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קסדה Abus Hyban 2.0

€57.99 / 206.54 ₪
The Hyban 2.0 combines a particularly robust hard shell with large ventilation openings, while its large main reflectors and several additional reflectors ensure a high level of visibility.
Together with the integrated, bright LED rear light, it makes the Hyban the perfect everyday helmet for the city.
robustly constructed helmet made of EPS and injected outer shell; High visibility: High visibility thanks to bright, powerful reflectors.

אוזניות, צבע: שחור קוסמי AfterShokz Aeropex

€169.95 / 605.31 ₪
aterproof headphones with exceptional audio quality, supported by PremiumPitch 2+ and, compared to the Air, less vibrations. State-of-the-art bone conduction technology with over 625 patents worldwide..
Open-ear design: nothing covers the ears, they stay free. This is safer when running, cycling and driving a car. Open ears also mean a more hygienic way of enjoying music while exercising.
mproved sound: The Aeropex sound transducers are inclined by 30 degrees towards the face, this brings more dynamic bass with softer vibrations and ensures an optimal fit on the cheekbones. The even frequency response curve enables a cleaner sound compared to conventional headphones.
veryday comfort: The lightest wireless headphones (only 26 g) from AfterShokz are comfortable to wear all day long. Thanks to the titanium-coated temples, they adapt to any head shape.
Beyond sports: 8 hours of listening time, 10 days of standby time, two noise-canceling microphones. 2 year guarantee. Aeropex are not only designed for sport, you can also use them to perceive your surroundings in everyday life.


€370.00 / 1317.83 ₪
The roof can be opened and closed effortlessly using a slide.
The ALU SMART adapts to any architectural style and at the same time provides a modern flair - with its elegant fabric edge.

מחבט טניס לא מתוח Babolat Pure Drive Lite

€169.95 / 605.31 ₪
Head size (cm²): 645
String pattern: 16/19
Length (mm) 685
strung: No

אפייה לכל אירוע - ספר

€49.85 / 177.55 ₪
מיקרוגל מובנה לנישה 38 ס"מ. מנגנון הפשרה לחיסכון בזמן וחימום מהיר לטמפרטורה מושלמת. AutoPilot 7: כל מנה מתחממת באופן מושלם על ידי 7 תוכניות אוטומטיות מוגדרות מראש. שמירה על משקל: פשוט לבחור תכנית ומשקל ורמת הטעינה האופטימלית מוגדר באופן אוטומטי. דלת צירים: תודת פתיחה נוחה לימין. שילוב של בצע נירוסטה ושחור.

ויברטור אצבע Belou

€37.90 / 134.99 ₪
This finger vibrator is a real all-rounder, because it targets all hotspots with its two different types of stimulation.
The tip, which consists of 4 fluttering petals, pampers you with fine, precise vibrations, while the bulbous lower part distributes its powerful vibrations over a large area thanks to the large contact surface.
The vibrations can be easily controlled in 7 varied modes and are hardly noticeable on the ring-bearing finger.
The finger vibrator is waterproof
And thanks to the key lock, it is also an ideal companion when traveling and on the go.
Rechargeable - including USB charging cable. Overall length 9.2 cm, Ø 3.8 cm. 41 g. Silicone, PU, ​​ABS.

אופניים עירוניים Bergsteiger Citybike Amsterdam

€258.95 / 922.30 ₪
fashionable city bike for every day.
Shift: 1-speed.
Shopping basket on the handlebar.
Halogen lamp for extra bright front light.
LED taillight.

סאפ Bestway 274 x 76 x 12 cm

€345.87 / 1231.89 ₪
Good hold: the drop stitch material makes the board extremely hard and tear-resistant, even with high internal pressure.
Convenient transport: the inflatable SUP (iSUP) is easy to transport thanks to the carry handle.
With fins: the stand-up paddle board is equipped with three incorporated fins and a non-slip coating.
Includes a paddle: the included paddle is made of three parts, the board can hold up to 95 kg.

BoarderKING Indoorboard מהדורה מוגבלת Wakeboard סקייטבורד גלשן לוח איזון לוח טריקבורד

€119.99 / 427.37 ₪
Top performance: we always have a roll and floor protection mat. This not only protects your floor from scratches, but always offers the best rolling behaviour and protects against accidents as the board on the mat stops immediately and does not slip away.
TIME EFFICIENT TRAINING: Sometimes you don't have enough time to go to the gym or attend courses. With a balance board, you can save time, money and energy and keep fit at home.
Train like athletes: did you know that training with the balance board, also known as neuromuscular response training is beneficial for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts? It is useful for sports that require physical exercise.
Ecological and sustainable: BoarderKing protects the environment. Own 100% solar powered production in Germany. CNC technology for low cutting. 100% recycled plastic for our plastic rolls, 100% FSC certified cork from Portugal.
High quality: BoarderKing stands for high quality, functionality, comfort and sustainability.

טירה קופצנית עם שילוב מפוח, טירה קופצנית עם מגלשה, מפוח אוויר חשמלי / משאבת אוויר / מאוורר

€219.99 / 783.54 ₪
Free play: with the flat ball pit and the built-in basketball hoop, children can play as they wish. The 30 included balls provide extra fun and promote motor skills as well as balance.
【Safe to use】The surrounding grid walls are designed to effectively protect children from accidental drops and ensure excellent ventilation.
【Durable material】The climbing area and the slides are made of high quality Oxford cloth, which has been processed with reliable sewing thread. The bouncy castle is manufactured to a high quality.
【Easy to assemble】The inflatable bouncy castle can be set up and taken down within just 2 minutes, perfect for use in the yard, park, lawn etc. Note: The air blowers are not included.
Child-friendly design: the bouncy castle is spacious enough to accommodate 3 children aged 3 to 10 years old who can play together as a team and have lots of fun in the creative play area.
Dimensions 300 x 280 x 210 cm.

תרמיל טרקים Deuter Aircontact Lite 65 + 10

€159.95 / 569.69 ₪
Suitable for: Hiking / travel / trekking
Perfect load transmission and optimally balanced, secure fit thanks to the Aircontact contact back system.
Slim, medium-weight ergonomic hip fins with zip pockets.
Back length adjustment thanks to adjustable strap height with the VariQuick system.
Separate bottom compartment with removable intermediate base.
volume: 65 + 10 L
Bags: 6 poches
material: 100% polyamide

מסקרה שחורה עמידה- קיקו מילאנו

€28.99 / 103.25 ₪
40pcs The varied condom mix creates intense moments for two and thanks to the cool storage box with the four colourful drawers, the condoms can be conveniently stored in matching colours. Included are the varieties Durex Feeling, Durex Feel Extra Moisture, Durex Pleasuremax and Durex Strawberry Aroma - this variety is guaranteed not to be boring! The preservatives are dermatologically tested and 100% electronically tested - for reliable protection / they are moistened and transparent (exception: Durex Strawberry Condoms Flavoured in Red). The condoms made of natural rubber latex have a reservoir and are characterised by an ideal fit and a pleasant smell. Nominal width: 56 mm, Length: 195 mm. Box contents: 1 x 30 "Love Collection" Condoms by Durex in Discreet Condom Box / Contraceptive in Various Varieties - Thin & Partly Extra Wet, Ribbed & Studded and Strawberry Aroma.

ספל נסיעות תרמי מארז עיצוב סטנדרטי של 1 x 360 מ"ל צבע: מנטה Emsa 513357

€14.49 / 51.61 ₪
100% leak-proof.
When keeping drinks warm it proves to be an absolute high achiever: Contents are still above 60 °C after four hours.
Opens at the press of a button and can be drunk from anywhere around the rim.

בסיס לשמשיה , ALU-SMART PARASOL

€79.00 / 281.37 ₪
Concrete base Z, 40 kg, Ø 60 × 8.5 cm.

עמוד תומך לבסיס שמשייה

€69.00 / 245.76 ₪
galvanized steel.
35/38-39 MM

טרמפולינת כושר עם מוט צהוב

€48.99 / 174.49 ₪
ידית נשלפת ומתכווננת לגובה (107 - 140 ס"מ).
יציבות גבוהה - שש רגליים עשויות ברזל עם רפידות גומי להחליק.
יותר אלסטיות - 48 קפיצי חבל גומי. < br /> שטיח עמיד ואלסטי מאוד עשוי מפוליפרופילן - חיי שירות ארוכים של המכשיר.

מזרון מים Intex 58856NP

€32.99 / 117.50 ₪
Mesures 74" x 39".
Contoured design for comfort.
2 Air chambers for added safety.