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Care package for Siemens consisting of: 3 x 3 pieces Siemens TZ80002 descaling tablets, compatible with all Siemens EQ fully automatic coffee machines

€33.97 / 137.62 ₪
Suitable for all Siemens EQ.9, EQ.8, EQ.7, EQ.6, EQ.5 and built in fully automatic machines.
Optimized for the automatic CALCnCLEAN program of Siemens EQ fully automatic coffee machines.
2in1: Removes limescale and protects against corrosion.

ECM - milk jug 600ml polished stainless steel

€30.40 / 123.15 ₪
High-quality barista milk jug made of polished stainless steel
Perfectly ground pouring nose for clean and professional work with milk foam

ECM brewing drawer, polished stainless steel, 20.5 x 30.5 cm

€139.00 / 563.10 ₪
Made entirely of stainless steel, welded and polished
The core of the tapping stick is made of aluminum and coated with food-safe silicone
PVC rails on the inside allow easy, quiet pushing in and out
Noise-insulated construction of the ECM brewing drawer, polished stainless steel
almost all espresso grinders available here or even small espresso machines fit on the brew drawer
Dimensions W x D x H: 205 x 305 x 65 mm

ECM milk jug 0.35 L stainless steel

€23.89 / 96.78 ₪
High-quality barista milk jug made of polished stainless steel
Perfectly ground pouring nose for clean and professional work with milk foam

ECM water filter, box with 2 pieces

€20.94 / 84.83 ₪
Special filter for use in espresso machines
These filters are only suitable for ECM devices with vibration pumps.
Aroma security through a special "anti-limescale" filter system: Reduces up to 40% of the limescale content. This way the water retains its optimal taste.

Miele coffee machine CVA 7440 (obsidian black) - built-in device

€2775.44 / 11243.58 ₪
Large plain text display with sensor operation - DirectSensor.
Perfectly positioned: thanks to the patented CupSensor.
Simultaneous preparation at the push of a button - OneTouch for Two.
Always freshly ground - AromaticSystemFresh.
Comfortable entertaining - for larger quantities - can function.
Automatic rinsing of the milk pipework.
Door system with a completely opening frontEasily accessible: Easy access to the bean container, water tank, waste container and drip tray.
Infinitely height-adjustable beverage outlet in cm: 4.0 - 16.5.
Recess width in mm: 560 - 568 Recess height in mm: 448 - 452 Recess depth in mm: 500.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 45.5 x 59.5 x 47.5 cm.

Miele CVA 7845 Built-in fully automatic coffee machine (obsidian black)

€3899.00 / 15795.24 ₪
Large touch display with proximity sensor - M Touch + MotionReact.
Individual enjoyment - with three bean containers - CoffeeSelect.
Best care - automatically with AutoDescale and AutoClean.
Perfectly positioned: Thanks to the patented CupSensor.
Simultaneous preparation at the push of a button - OneTouch for Two.
Niche width in mm 560-568 Niche height in mm 450-452 Niche depth in mm 550.
Device width in mm 595 Device height in mm 455 Device depth in mm 475.

Smeg BCC01 Espresso Machine 50's Style

€569.99 / 2309.09 ₪ €589.90 / 2389.74 ₪
Due to its narrow format, it takes up less space on your kitchen worktop than other fully automatic machines.
Adjust the strength and quantity of your coffee yourself.
Pump pressure: 19 bar.
Coffee bean compartment capacity: 150 g.
Product dimensions: 180x433x336 mm.

SMEG BCC02 Compact fully automatic coffee machine with steam function in a 50s retro design

€519.95 / 2106.37 ₪
White backlighting of the control button.
Adjustable degree of grinding.
Individually adjustable amount of water per drink.
Height-adjustable coffee spout, coffee spout height: 90-135 mm (185 mm without drip tray).
Automatic flush function .
Descaling display, coffee grounds container emptying display, coffee bean compartment filling display, water tank filling display.
Automatic shutdown.
Dimensions: HxWxD: 336x180x433 mm.

SMEG BCC13WHMEU compact fully automatic coffee machine with milk system white matt

€591.00 / 2394.20 ₪
Thermoblock heating system for quick coffee preparation and a constant brewing and steam temperature.
Compact and space-saving.
Pump pressure: 19 bar.
Coffee bean compartment capacity: 150 g.
Product dimensions: 180x433x336 mm.

Tchibo Cafissimo Pure Capsule Machine

€59.00 / 239.01 ₪
Patented three-pressure brewing system for an intense flavour of your espresso, caffé cremas, filter coffee and teas.
Easy to use at the touch of a button – freely programmable drink quantity, adjustable coffee spout and removable cup table.
Integrated capsule collection container for up to 6 capsules, removable 1 litre water tank.
Fast heating in 45 seconds and energy efficient thanks to the automatic shut-off function after 9 minutes.
Dimensions: approx. 15.4 x 36 x 27.2 cm (W x D x H).

Tchibo fully automatic coffee machine "Esperto Latte" With milk foam nozzle

€299.00 / 1211.28 ₪
Preparation of the popular coffee classics espresso and café crème with Doppio function (2 brewings in succession).
Panarello (milk foam nozzle) for milk specialties.
Adjustable coffee strength (Intense + function).
Programmable amount of drinks from 25 to 250 ml .
Space-saving design with a width of only 18 cm.
Coffee bean container for 160g - with aroma protection seal.
1.1 l water tank that can be removed from the top.
High quality stainless steel conical grinder with stepless grinding degree adjustment.
Coffee grounds container for approx. 10 servings can be removed from the front.

Tchibo fully automatic coffee machine “Esperto Caffè”

€249.00 / 1008.72 ₪
Direct selection buttons for preparation: Espresso, Caffè Crema, Doppio (two brews in a row).
Further direct selection buttons: On / Off switch, Rinse & Intense + button.
Programmable amount of drink: 25 - 250 ml.
Time functions: automatic switch-off (10, 20, 30 or 120 minutes).
Coffee grounds container capacity: approx. 10 servings.
Capacity of coffee bean container: 160 g (expandable to 300 g) with aroma protection seal.
Capacity water tank: 1.1 l.
Cup height: max.15.5 cm.
Coffee spout: height adjustable with cup lighting.

24233 CLARIS Smart+ (3 pieces) filter JURA 24233 CLARIS Smart+ (3 pieces) filter

€46.89 / 189.96 ₪
New generation of CLARIS filter system revolutionizes water filtration in the water tank.
CLARIS Smart+ complements the proven professional upflow principle with a depot of natural active ingredients.
The plus: Due to its natural movement, the water always flows easily through this depot and is stabilized by the contact.
Less limescale deposits and maximum cleanliness in the water tank.
The water filter technology ensures increased hygiene in the fully automatic coffee machine.
Suitable for all tap water.

Baratza Encore Electric Coffee Grinder with Conical Grinder

€169.99 / 688.65 ₪
Grinder: 40mm conical grinder made of hardened steel
Bean container: approx. 225g capacity
grinding capacity: approx. 0.8 to 1.1g / s, depending from the degree of grinding; Grinding degree settings: 40 grinding degree steps. 16 x 12 x 35 cm

BARAZZA 1CFEVEN Built-in coffee machine, 60 cm, digital display, black finish

€2152.65 / 8720.60 ₪
5 levels of coffee strength (extra light, light, normal, strong, extra strong).
3 levels of coffee quantity (small, normal, long).
functions: single or double cup, steam delivery for cappuccino and hot water, on and off programming, activation/deactivation of the automatic rinse function, possibility of using pre-ground coffee.
display signal: lack of water, lack of coffee, presence of grounds, descaling warning, warning of degree of grinding and dosage.
multilingual digital programmer + buttons.
features: front controls and buttons with Soft-Touch finish, drain tray, LED lighting, telescopic guides, 220 g bean container, 1.8 l removable water tank.
pressure: 15 bar.
Width 60 cm Height 45 cm.

Bosch CTL636ES6 built-in fully automatic espresso machine 2.4l black, stainless steel coffee maker

€1495.99 / 6060.41 ₪
SensoFlow System: The innovative heating system guarantees the maximum aroma thanks to an ideal and constant brewing temperature.
One-touch preparation: ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, caffe crema, cappuccino, latte macchiato, milk coffee with just one touch of a button.
Beverage temperature can be set individually: coffee temperature 3 levels, hot water temperature 4 levels.
Suitable for BRITA Intenza water filters: Reduces the limescale content of the water and reduces odor and taste-impairing substances.
TFT display with interactive menu navigation.
IndividualCup Volume: Cup sizes can be individually adjusted so that your cup is exactly as full as you want it to be.
Height-adjustable coffee spout and milk frother: Latte macchiato glasses up to 15 cm high fit underneath.
Removable water tank for easy filling (2.4 l volume).
SilentCeram Drive: Low-noise premium grinder made from wear-free ceramic.
Water pump with 19 bar pressure.
Discover the new way of controlling home appliances: with an app. With the Home Connect app, you can access the device from anywhere - at home via WLAN, when out and about via the cellular network.
Device height: 455D width: 594D depth: 375

Caso Café Crema One fully automatic coffee machine

€380.85 / 1542.86 ₪
Space-saving thanks to its slim design
nnovative heating system: ready to start in no time
Easy to clean thanks to removable brewing unit
Extra quiet stainless steel conical grinder, freely adjustable
Pre-brewing function for perfect coffee aroma
Dimensions 37 x 18 x 33.5 cm