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WMF 10-Piece Silit Alicante Induction Cooking Pot Set with Glass Lid, Polished Stainless Steel, Induction Pot Set, Uncoated

€340.36 / 1378.83 ₪
Box contents: 3 x casserole pots with lid 16 cm (V 1.9 l), 20 cm (V 3.3 l), 24 cm (V 5.7 l), 2 x stewing pans with lid 16 cm (V 1.4 l), 20 cm (V 2.5 l), 1 x saucepan without lid 16 cm (V 1.4 l), 1 x steamer insert 20 cm, 2 x frying pans 24 cm, 28 cm. Item number: 2109304623.
Material: Rust-free stainless steel 18/10 – dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, ovenproof, neutral taste and acid-resistant. Heat-resistant up to 250°C (or 180°C with lid).
The pans without measuring scales can be used on all standard hob types: Induction hob, gas hob, electric hob, glass ceramic hob. Thanks to the optimal heat distribution, nothing is burned.
The handles of the stainless steel cooking pot provide a secure grip and do not get hot during cooking. The glass lid allows you to observe the cooking process.
The base construction ensures even and long heat retention. This means you can save energy and time while cooking.

1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism (360 lenses) Johnson & Johnson Yearly package

€228.00 / 923.65 ₪
30 lenses per package * 12 packages = 360 lenses

5x Bosch/Siemens Maintenance Kit for Glass Ceramic Hobs, Cleaner, Cloth and Metal Scrapers

€76.00 / 307.88 ₪
Optimal for the cleaning and maintenance of glass ceramic, induction hobs and stainless steel gas wells.
1x250ml glass ceramic cleaner.
Original part number 00311502.

Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia

€39.90 / 161.64 ₪
6 lenses. Two-week lenses.

Air Optix for Astigmatism, Pack of 3 lenses

€25.80 / 104.52 ₪
(3 lenses)

Base Curve Radius 8.7

Diameter: 14.5 Millimeter

Air Optix for Astigmatism, Pack of 6 lenses

€42.80 / 173.39 ₪
(6 lenses)

Base Curve Radius 8.7

Diameter: 14.5 Millimeter

ALKOTE Multi Mix Seasonal Food for Koi Carp, Floating Pellets for Summer Months, Complete Feed, 13.5 KG,Length: 6mm

€82.95 / 336.04 ₪
In summer: Floating main food for Koi over 25 cm at a water temperature of over 12 degrees
Adapted to the special nutritional needs in summer - raw material composition with spirulina, paprika and wheat germ
Low proportion of raw ash and high raw material quality: Easily digestible, low water pollution, intensification of the color scheme

AL-KO-TE, 3-season feed for Kois, spring to autumn, floating pellets, staple food professional mix Length: 6 mm

€61.99 / 251.13 ₪
For spring, summer and autumn: Floating main food for Koi over 25 cm at a water temperature over 8 degrees After hibernation or to build up energy reserves in autumn: With high-quality wheat germ, spirulina, fish meal and beta-gluance Low proportion of raw ash and high quality of raw materials: Easily digestible, low water pollution, promotion of healthy growth, improvement of condition Feeding recommendation: As much as fish in 5 min. take up Length: 6 mm 13,5 kg

AQA drink MPC400 Premium filter

€189.00 / 765.66 ₪
Water filter to optimize your drinking water plus limescale protection and the best hygiene.
Mineralizes your water with valuable magnesium - pure pleasure.
An integrated ultrafiltration membrane ensures hygienic safety in sensitive areas.
Removes odor and taste impairing substances such as chlorine.
Optimizes the aroma of hot and cold drinks.
The BWT AQA drink filter saves you the hassle of lugging, stowing and disposing of single-use plastic bottles.
Only suitable for BWT AQA drink water dispensers.

Aquarium Soil Powder 1-2 mm aquarium substrate 9 liters

€41.50 / 168.12 ₪
Aquarium Soil Powder is a fine-grained aquarium soil.
It is enriched with all the necessary nutrients and can be used as a substrate without any further additives.
Aquarium Soil Powder ensures good and active growth of the aquarium plants right from the start and has a particularly beneficial effect on the development of reddish nuances in the plants.
The product is a complete substrate that can be used without other substrate products.
Aquarium Soil Powder slightly lowers the pH and water hardness.

Aquarium Soil Tropica aquarium substrate 9 liters

€39.57 / 160.30 ₪
Aquarium Soil ensures good and active growth right from the start.
It has a particularly beneficial effect on the development of reddish nuances in the plants.
Tropica Soil is a complete substrate that can be used without any other substrate products.
Soil slightly lowers the pH value and contains important trace elements.

Bausch & Lomb PureVision 2 HD for Astigmatism (6 pcs.)

€31.99 / 129.59 ₪
Monthly contact lenses

Bayer Bolfo collar for dogs

€16.03 / 64.94 ₪
The waterproof vermin collar protects dogs from infestation by ticks and fleas. The powder-based active ingredient used in it lets fleas and lice come out of their loopholes, exposing them to the insecticide. It is continuously released from the band and is distributed through the skin fat all over the body. Fleas and ticks that try to nest on the dog are thus safely killed. The vermin collar is effective against fleas for about 5 months and against ticks for about 10 weeks. With its 65 cm length it fits almost every dog, because it can be shortened as desired and has an adjustable automatic closure. Also works against other parasites such as mites, hair lice and lice

BEKO Fridge Freezer Water Filter Genuine Part Number 4874960100

€46.69 / 189.15 ₪
Replacement water filter fits various Beko fridge freezers.

Bissell 1144N Hard Floor Cleaner Detergent for all hard floor cleaning appliances, 1 x 1 liter

€19.96 / 80.86 ₪

Suitable for use in equipment for hard floor cleaning, eg. B. Bissell HydroClean ProHeat Complete
This hard-floor cleaner removes stubborn dirt and stains, leaving it naturally shiny
Tested in the laboratory: suitable for use on hard floors, including linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tile
2-fold concentrated hard floor cleaning machine; Equivalent to 2 liters
Tested under laboratory conditions and classified as safe for use on hard floor surfaces, including linoleum, vinyl & ceramic tile

Bissell 1788L Wood Floor Cleaner for Spinwave / Crosswave and other hard floor cleaning equipment, also suitable for sealed wooden floors, 1 x 1 L

€19.99 / 80.98 ₪

Brings back the natural glow of your wood floor
Refreshes your floors with lemon fragrance
Suitable for use on sealed hardwood floors
Pet and family friendly
Suitable for your BISSELL Spinwave and Crosswave as well all other hard floor cleaning equipment

Bissell 1789L multi-surface cleaner for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro, Spinwave and other multi-surface cleaning devices, 1x 1 litre.

€20.99 / 85.03 ₪
Cleaning agent suitable for hard floors, carpeted floors and carpets. Suitable for all multi-surface cleaning tools, including Crosswave and Spinwave. Cleans hard floors streak-free and leaves no dull residue. Removes dirt quickly and easily. Fresh spring scent.