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קסדה Abus Hyban 2.0

€57.99 / 241.15 ₪
The Hyban 2.0 combines a particularly robust hard shell with large ventilation openings, while its large main reflectors and several additional reflectors ensure a high level of visibility.
Together with the integrated, bright LED rear light, it makes the Hyban the perfect everyday helmet for the city.
robustly constructed helmet made of EPS and injected outer shell; High visibility: High visibility thanks to bright, powerful reflectors.

מדרסים Bama Alu Therm

€9.45 / 39.30 ₪

טרמפולינה בקוטר 270, צבע אפור ללא רשת BERG

€459.00 / 1908.75 ₪
With GoldSpring Solo springs, which ensure particularly high jumping comfort.
The thick PVC layer on top and bottom ensures a long service life of the protective edge.
The protective edge is coated with thick PVC at the top and bottom.

אופניים עירוניים Bergsteiger Citybike Amsterdam

€289.95 / 1205.76 ₪
fashionable city bike for every day.
Shift: 1-speed.
Shopping basket on the handlebar.
Halogen lamp for extra bright front light.
LED taillight.

קסדה לאופניים בצבע שחור Teen 500

€19.99 / 83.13 ₪
Adjusting wheel at the back of the head, adjustable straps, opening for a hair braid.
ABS shell, conforms to EN 1078 standard, full head protection.
12 air intakes.
Light weight.


€19.95 / 82.96 ₪
Helmet body made of hardened EPS foam for maximum break resistance.
Microshell shell for maximum protection and best durability.
Optimally adjustable with universal head size adapter and adjustable chin strap.
Removable, washable insoles.
Ideal for biking, skating and much more.

BoarderKING Indoorboard מהדורה מוגבלת Wakeboard סקייטבורד גלשן לוח איזון לוח טריקבורד

€119.99 / 498.98 ₪
Top performance: we always have a roll and floor protection mat. This not only protects your floor from scratches, but always offers the best rolling behaviour and protects against accidents as the board on the mat stops immediately and does not slip away.
TIME EFFICIENT TRAINING: Sometimes you don't have enough time to go to the gym or attend courses. With a balance board, you can save time, money and energy and keep fit at home.
Train like athletes: did you know that training with the balance board, also known as neuromuscular response training is beneficial for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts? It is useful for sports that require physical exercise.
Ecological and sustainable: BoarderKing protects the environment. Own 100% solar powered production in Germany. CNC technology for low cutting. 100% recycled plastic for our plastic rolls, 100% FSC certified cork from Portugal.
High quality: BoarderKing stands for high quality, functionality, comfort and sustainability.

בקבוק מים, אידיאלי לספורט, רכיבה על אופניים, ריצה, טיולים, 720 מ"ל, צבע: אפור מונקו Contigo Cortland Autoseal

€17.03 / 70.82 ₪
Reusable and leak-proof: sports bottle with Autoseal technology, leakage protection thanks to automatic closure after drinking; the button lock prevents accidental opening.
Drink at the touch of a button: simply press the button to drink, release to close, whether at work during sports or on the go; the cover protects the drinking opening from dirt and germs.
Robust and sustainable: BPA-free water bottle, lightweight and robust Tritan copolyester, durable sports water bottle, level markings to monitor daily fluid intake.
Easy to clean: all parts are dishwasher safe; the lid can be fully opened for cleaning, the bottle consists of only 2 parts, no removable or incorrectly mountable parts.
Ideal for on the go and at home: water bottle with clip to attach to bags or backpacks; fits in all cup holders; size 9.5 x 9.5 x 26.5 cm; capacity 720 ml.

Fox Racing 38 K FLOAT 29" Factory 160 Grip2 Tapered Boost

€1199.99 / 4990.16 ₪
160mm / 44 Offset / Boost

GLOBBER קורקינט Primo

€49.90 / 207.51 ₪ €59.90 / 249.09 ₪

פרטי מוצר:
מידות כוללות (אורך x רוחב x גובה): 56 x 27 x 67 - 77 ס"מ
מידות משטח מדרגה (אורך x רוחב): 53 x 12 ס"מ
גדלים של גלילים: 120 מ"מ ו-80 מ"מ
גלילי PU יצוק ריבאונד גבוה במיוחד
מיסב ABEC 5
T-bar אנודייז
קונספט עיצוב חדש נהדר
X-Cross Deck, שליטה יציבה מאוד ואופטימלית
משטח מחוזק בניילון
למידה קלה ובטוחה הודות לנעילת ההגה הניתנת להחלפה
סיפון תחתון מגביר את הנוחות והשליטה
ידיות ארגונומיות, עמידות ונוחות
כידון מתנתק ומתכוונן לגובה להתאמה מיטבית לילדך
שלדה עם מיסבים כדוריים לשליטה מיטבית בלם חיכוך אופטימלי עם הגנת חישורים
עומס מרבי: 50 ק"ג
גיל: מגיל 3 שנים

כפפות שוער, מידה: 8 Gripmode Aqua Hybrid

€74.90 / 311.47 ₪
Our professional goalkeeper gloves made from comfortable and breathable neoprene give you a secure feeling and first-class comfort.
Extended grip protection: the abrasion-resistant zone made of latex over the wrist protects the Griptec coating from abrasion and makes it easier for you to put on your goalkeeper gloves.
Silicone punching zone: thanks to the ergonomically adapted silicone punching zone of the adult and children's goalkeeper gloves, you won't feel them when worn normally, but always have the perfect control when fisting.

כפפות שוער8 Gripmode Goalkeeper/Goalie Gloves

€79.90 / 332.26 ₪
4mm Griptec Latex - Excellent covering with "extreme" grip properties in all weathers and still an extraordinarily long service life.
Ergonomically adapted silicone punching zone ensures controlled and cushioned fist defence.

נעלי סקי (אנטרציט/אדום), מידה: MP 26/26.5 Head Edge 100 HV

€267.98 / 1114.39 ₪
The HEAD Edge 100 HV is constructed with EZ Tech Shell, which ensures a lightweight and agile boot while ensuring efficient power transfer from the skier to the skis.
Another handy feature is EZ-Walk, which ensures that you can move comfortably without skis without having to deal with stiff shoes.
Width: 102 mm (size 26.5).
Weight: 2600 g (per shoe in size 26.5).

בקבוק שתיה חצי ליטר

€6.69 / 27.82 ₪ €8.99 / 37.38 ₪

מזרן ליוגה בצבע שחור, מידה 185 x 66 Kurma

€99.00 / 411.69 ₪
Cushioning, resistance and slip resistance in a balanced mixture.
Get the most out of your practice with a safe, non-slip mat designed for comfortable practice with maximum stability.

נעלי הליכה - גברים Lowa Zephyr GTX® Mid TF

€169.90 / 706.53 ₪
Perfect for all hikers looking for 100% waterproof and versatile hiking shoes.
The medium-high shaft protects the ankle and prevents injuries from twisting.
Outer material: suede (1.4-1.6 mm).
Sole: Lowa Cross.
Shaft height: 110/145 mm.

סקוטר מיני מיקרו ראמפ במגוון צבעים 81 ס"מ

€84.99 / 353.43 ₪
Size of the wheels 100 mm PU brake Light break Flooring Asphalt, skate park Handlebars One piece handlebar made of chromalite weight 3.7 kg Handlebar height 81.5 cm Handlebar width 51 cm Foldable no Item No. SA0190

קורקינט 81 ס"מ Micro Mobility

€83.99 / 349.27 ₪
Small, lightweight hour scooter from Micro Mobility.
The Micro Ramp Freestyle Scooter is suitable for beginners and has been developed in collaboration with stunt riders.
The light weight and wide T-bar make the Micro Ramp the ideal scooter for ambitious freestyle beginners.
The stunt scooter is very light and is perfect for kids who already have scooter experiences and want to learn tricks.

תיק עם גלגלים Nike BA5199

€66.21 / 275.33 ₪
Separate shoe compartment for more hygiene.
Material: 100% polyester.
Wet-dry separation.
Easy to clean thanks to the removable and waterproof bottom tray.
Dimensions: 82L x 38H x 35W, 120 l volume.

קרש איזון למתחילים של חברת וובל

€89.00 / 370.11 ₪
Extra stable in the version for wobbly little legs, extra light for arms that are not yet so strong.
A real, fully-fledged entry-level model for the little ones or those who still have difficulties balancing.
small but suitable for approx. 100 kilos.
light weight, easier for little kids to lift, twist and pull.
Suitable for all age groups because its design also serves as a skateboard replacement.
Age: 0 - 6 months, 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, 6 - 12 months.