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AL-KO-TE Profi Mix 3-Season Spring to Autumn, Floating Pellets, (1er Pack), Length: 6 mm.

For spring, summer and autumn: floating main food for koi over 25 cm at a water temperature above 8 degrees.
After winter rest or for building energy reserves in autumn: with high-quality wheat germs, spirulina, fish meal and beta gluance.
Low raw ash content and high raw material quality: easily digestible, low water pollution, promotes healthy growth, improves condition.
Feeding recommendation: as much as fish in 5 minutes. recording.
Box contents: 1 x 9 kg bag AL-KO-TE, 3 season food, professional mix, for koi and pond fish, 6 mm.
Вес: 9,90 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
€68,99 / 285,13 ₪
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