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סט 2 יחידות , חומר ניקוי למכונת קפה Melitta

€15.69 / 59.60 ₪
Easy to remove the and thoroughly milk outlet Gelage posts in the milk system
High strength formulation is particularly thoroughly and gently, you are guaranteed to a, hygienic cleaning
Bottle capacity: 250ml

מכונת קפה אלקטרונית עם מטחנה של חברת Baratza

€169.99 / 645.74 ₪
Grinder: 40mm conical grinder made of hardened steel
Bean container: approx. 225g capacity
grinding capacity: approx. 0.8 to 1.1g / s, depending from the degree of grinding; Grinding degree settings: 40 grinding degree steps. 16 x 12 x 35 cm

מגירת חימום, גובה נישה: 14 ס"מ, ללא ידית, נירוסטה Bosch BIC630NS1

€429.58 / 1631.85 ₪
Push-pull mechanism: easy to open and close thanks to the practical spring mechanism.
Cleaning convenience: easy-to-clean tempered glass heating plate.
Load up to 25 kg.
5 areas of application: letting yeast dough rise, defrosting food, keeping food warm, preheating dishes, slow cooking.
Cooking chamber volume: 20 l.
Device dimensions (mm): 140 x 594 x 548 mm.
Niche dimensions (H x W x D) (mm): 140 x 560 x 550 mm.

מכונת אספרסו אוטומטית מלאה מובנית 2.4l שחור, נירוסטה Bosch CTL636ES6

€1699.00 / 6453.99 ₪
SensoFlow System: The innovative heating system guarantees the maximum aroma thanks to an ideal and constant brewing temperature.
One-touch preparation: ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, caffe crema, cappuccino, latte macchiato, milk coffee with just one touch of a button.
Beverage temperature can be set individually: coffee temperature 3 levels, hot water temperature 4 levels.
Suitable for BRITA Intenza water filters: Reduces the limescale content of the water and reduces odor and taste-impairing substances.
TFT display with interactive menu navigation.
IndividualCup Volume: Cup sizes can be individually adjusted so that your cup is exactly as full as you want it to be.
Height-adjustable coffee spout and milk frother: Latte macchiato glasses up to 15 cm high fit underneath.
Removable water tank for easy filling (2.4 l volume).
SilentCeram Drive: Low-noise premium grinder made from wear-free ceramic.
Water pump with 19 bar pressure.
Discover the new way of controlling home appliances: with an app. With the Home Connect app, you can access the device from anywhere - at home via WLAN, when out and about via the cellular network.
Device height: 455D width: 594D depth: 375

בוש MUZ45RS1 - פומפייה / מגרסה גסה

€7.79 / 29.59 ₪
Intended for:Food processor

מכשיר להכנת גלידה ביתית איכותית של חברת בוש דגם MUZ5EB2

€64.73 / 245.89 ₪

A double-walled cooling tank
Max. 550 g ice per container and operation
Stirring tool with safety coupling
Holder for cooling container with handle edge
Splash protection lid with filling opening. spatula

מעבד מזון לייפסטייל אופטימום של חברת בוש דגם MUZ9VLP1

€69.21 / 262.91 ₪

Kitchen helper for delicious vegetarian dishes: three slices for fast rasping, grating and slicing a variety of ingredients
Surprisingly versatile: with an additional juicer for fresh juices and a cleaver for herbs, nuts and much more
Easy to assemble thanks to the color coding on the accessories and the matching device connection
The stainless steel panes are tasteless and easy to clean
Suitable for OptiMUM (MUM9)

אביזר פסטה BOSCH MUZ9PP1, אביזר למכונות מטבח בוש MUM9

€153.85 / 584.43 ₪
Professional pasta attachments for lasagne sheets and tagliatelle.
Easy to assemble thanks to color coding on the accessories.
Includes adapter for easy assembly.
Stainless steel pasta accessories.

תבנית לצליה Bosch HEZ390011

€99.36 / 377.44 ₪
Stainless steel roasting dish with glass lid.
Ideal for searing and braising meat, fish and vegetables on flex induction and combination zones.
Capacity: 6.5 litres.
Material: high-quality stainless steel, rust-proof and dishwasher-safe.
Item dimensions (without packaging) H x W x D (cm): 10.4 x 31 x 22.
Made in Germany.

מייבש כביסה בוש WTX87K80 [EEK: A ++] - 9 ק"ג, משאבת חום,

€1495.00 / 5679.06 ₪
ניקוי אוטומטי: לעולם אל תנקה שוב את פילטר המוך לדלת הודות להסרת המוך באופן אוטומטי ובכך ייבש לצמיתות וכלכלית.
Smart Dry: בוחר אוטומטית את תוכנית המייבש המתאימה בהתבסס על מחזור הכביסה האחרון.
Assist Iron: תוספת טיפול בקיטור להסרת קמטים מהכביסה המיובשת.
AutoDry: מייבש כביסה בצורה מדויקת ובעדינות למידת היובש הרצויה.
ComfortControl: סקירה ותפעול קלים בזכות ממשק המשתמש האינטואיטיבי.
תוף פנימי תאורה: נורית.
בקרת הורים.
דלת נדנדה, תלויה בצד ימין.
חיבור לבית: מכשירי חשמל ביתיים מחוברים מבוש לחיי יום יום קלים יותר.
מידות המכשיר (H x רוחב x D): 84.2 ס"מ x 59.8 ס"מ x 59.9 ס"מ.

מכונת כביסה פתח קדמי לבן Bosch WGG244M40

€739.89 / 2810.62 ₪
The stain automatic: reliably removes the four most common stains.
SpeedPerfect: perfect cleanliness with up to 65% time savings.
EcoSilence Drive™: a washing machine drive has to be this efficient and robust.
VarioTrommel: gentle and efficient washing thanks to the unique drum structure.
ActiveWater Plus: automatic load detection for precise regulation of water consumption for each wash load.
NEW Program duration Eco (min.): 224.
Laundry capacity (kg): 9.
Housing Properties: width (cm)59.8 height (cm)84.8 depth (cm)59.

מייבש כביסה בוש Bosch WTW87541

€673.99 / 2560.29 ₪
Nominal capacity for the standard cotton program at full load: 9 kg of cotton laundry.
Energy efficiency class: A++ on an energy efficiency class scale from A+++ to D.
Record-breakingly fast: dries 1 kg of laundry in less than 20 minutes.
SensitiveDrying System: even, gentle drying thanks to the unique drum structure.
ComfortControl: easy overview and operation thanks to the intuitive user interface.
AllergyPlus: specially developed for the needs of allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.
Dimensions Width: 598mm x Height: 842mm x Depth/Length: 599mm.

כלי מעבד מזון קטן שמתאים לכל סוכי המוטים של חברת בוש דגם MQ70

€53.77 / 204.26 ₪
The Braun kitchen machine attachment is suitable for all kinds of preparations, whether mixing, chopping, cutting, rasping or grating
Capacity:1.5 l

תנור אינטגרלי Gorenje BOP637E20XG pyrolysis

€679.00 / 2579.32 ₪
Built-In OvenOrganic Color Grill: 2700 WWhich has a grill, 1 shallow and 1 deep enamel baking trayThermware glass at the oven door with heat deflector over 65l Width 59.7 cm Height 59.7 cm Depth 56.5 cm Standard width 60 cm Standard height 60 cm

תנור אינטגרלי Gorenje BO637E30XG

€468.00 / 1777.79 ₪
Built-in OvenOrganic Color Grill: 2700 WWe have a grill, 1 shallow and 1 deep enamel pan Double glass on the oven door with heat deflector

תנור אינטגרלי Gorenje BO658A41XG

€678.95 / 2579.13 ₪
Built-in OvenOrganic Color Grill: 2700 WWe have a grill, 1 shallow and 1 deep enamel baking dishTrill glass at the oven door with a heat deflector

BuTure 4000 mAh 21.6 V סוללה חלופית עבור סוללת Dyson V8

€56.08 / 213.03 ₪
Replacement battery v8 absolute - For Dyson V8 battery lithium-ion, voltage 21.6 V, capacity 4000 mAh. No memory effect - it can be charged or discharged as required without loss of capacity.
Excellent V8 battery: Grade A cells ensure fast charges and low power consumption; built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.
Safe and stable battery: FCC, CE and RoHS certified, uses first-class quality cells, its functions correspond to those of the OEM battery, they are safe with fast charging technology and at the same time prevent overloading to increase the life of the battery.

מכונת קפה אוטומטית בלחיצת כפתור של חברת Caso

€380.85 / 1446.73 ₪
Space-saving thanks to its slim design
nnovative heating system: ready to start in no time
Easy to clean thanks to removable brewing unit
Extra quiet stainless steel conical grinder, freely adjustable
Pre-brewing function for perfect coffee aroma
Dimensions 37 x 18 x 33.5 cm

מקרר יישון בשר Caso DryAged Master 63

€899.00 / 3415.03 ₪
For storing, presenting and maturing high-quality meat.
Temperature electronically adjustable from 2 - 14 ° C (in 1 ° C steps).
Active fans for a very even temperature.
Intuitive operation through touch control panel.
Lockable with an integrated lock.
Switchable interior lighting.
Switchable, antibacterial UV light.
With built-in activated carbon filter.
Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 395x860x545.
Interior dimensions (WxHxD mm): 310x480x370.

מיקרוגל של חברת CASO דגם IMCG25

€299.99 / 1139.57 ₪
Brand Caso Model 3359 Product Dimensions 499 x 514 x 305 cm Item model number 3359 Energy Consumption 900 watts Capacity 25 litres Capacity Total 25 litres Installation Type freistehend Part Number 4038437033595 Special Features Mikrowellenfunktion, Grillfunktion, Heißluft-Funktion, Schnellstart, Automatikprogramme, Akustisches Signal Heating Method Grill Colour Schwarz/Silber Wattage 900 watts Batteries Included? No Batteries Required? No