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מגדיל טווח AVM FRITZ! 1200 AX WLAN Repeater

€82.89 / 314.87 ₪
Powerful WiFi mesh repeater for long range and high throughput in WiFi.
Wi-Fi 6 (WLAN AX) up to 2,400 Mbit / s + 600 Mbit / s.
1x Gigabit LAN connection: Connected devices (computer, printer, audio-video player, etc.) receive WLAN functionality.
Multi-colored LED display.
Secure ex works with activated WPA2 encryption, WPA3 / 2 transition mode also available.
Supports the Internet protocol IPv6.
Compatible with all common WLAN routers.

AVM FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber (מודם סיב אופטי עם 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 (WLAN AX), עד 3 Gbps, יציאת LAN 2.5 Gigabit)

€184.95 / 702.57 ₪
Router with integrated fiber optic modem.
Fully equipped in the scope of delivery for the connections of national, regional and local network operators (fiber optic standards AON and GPON).
Wi-Fi 6 with 2,400 Mbit / s (5 GHz) and 600 Mbit / s (2.4 GHz) for stable gigabit speeds with a large number of end devices.
Mesh master function: FRITZ! Box combines distributed WLAN access points (e.g. FRITZ! Repeater) into a dynamic, intelligent WLAN network.
VoIP telephone system with versatile comfort functions for all telephones (analog, DECT and IP telephones), DECT base for up to six cordless telephones, e.g. B. all FRITZ! Fon models.
2x Gigabit LAN connections, 1x 2.5 Gigabit LAN connection, SFP cage for a FRITZ! SFP module.
4 easy steps to a successful installation!.

נגן סטרימינג עם הגברה משולבת Bluesound Powernode N330 HD

€899.00 / 3415.03 ₪
ה- POWERNODE הוא מגבר סטרימינג משולב עוצמתי במיוחד המשולב ברשת LAN או WLAN הקיימת בבית וכך יכול לנגן מוזיקה משירותי הזרמה מקוונים רבים ותחנות רדיו אינטרנטיות, כמו גם מאוספי מוזיקה דיגיטליים משלך.
מוסיקה מולטירום. מתאם סטרימינג עם מגבר 2x80W.
פלטפורמת מגבר HybridDigitalTM.
מעבד ARM CORTEX A53 מרובע ליבות 1.8 GHz.
ממיר D/A 32 ביט/384 קילוהרץ.
חיבור HDMI eARC.
קלט דיגיטלי ואנלוגי אופטי.
פלט סטריאו אנלוגי.
הזרמת מוסיקה אלחוטית מרובת קומות BluOSTM.
הפעלת MQA (בחדות גבוהה, הזרמת שמע באיכות אולפן).
מידות: רוחב: 220 מ"מ, גובה: 46 מ"מ, עומק: 146 מ"מ

נגן סטרימינג עם הגברה משולבת בצבע לבן Bluesound Powernode N330 HD

€838.00 / 3183.31 ₪
ה- POWERNODE הוא מגבר סטרימינג משולב עוצמתי במיוחד המשולב ברשת LAN או WLAN הקיימת בבית וכך יכול לנגן מוזיקה משירותי הזרמה מקוונים רבים ותחנות רדיו אינטרנטיות, כמו גם מאוספי מוזיקה דיגיטליים משלך.
מוסיקה מולטירום. מתאם סטרימינג עם מגבר 2x80W.
פלטפורמת מגבר HybridDigitalTM.
מעבד ARM CORTEX A53 מרובע ליבות 1.8 GHz.
ממיר D/A 32 ביט/384 קילוהרץ.
חיבור HDMI eARC.
קלט דיגיטלי ואנלוגי אופטי.
פלט סטריאו אנלוגי.
הזרמת מוסיקה אלחוטית מרובת קומות BluOSTM.
הפעלת MQA (בחדות גבוהה, הזרמת שמע באיכות אולפן).
מידות: רוחב: 220 מ"מ, גובה: 46 מ"מ, עומק: 146 מ"מ

מקרן קול Bose Smart Soundbar 900

€759.64 / 2885.64 ₪
The latest Bose Soundbar: the Bose sound bar with voice control for the most stunning sound. Thanks to two special upward emitting dipole speakers and Bose technologies, the sound seems to come from anywhere, even from above.
Dolby Atmos Soundbar: The wireless Bluetooth soundbar gives sound an extra spatial dimension. Bose TrueSpace room sound processing analyses and converts signals for a room-filling listening experience into Dolby, Stereo and more.
ELEGANT DESIGN: From materials to design to the surfaces and controls, every detail has been designed by Bose with dedication and enthusiasm, so the Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker looks as great as it sounds.
Built-in Voice Assistant】Noise cancelling microphone system captures your commands on Alexa and Google Assistant even with loud music. To protect your privacy, you can disable the microphones with the microphone off button.
SOUND BAR WITH VOICE CONTROL - Exclusive Bose Voice4Video technology uniquely enhances voice control functions. You can control not only the Dolby Atmos soundbar, but also the TV and cable receiver by voice.

אוזניות ספורט True Wireless שחורות BOSE

€152.94 / 580.97 ₪
Simple touch controls.
Secure fit and maximum wearing comfort.
Sweat and weather resistant material.
Up to 5 hours per charge.
Bose Music app.

רמקול התקנה לתקרה Canton InWall 845 LCR

€242.72 / 922.02 ₪
Nominal / music load capacity: 70/140 watts.
Efficiency (1 watt / 1m): 89 db.
Transmission range: 42 ... 40,000 Hz, crossover frequency: 2,800 Hz.
Woofer: 135 mm, aluminum, tweeter: 25 mm, aluminum.
Tweeter level adjustment, swiveling tweeter.
Gold-plated terminal contacts.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 40 x 19 x 7 cm, installation cut-out: 36 x 15 cm, installation depth: 7 cm.

מסך מקרן ESMART Professional MIMOTO

€324.98 / 1234.50 ₪
Display area (W x H): 332 x 187 cm (150 inches), housing dimensions (W x D x H): 366 x 9 x 9 cm | image format: 16:9 | gain factor: 1.0 (ideal for LCD and DLP projectors) | viewing angle: >140°.
eSmart MIMOTO motor screens from the MIMOTO series impress with their excellent image quality, attractive design and easy operation. MIMOTO screens are suitable for use in private environments for films and games as well as for use in professional areas for presentations and slide lectures. Using the included mounting material and the German instructions (English language not guaranteed), the assembly is also quick and easy.
The matt white, diffuse canvas provides a high-contrast and colour-intensive image and is optimised for the use of projection systems such as LED, LCD and DLP projectors, as well as overhead and slide projectors. Thanks to the GAIN factor of 1.0, the projected light is evenly distributed in all directions, allowing a wide viewing angle and a high viewing comfort without loss of brightness when viewed at the side.
eSmart screens have a black border that increases the contrast impression and facilitates image adjustment. The back of the canvas fabric is black and opaque, which means the projected light image remains bright and colour-intensive on the front and excluding double images.
eSmart MIMOTO motor screens have a particularly quiet motor that moves the canvas quickly and almost inaudible. The control is carried out via a wall control and via the included programmable radio remote control even through walls. The black drop can be extended up to 50 cm and often eliminates the need for hanging the entire canva

Decksaver DSPCRPTURNTABLE לפטיפון Reloop / RP8000 RP7000

€46.50 / 176.64 ₪
suitable for the Reloop RP7000/8000 (MK1 & MK2).
Protects against dust, dirt, liquids and shocks.
Made of polycarbonate.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 41,80 x 29,00 x 3,6 cm.

ממיר DELOCK 64104

€37.90 / 143.97 ₪
This converter by Delock can be connected to a PC or notebook via a USB Type-A interface. Thus a 2.5 ″ or 3.5 ″ SATA HDD or SSD with a 22 pin SATA interface can be operated.
for 2.5 and 3.5 SATA HDDs / SSDs.
supports SATA 1.5 Gb / s, SATA 3 Gb / s and SATA 6 Gb / s.
Data transfer rate up to 6 Gb / s.
Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 72 x 29 x 14 mm

מגבר DENON AVC-X3800H

€1699.00 / 6453.99 ₪
Nine-channel amplifier with 11.4 pre-out and four subwoofers individually calibrated.
Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced.
HEOS Multiroom, Internet radio, AirPlay 2 and two-way Bluetooth.
Audyssey MultEQ XT32 digital room correction + option on Dirac Live.
6 x HDMI 2.1/8K, eARC, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, Dynamic HDR, HLG and more.
8K, Alexa, DTS HD, Dolby Atmos, DTS x, Google Assistant, Heos By Denon, Siri.
audio decoding: Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X, DTS Neural:X, DTS-HD Master.
width (cm) 43.4, height (cm) 16.7, depth (cm) 38.9.

מגבר סטריאו משולב של דנון PMA-1600NE

€1249.00 / 4744.58 ₪
Output power of 2 × 140 W (4 ohms).
Amplifier with extended ultra high current MOS single push pull circuit with Schottky diodes.
DAC master clock design.
USB-B port on the back.
Elaborate isolation circuit to suppress high-frequency interference from the computer via the USB-B input and the digital inputs.
FL display for indication of source and sampling rate.
Analog mode, in which all digital circuits and the display are switched off for optimal sound enjoyment.
Advanced AL32 Processing Plus.
Direct Mechanical Ground.
Housing properties: Width (cm)43.4 Height (cm)13.5 Depth (cm)41

נקודות גישה אלחוטית Devolo Magic 1 WiFi

€125.98 / 478.56 ₪
Uncomplicated and unobtrusive: With its compact design, the smallest Magic adapter stays discreetly in the background - and puts its powerful performance in the foreground.
Smart mesh networking: For a stable, nationwide connection with up to 1200 Mbit/s via Powerline.
Stable over the power line: innovative mesh WiFi and proven powerline technology bring you seamlessly to the internet with the strongest connection.
Plug & Play: Simply plug it into the socket – the adapters connect themselves to each other in a matter of seconds and are immediately ready for use.
Connects quickly: 1 LAN Ethernet port (10/100 Mbit/s).
Smart & simple: the adapter can be controlled via the devolo Home Network app.
Efficient Work: Uses all three wires in the power grid for high performance and stability.
Secure encryption at the push of a button: 128-bit AES for the powerline connection.
Practical additional functions: child safety, guest WLAN, time control and config sync are integrated.

רכזת למוצרים חכמים DIRIGERA

€64.98 / 246.84 ₪
The DIRIGERA Hub is the heart of your smart home because it allows you to connect and control your smart products via the IKEA Home smart app.
With the hub you can easily expand your smart home over time as we are constantly expanding our range of smart products. It's best to start with the rooms you spend most of your time in and start with smart lighting.
A WLAN network is required for the DIRIGERA Hub; it can be connected to the router with the supplied cable.

מקרן Full HD, 3000 לומן, ניגודיות 70,000:1, תלת מימד, זום 1.6x

€1070.00 / 4064.61 ₪
4K PRO-UHD1 Home Cinema.
Easy setup, frame interpolation.
Audio connection via Bluetooth.
3D depth control, 4K reinforcement, frame interpolation, horizontal and vertical keystone correction, quick corner, wireless LAN capable.
3LCD technology, RGB liquid crystal closure.
USB 2. 0 Type A (2x), USB 2. 0 Type Mini-B, HDMI Input (2x), Stereo Mini Jack Output, Bluetooth.
24 months carry-in, lamp: 36 months or 3. 000 h.

שעון ספורט חכם Garmin Epix Gen 2

€681.90 / 2590.33 ₪
Extensive health features allow you to better understand your body.
No matter where you go, all notifications always get to you.
Whatever your plans, this smartwatch makes you better in every activity with more than 60 sports and outdoor apps.
High-precision route recording through multi-frequency reception of global satellite systems.
Always on the right track with international topo maps, as well as pre-installed golf and ski maps directly on your wearable.
With a battery life of up to 16 days in smartwatch mode, adventures don't have to end.
The stunning 1.3″ AMOLED display with always-on mode brings your smartwatch to life – even in bright sunlight.
Monitor your blood oxygen saturation with the Pulse Ox Sensor and see how your blood oxygen saturation changes with altitude or when you sleep.
our smartwatch regularly measures your heart rate and alerts you if it's too high or too low during a rest period.

עוזר קולי בצבע לבן Google Home

€64.99 / 246.88 ₪
Never get up again and switch on the radio or television, no longer have to turn on the computer for important information from the network, keep track of appointments without going to the calendar: with Google Home in white / slate you have a practical assistant for your home to disposal.
Voice-controlled loudspeaker with Google Assistant.
Supported audio formats: HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), FLAC.
WLAN 802.11b / g / n / ac (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) for streaming in the highest quality.
High excursion loudspeakers with 2-inch drivers and dual 2-inch passive radiators ensure rich hi-fi sound.
Supported operating systems: Android 4.2 or higher, iOS 9.1 or higher.

רמקול מרכזי תלת כיווני, שחור KEF R2C

€798.00 / 3031.36 ₪
3-way system closed.
Frequency response 74 - 28000 Hz.
Impedance 8 ohms.
Sensitivity 87dB (2.83V / m).
Dimensions (HxWxD): 175x 550x 285mm.

רַמקוֹל Klipsch RP-4000F Black

€319.00 / 1211.79 ₪
1 "Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Tractrix Horn.
Dual 4 "Spun Copper Cerametallic Woofers.
Bass reflex via rear-firing Tractrix port.
Dual binding posts for bi-wire / bi-amp.
Strong, Flexible Removable Magnetic Grille.
DIMENSIONS 188.5 x 867 x 305.6mm.

סאב וופר R-100 SW, שחור Klipsch

€290.00 / 1101.62 ₪
10 "Front-Firing Spun-Copper IMG Woofer.
All-digital amplifier with 300 watts peak power.
Volume, Low Pass Crossover and Phase Control.
Line Level / LFE RCA Inputs for Maximum Receiver Compatibility.
Black Textured Wood Grain Vinyl.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 31.6 x 36.8 x 41.7 cm.