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Beurer EM 59 Heat Digital TENS/EMS Device, 4-in-1 Stimulation Current Device for Pain Therapy, Muscle Stimulation, Massage and Heat Therapy, Including 4 Electrodes and Battery

Pain therapy: The EM 59 Heat relieves pain by means of Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS); it works directly on the painful area without any medication or side effects.
Electric Muscle Stimulation: The electrical stimulation device also has an EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) function, which can be used to tighten your muscles or regenerate of individual muscle groups.
Massage: You can also use the EM 59 for massage and muscle tension. A total of 64 pre-programmed applications are available in the areas of EMS/TENS/massage. Self-programming (EMS and TENS): Frequency, pulse width, On/Off time programmable.
Heat pad: The heat function of the electrodes also relaxes your body and can be used individually or in parallel with a TENS program.
Safe use: The medical product provides you a “Doctor's Function” with customisable programs for ideal coordination on your personal therapy program.
Manufacturer: Beurer
Weight: 0.75 kg(s)
€78.13 / 315.72 ₪