 62mm 1pc

€117.30 / 482.14 ₪
Diamond Wet Drill Bit 1 1/4 Inch UNC Best for Concrete - Ideal for Drilling in Concrete and Reinforced Concrete.
Please note: only usable for drills designed for wet drilling.
Long service life when wet drilling in concrete thanks to diamond mixture and laser-welded segments in the drill bit.
Can be used for drilling electrical installations, heating pipes, plumbing, centring holes for anchors, etc.
Diameter: 62 mm, working length: 450 mm, 10 segments, segment height: 11.5 mm.

Bosch Accessories Standard for Concrete 1 1/4" UNC diamond core bit 6 segments - 62 x 10 x 450 mm (2608601737)

€73.99 / 304.12 ₪
Fast core drilling through reinforced concrete.
Diamond core bit Standard for Concrete enables core drilling through reinforced concrete at high speed.
Segments offer fast work progress thanks to high-quality diamond trimmings and an even grain distribution.
Diameter: 62mm.

Bosch Accessories Water collection ring for drill stand, max. drill bit diameter 132mm 2608550621 Diameter 132mm

€188.43 / 774.50 ₪
water catch ring. Max diameter 132mm. Water collection ring for drill stand GCR 180 Professional. For max. drill bit diameter 132 mm. Suitable for GCR 180 and GDB 180 WE Professional.
Diameter: 132mm.
Water collection ring for drill stand.
Power Source: Hand Operated.
Pack size: 20.0 L x 12.0 H x 21.0 W (cm).

Bosch Constant Feed Paint Tank for Bosch PSF 3000-2, PFS 5000 E (1000 ml)

€12.94 / 53.19 ₪
The PFS spray gun provides constant colour supply in hard to reach areas.
Quick and even application on heavily textured surfaces.
Large 1000 ml paint container saves valuable time by refilling less frequently during work.
ConstantFeed for even paint application, even when spraying overhead or near the ground.
Box contents: PFS spray gun, 1000 ml paint container, lid, 3 nozzles, cardboard box.

Bosch diamond dry drill easy Dry 8mm (2608587141)

€33.90 / 139.34 ₪
Diameter: 8 mm
Optimum speed: 1500 rpm
Self-sealing drill bit, coolant does not leak

Bosch L-BOXX Professional 1600A001RP

€23.90 / 98.24 ₪ €39.90 / 164.00 ₪