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חבילת דלוקס מקורית ANKARSRUM

€349.00 / 1446.43 ₪
This is the solution for everyone who wants to fully utilize all the functions of the Ankarsrum Assistant, such as mixing, chopping, rasping, straining and much more.
The deluxe package contains a meat grinder with splash guard, tray and pusher, 3 sausage filling attachments 10/20/25 mm, 3 perforated discs 2.5 / 4.5 / 6/8 mm, a strainer attachment, a grater attachment, pasta slices for bucatini, spaghetti and Fettuccini, a biscuit attachment, a mixer attachment and a citrus press.

חבילה בסיסית של מטחנת בשר ANKARSRUM

€184.95 / 766.53 ₪
With the universal grinder you can easily make your own spreads, purees and fillings.
Suitable for Ankarsrum AKM6220 and AKM6290 kitchen machine.

חבילת למטחנת בשר ANKARSRUM

€218.68 / 906.32 ₪
The meat grinder includes 3 sausage filling attachments in sizes of 10, 20 and 25 mm.
The perforated disks have a diameter of 70 mm and, depending on the disk, holes of 8, 6, 4.5 or 2.5 mm in size.
The 4-edged knife is always included in the various meat grinder packages.
Always use the pusher when refilling and make sure that no foreign objects get into the meat grinder.

מעבד מזון מקצועי ואיכותי אורגינלי של חברת AnkarsRum דגם 6230

€699.00 / 2897.01 ₪
Powerful but quiet 1500 watt motor.
Easily processes 1.5 litres of dough liquid and 5 kg of dough. 7 litre bowl.
Each assistant original AKM6230 standard package contains accessories that make cooking easier and provides valuable help when baking sponge cakes to sourdough breads. Includes hardback recipe book
Handmade in Sweden

BioChef אטלס שלם איטי מסחטה פרו - דור 2

€418.94 / 1736.30 ₪
400W Motor / XXL filler neck

Breville DuraCeramic Sandwich/Panini טוסטר | מכונת סנדוויץ' בסגנון קפה ל-2 פרוסות | נירוסטה [VST071X]

€68.98 / 285.89 ₪
Hinged lid for grilling with opened lid.
3 discs capacity – for 2 to 3 sandwiches.
Durable Aceramic coating – Four Times More Durable, scratch-resistant, easy to clean thanks, 20% shorter cooking times and natural, free of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PTFE.
Upright Lagerung.
Variable thermostat control.

טוסטר Breville VST074X High Gloss DuraCeramic Jumbo

€62.64 / 259.61 ₪
For toasting 2 sandwiches at the same time.
DuraCeramic coating.
Power and standby display.
High hinge prevents dirt.
Colour: Multicolored.
Material: stainless steel.
Item dimensions: L x W x H 31.2 x 26.6 x 13 centimetres.


€265.00 / 1098.29 ₪
Grohe Rainshower F-Series 15 "overhead shower 3 spray modes 27939001 Article number: 27939001

מעשנת דיגיטלית (140908) Char-Broil

€402.95 / 1670.03 ₪
Intuitive controls - The digital control is very easy to understand.
Precision temperature control - allows the temperature to be controlled between 37°C and 135°C.
Intelligent smoking: the thermometer ensures that the food can be monitored at any time.
Smoking for up to 8 hours - once filled with wood chips can be smoked for up to 8 hours.
4 cooking grates – adjustable, oven-style chrome-plated grates to perfectly cook the cooking grate.
Product Dimensions: ‎42 x 46 x 83 cm

DeLonghi MultiGrill CGH1030D, גריל מגע (כסף / שחור, 2,000 וואט)

€236.89 / 981.79 ₪
Suitable for delicious meat and fish dishes, cheese, hamburgers, sandwiches, toast, chicken, vegetables, waffles and many other delicacies.
Electronic temperature control and digital control display.
With three grill plate sets, each equipped with an embedded heating element, almost any food can be optimally prepared, thanks to high precision even at the highest temperatures.
Two thermostats regulate the temperature of the upper and lower grill plates independently of each other.
Dimensions Width: 370 mm x height: 145 mm x depth: 360 mm.

טוסטר Dualit 27030

€225.00 / 932.51 ₪
Handmade in the UK 2-slot toaster in all-metal housing with patented, interchangeable and mineral coated ProHeat elements.
Easy to fill thanks to patented extra wide slots (28 mm) for use with sandwich tongs or extra thick bread slices, bagel function.
Patented adjustable base and patented overheating protection.
Energy-saving, individually switchable heating elements tan the toast as required, control the browning during the toast process by manual ejection lever.
Stepless mechanical timer allows individual browning and defrosting function for frozen bread.
Easy to clean thanks to the crumb tray.
Item dimensions: L x W x H 30.8 x 25.4 x 26 centimetres.

טוחן אשפה למטבח In-Sink-Erator Evolution 250

€708.83 / 2937.75 ₪
Built-in air switch accessory for easy installation and added convenience.
Power booster circuit with micro-processor increases torque to tackle the most difficult to grind foods.
Stainless steel grind chamber (1,005ml) and stainless steel superior grinding elements handle all waste.

Premium black trim shell.
Evolution-Quiet technology.
Auto-reverse action for extended product life and trouble free operation.
Overall Height: 344 mm

מייבש (סופג לחות ), נירוסטה Excalibur EXC10EL

€944.99 / 3916.51 ₪
The largest and best dehydrator from Excalibur: stainless steel, 99h timer, Hyperwave.
Thanks to the timer and the automatic temperature control, you do not need to monitor the dehydration process.
The fruit and vegetables are optimally dried on a large area of ​​1.45 square meters.
The temperature is kept constant by means of a horizontal air flow.
HxWxD: 43.2 cm x 43.8 cm x 52.4 cm.

טוחן אשפה למטבח Franke Turbo Elite TE-125

€333.26 / 1381.20 ₪
Motor power: 1.25 HP.
High speed motor with 2800 rpm.
Integrated antibacterial function.
High-speed motor with permanent magnet.
Stainless steel crushing elements.
Pneu controller - chrome design, for 35 mm hole, for mounting in a plate or sink with a thickness of 1-30 mm.
Dimensions: 200 x 345 mm.

תנור פיצה G3 Ferrari G10006 אדום

€124.90 / 517.65 ₪
The Pizza Express Delizia conjures up a fresh, fragrant pizza in no time, just like an Italian.
The small pizza oven is lined with a 31.6 cm large, real pizza stone, as is also used in the classic, wood-fired stone ovens.
The Pizza Express Delizia reaches up to 390 ° C with its output of 1,200 watts.
The Pizza Express Delizia can not only be used as a pizza oven - it is also ideal for quickly preparing desserts, pastries, meat, toast, chestnuts, cookies, cakes or for baking bread rolls.
temperature min. 190 ° C - max. 390 ° C.
Input voltage 220 - 240 volts (50 Hz)
Dimensions Width: 335 mm x height: 200 mm x depth / length: 350 mm

מגירת חימום גורניה Gorenje WD1410BG

€533.39 / 2210.63 ₪
צבע: שחור
מספר המנות: מוגדר ל 6 אנשים או 20 כלים בקוטר 28 ס"מ או 80 כוסות קפה או 40 כוסות תה
שימור חום
הפשרת מזון
הגדרה ידנית של טמפרטורה וטיימר
מחזור אוורור אוויר
בקרה: בקרת מגע
הגדרת טמפרטורה: טמפרטורה משתנה
תחתית מגירה: זכוכית
נפח שמיש: 19.8 ליטר
טווח טמפרטורה : 40 - 80 ° C
טווח טיימר: 60 - 240 דקות
מידות (W × H × D): 59.5 × 14 × 56 ס"מ

טוחן אשפה למטבח In-Sink-Erator Evolution 200

€616.66 / 2555.75 ₪
In-Sink-Erator Evolution 200 מיכל פסולת מתכלה רציף (שלושה שלבי טחינה טכנולוגיה, מובנית מתג האוויר, 0.75 HP) 60% שקט יותר מאשר טוחנים סטנדרטים. שלושה שלבי טכנולוגיה Grind עבור פינר גרינד Auto-Reverse פעולה עבור חיי מוצר ארוכים יותר.

בוילר מים חצים InSinkErator NeoTank

€378.85 / 1570.14 ₪
This Genuine Insinkerator Tank is compatible with all Insinkerator Instant Hot Taps
Thermostat - Electronic adjustable from 88˚C to 98˚C
Supply pressure - 1-8 bar

Krups Cook4Me + CZ7101 סיר רב (בישול בלחץ עבור מהיר מנות טריות, 6 קיבולת ליטר, 1.600 וואט, כולל. בספר מתכון) לבן / אפור

€314.99 / 1305.48 ₪

The fast, intelligent multi-cooker: Easy cooking without standing out with 150 preprogrammed recipes and step-by-step instructions
Time savings thanks to efficient quick cooking function Cooking under pressure: More than 100 recipes in max. 10 minutes ready
Automatic warming function at the end of the cooking process for up to 1.5 hours, as well as delayed cooking start possible (up to 15 hours)
Quick and easy cleaning: Non-stick Garkorb is removable and dishwasher-safe
Scope of supply: Krups CZ7101 multi cooker Cook4Me (+), including steamer insert and removable power cable, user manual

מכונת וופלים FDK251 נירוסטה שחורה Krups

€39.94 / 165.53 ₪
500 גרם תערובת אפיית לחם עם קורנפלור ללא גלוטן, גרעינים וזרעי פשתה (ביו) הזרעים אורגנים לחם מיקס יש זמן המתנה קצר במיוחד של רק 15 דקות ואפילו מצליח ללא המתנה. אז אתה יכול בקלות לאפות לחם פריך, טרי ובריא.