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אביזרים לתינוקות


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כסא תינוק anex Quant (Swandoo) שחור

€169.00 / 601.93 ₪
Can be used from birth to approx. 7 months (40 to 85 cm).
Fastened in the car with a seat belt.
Removable memory foam insert offers 360 ° impact protection and an ergonomic lying position.
The integrated sun canopy UPF 50+ protects your baby from direct sunlight.
Adjustable headrest: Six positions that always adapt to your growing baby.
Adjustable handle in four positions: driving, carrying and swiveling, stroller position and fixed position.
Loadable up to max. 13 kg.

עגלת אנקס קומבי בצבע עינב

€689.00 / 2454.01 ₪
Combination of environmentally friendly materials and cutting-edge technology.
Straightforward to control, easy to maintain and comfortable for your child.
Suitable from birth to approx. 4 years.
Optimal height for the placement of the holder and the seat unit so that the child is always in the parents' field of vision.
Wear-resistant and elastic wheels made of solid polyurethane.
The stroller has an automatic protection system against accidental folding of the frame.
The brake system is activated and deactivated simply by pressing the pedal. Thanks to reliable brakes, your stroller won't move from position.
An anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibrations while the stroller is in motion and ensures a straight and smooth ride.
Removable bumper: This system allows easy adjustment of the bumper in the seat unit.
Durable basket: the basket can withstand heavy loads up to 5 kg.
Mattress with ventilation: soft and pleasant to the touch. Made from elastic air mesh fabric that maintains its shape depending on the child's position.
Dimensions frame (length x width x height): 73.5 x 50 x 31 cm.
Dimensions frame with baby bath (length x width x height): 110 x 60 x 123 cm.
Inner dimensions baby bath (length x width x height): 79 x 35 x 15 cm.
Dimensions frame with seat unit (length x width x height): 107 x 60 x 113 cm.
Internal dimensions of the seat unit (length x width x height): 95 x 34 x 33 cm.
Included: Compact aluminum frame, Baby bath and orthopedic coconut mattress,Sports seat Gelreifen, Rain cover, Mosquito net, Leg cover, Shopping basket, Changing backpack.

כיסא שירותים לפעוטות Bamny Potty

€31.99 / 113.94 ₪
Made of robust PP material, the handles offer good support to let the children safely get up and down, non-slip footrest, protection against stumbling of the child. With the help of this children toilet seat with stairs the cleaning can be accelerated though.
Suitable for children from 1 to 7 years. Bamny toilet ladder has a maximum load capacity of up to 75 kg.
Suitable for toilets of 38 - 42 cm. If the toilet is above this height, the toilet trainer with stairs will be oblique and not stable on the toilet

2 חבילות, צעצוע רך להרגעה, שמיכה, 100% כותנה אורגנית, 70X70 ס"מ BIBS Cuddle Cloth

€22.95 / 81.74 ₪
The BIBS Cuddle Cloth made from the softest organic muslin cotton can be used as a burp cloth, light summer blanket or changing mat cover - the possibilities are almost endless.
Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin.
Soft breathable fabric.
Designed in Denmark.

זוג מוצצים , גודל אחיד לגילאי לתינוקות עד גיל 3 Bibs

€14.80 / 52.71 ₪
The bibs de lux dummies have a natural, round pacifier head made of natural rubber.
The dummies' shield has a new design, but is still in lightweight PP and has a circular and outward-facing design with practical air holes, so that nuisances from the humid environment and vacuum against the baby's skin are avoided.
Designed to emulate the feel and shape of a mother’s breast.
100% free of BPA, PVC and phthalates.
Designed and Made in Denmark.

בד מוסלין אורגני והחתלה ''Leon Blue Whale Multi Mix'', חבילה של 4 LIEWOOD

€38.90 / 138.55 ₪
Made from the highest quality, premium staple organic cotton yarn.
Material: 100% organic cotton.
Size: 65 x 65 cm.

כיסוי מגבונים לחים ''חאקי'' LIEWOOD

€17.90 / 63.75 ₪
Mask your wet wipes packaging on the changing table or throughout your home.
Perfectly shaped with cute bear ears, it has a small opening at the top, ensuring easy dispense and keeping wipes moist.
Material: 100% silicone.
Size: 12 x 19 x 6,2 cm.

מחזיק מוצץ MUSHIE ''Blush''

€17.89 / 63.72 ₪
Carrying up to three pacifiers, this non-toxic and BPA-free silicone pacifier case is both practical and beautiful.
The "Cloudy Mauve" pacifier cover from can be attached to your diaper bag on the stroller or elsewhere, with a strap ensuring that you can attach the pacifier case anywhere and always have a pacifier on hand when you need it.
The pacifier cover is suitable for every pacifier brand.
Material: 100% non-toxic food grade silicone.
Dishwasher safe.

קליפ מוצץ MUSHIE ''Cleo Ash''

€17.40 / 61.97 ₪
The wooden beads are natural and eco friendly.
The clasp is also lead free and the nylon string is mold and mildew resistant.
Material: 100% non-toxic food grade silicone, natural wooden beads, lead free clasp and nylon string.
100% non toxic, odorless, BPA free, and lead free.
Length: 20cm.

NUK בייביפון 530D צג אודיו בקרת אודיו צג דיגיטלי לתינוק עם צג ללא קרינה בתדירות גבוהה במצב אקו

€59.50 / 211.92 ₪
Digital baby monitor with a modern design, up to 18 hours of operation, wireless operation of the portable parent unit and low battery warning.
Eco Mode: 100% free of high frequency radiation while baby is sleeping.
Full Eco Control: Connection and range control even in Eco Mode, alerts parents if they are out of range (up to 250 meters) or if the connection is disconnected.
Clear intercom function and reliable signal transmission thanks to digital FHSS technology, as well as adjustable noise sensitivity and optical sound level display.
Soft night light, various lullabies and soothing natural sounds, search function for the mobile parents' unit.

סט בקבוקי זכוכית טבעית פיליפס Avent SCD303 / 01

€42.94 / 152.94 ₪
Specially designed for easy combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
Natural drinking behaviour thanks to the breast-shaped teat with flexible spiral design.
Special anti-colic system reduces colic and discomfort.
Bottles made of durable glass for different temperatures.
Ergonomic bottle shape with few parts for easy handling, BPA free.
Box contents: 2x natural glass bottles 240 ml including natural teat 1 m+, 1x natural glass bottle 120 ml including natural teat 0m+, 1x dummy 0-6 m.

משטח פעילות לתינוק Skip Hop Playspot

€90.54 / 322.48 ₪
Material: 100% soft foam
Product length (in cm): 177.8
Product width (in cm): 142.4

מארז מושלם של סופי הגירפה Vulli דגם 516330

€25.99 / 92.57 ₪
100% natural rubber - painted with food coloring Made in France! Suitable for babies from birth Dimensions Sophie La Girafe: approx. 18 x 8 cm Teether dimensions: approx. 11 x 7 cm

בראון מדחום IRT 3030 Thermoscan

€31.90 / 113.62 ₪
Infrared ear thermometer that's suitable for the whole family Safe and comfortable probe Clinically tested for professional accuracy

בראון IRT 6020 ThermoScan 5 מד חום

€55.00 / 195.89 ₪ €59.99 / 213.67 ₪
Braun: No. 1 for Doctors Braun ThermoScan - the thermometer most commonly used and recommended by doctors. The ear thermometer from Braun with the highest accuracy due to the unique preheated probe tip within seconds. With new ergonomics, new design, new features Patented pre-warmed tip The patented pre-warmed tip of Brown IRT6020 ensures high precision and accurate measurement results. Highest accuracy Thanks to the pre-warmed tip disturbing external temperature influences are excluded. Thus, the measurement result reaches the highest level of accuracy and reliability. ExactTemp Positioning System The ExacTemp Positioning System confirmed by light display and an audible signal the correct positioning of Brown IRT6020, thus ensuring an accurate measurement result. Memory function An internal memory indicates the last measured measurement result. Caps for maximum accuracy and hygienic use The new, BPA and latex-free disposable caps ensure maximum accuracy and hygiene in the application. Cleaning or disinfection is not required. By changing the caps the risk of cross-contamination is excluded. The change is made easy using the ejection button. Display on the front Widescreen in to see the temperature during the measurement, your latest temperature readings, Auto power off after 60 seconds to extend battery life, display in Celsius (34 to 42.2 ° C) or Fahrenheit (93.2 to 108 ° F) Plastic cap The Kunsttoffkappe supplied protects Probe and Sensor of Brown IRT6020 during transport and storage.

בראון IRT 6520 Thermoscan 7

€45.94 / 163.62 ₪
Braun ThermoScan - the thermometer most commonly used and recommended by doctors.
Accurate inner ear measurement.
With Age Precision- color-coded display.
Illuminated display for measurements at night.

מסנני עדשה של Braun LF40 למדחום אוזני ThermoScan - מארז של 40

€6.95 / 24.75 ₪
40 disposable protective caps.
suitable for all Braun ThermoScan ear thermometers.
The protective caps ensure hygienic measurement and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
BPA and latex-free.