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קסדה Abus Hyban 2.0

€57.99 / 206.54 ₪
The Hyban 2.0 combines a particularly robust hard shell with large ventilation openings, while its large main reflectors and several additional reflectors ensure a high level of visibility.
Together with the integrated, bright LED rear light, it makes the Hyban the perfect everyday helmet for the city.
robustly constructed helmet made of EPS and injected outer shell; High visibility: High visibility thanks to bright, powerful reflectors.

אוזניות, צבע: שחור קוסמי AfterShokz Aeropex

€169.95 / 605.31 ₪
aterproof headphones with exceptional audio quality, supported by PremiumPitch 2+ and, compared to the Air, less vibrations. State-of-the-art bone conduction technology with over 625 patents worldwide..
Open-ear design: nothing covers the ears, they stay free. This is safer when running, cycling and driving a car. Open ears also mean a more hygienic way of enjoying music while exercising.
mproved sound: The Aeropex sound transducers are inclined by 30 degrees towards the face, this brings more dynamic bass with softer vibrations and ensures an optimal fit on the cheekbones. The even frequency response curve enables a cleaner sound compared to conventional headphones.
veryday comfort: The lightest wireless headphones (only 26 g) from AfterShokz are comfortable to wear all day long. Thanks to the titanium-coated temples, they adapt to any head shape.
Beyond sports: 8 hours of listening time, 10 days of standby time, two noise-canceling microphones. 2 year guarantee. Aeropex are not only designed for sport, you can also use them to perceive your surroundings in everyday life.

מחבט טניס לא מתוח Babolat Pure Drive Lite

€169.95 / 605.31 ₪
Head size (cm²): 645
String pattern: 16/19
Length (mm) 685
strung: No

אופניים עירוניים Bergsteiger Citybike Amsterdam

€258.95 / 922.30 ₪
fashionable city bike for every day.
Shift: 1-speed.
Shopping basket on the handlebar.
Halogen lamp for extra bright front light.
LED taillight.

BoarderKING Indoorboard מהדורה מוגבלת Wakeboard סקייטבורד גלשן לוח איזון לוח טריקבורד

€119.99 / 427.37 ₪
Top performance: we always have a roll and floor protection mat. This not only protects your floor from scratches, but always offers the best rolling behaviour and protects against accidents as the board on the mat stops immediately and does not slip away.
TIME EFFICIENT TRAINING: Sometimes you don't have enough time to go to the gym or attend courses. With a balance board, you can save time, money and energy and keep fit at home.
Train like athletes: did you know that training with the balance board, also known as neuromuscular response training is beneficial for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts? It is useful for sports that require physical exercise.
Ecological and sustainable: BoarderKing protects the environment. Own 100% solar powered production in Germany. CNC technology for low cutting. 100% recycled plastic for our plastic rolls, 100% FSC certified cork from Portugal.
High quality: BoarderKing stands for high quality, functionality, comfort and sustainability.

נעלי חוץ רב תכליתיות גברים כחול/חרדל פלדה, גודל 46 LOWA INNOX EVO GTX LO

€119.99 / 427.37 ₪
Textile upper with microfiber.
MONOWRAP frame and soft stabilizer for best movement control.
Waterproof and breathable thanks to GORE-TEX.
Dynamic cushioning DynaPU midsole.
LOWA Enduro Evo outsole with sharp-edged rubber profiles for optimal grip on different surfaces.

משקפי שמש ספורט גברים נשים ללא שוליים Tr90 לריצת דיג בייסבול נהיגה MAXJULI MJ8001

€9.99 / 35.58 ₪
Color Name: Blue.
Polarised HD vision lens – not only protects against harmful UV rays, but also provides maximum shock resistance and prevents dirt from damaging you or your performance.
TR90 Unbreakable and Superlight Frame - TR90, a lightweight, durable polymer with extreme bending strength known for its dimensional stability. The highly elastic material gives the frame impact resistance, scratch resistance, durability and unbreakable.
ntering ergonomic design: these glasses are constructed with special design techniques, so that you stay comfortable and safe during outdoor activities. These classic and polarised sports sunglasses for men are designed to provide both men and women as an effect sports accessory, fashionable decoration and sunglasses for everyday use.

סקוטר מיני מיקרו ראמפ במגוון צבעים 81 ס"מ

€84.99 / 302.71 ₪
Size of the wheels 100 mm PU brake Light break Flooring Asphalt, skate park Handlebars One piece handlebar made of chromalite weight 3.7 kg Handlebar height 81.5 cm Handlebar width 51 cm Foldable no Item No. SA0190

קורקינט 81 ס"מ Micro Mobility

€83.99 / 299.15 ₪
Small, lightweight hour scooter from Micro Mobility.
The Micro Ramp Freestyle Scooter is suitable for beginners and has been developed in collaboration with stunt riders.
The light weight and wide T-bar make the Micro Ramp the ideal scooter for ambitious freestyle beginners.
The stunt scooter is very light and is perfect for kids who already have scooter experiences and want to learn tricks.

תיק עם גלגלים Nike BA5199

€59.21 / 210.89 ₪
Separate shoe compartment for more hygiene.
Material: 100% polyester.
Wet-dry separation.
Easy to clean thanks to the removable and waterproof bottom tray.
Dimensions: 82L x 38H x 35W, 120 l volume.

לוח איזון E-Skates (0 אינץ ', שחור / לבן) SEGWAY Drift W1

€129.00 / 459.46 ₪
Segway Drift W1 is your new and stylish way to move around and have fun.
Two separate e-skates offer you countless uses.
The rubber buffers, front and rear, protect you in the event of an impact.
Ambient light with three flashing modes. Lightweight and easy to carry.
Top speed: 12 km / h.
Suitable for ages 6 and up.
Up to 45 minutes of driving fun, Li-ion battery; 1.8 kg; 44.4Wh 37.5W; 3 hours charging time.
Dimensions: 291 x 162 x 121 mm (per skate).

מושב אופניים SQ-LAB

€149.95 / 534.08 ₪
The shape of the wave-shaped elevation of the ERGOWAVE, which extends forward from the rear, fits perfectly with the mostly bulbous ischial branches.
The grip material on the raised step offers additional support to the rear.
The lower, flat, slightly curved saddle nose also ensures less pressure on the sensitive areas of men and women.
Length: 280 mm.
Maximum load: 110 kg.

חבילת הביצועים הכוללת של Flex (משענת ראש + רגל)

€52.95 / 188.59 ₪
Total flex headrest with the help of the comfortable total Flex Head Support.
It is the perfect accessory for total Flex with the you over 50 different exercises.
Total flex leg support with thanks to the stable total Flex Leg Rest them stable it can transfer your body which leads to a higher training during training.
Box contents: 1 Total Flex Head post 1 Total Flex Leg Support.

קסדת ילדים לאופניים Uvex Unisex

€35.95 / 128.04 ₪
היקף ראש: 46.0 - 52.0 ס"מ

vidaXL גלשן 170 סנטימטר Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Wave Rider

€89.99 / 320.52 ₪
The main body of the surfboard is made of soft XPE, which allows great shock absorption and has a high density, which provides good buoyancy for beginners.
The lightweight EPS foam core increases the rigidity and strength of the entire surfboard.
The smooth bottom ensures that you slide smoothly on the water.
A set of three thruster fins made of sturdy plastic gives the surfer a lot of control over the wave.
A high quality ankle leash is included, which acts as a constant connection between surfboard and surfer so that it will not get lost in the water.
Material: XPE deck & PP bottom & EPS foam core.
Dimensions: 170 x 46.8 x 8 cm (L x W x D).

כרית תמיכה גב תחתון YJF-CJZ Premium

€46.50 / 165.62 ₪

Lumbar curve double back construction: shaped lumbar vertebrae according to ergonomic principles, the use of a circular surface construction so that the back feels the support, the pressure of the spine on the left and right Latissimus dorsi, relieves pressure on the spine. The raised edges are bent backwards.
Well-design: this lumbar support relieves back pressure and pressure and ensures that your spine stays aligned in your desk, chair, car, pickup, wheelchair or any other place you are staying on. It can work as a back brace at home or on the go.
COMFORTABLE FABRIC NET FOR MORE COMFORT: The sturdy ABS support base supports your back comfortably without stress, and like a mesh office chair, a breathable mesh fabric ensures your back stays cool and comfortable.
Ergonomic: the waist and back support system reduces and prevents back pain. The innovative double blade contour and orthopaedic design reduce back support, reduce fatigue and relieve pain by relieving pressure on the spine and improving posture. . This lumbar support transforms any office chair into an ergonomic table and chair.