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Dontodent Brush sticks, 150 pieces

€2,09 / 8,59 ₪
Massages the gums.
Cleans the spaces between the teeth.
The metal-free brushes adapt to the spaces between the teeth and the rounded tip protects your gums from injuries.

Dontodent Dental floss sticks with case, 40 pcs

€0,92 / 3,78 ₪
With duo function - dental floss & tooth stick in one.
Ideal removal of food residues.
Intensive cleaning of the interdental spaces.

Dontodent Interdental brushes pink 0.4 mm ISO 2, 32 pcs

€1,90 / 7,81 ₪
Intensive deep tooth cleaning of narrow interdental spaces.
Prevents tooth decay with regular use.
Also suitable for cleaning bridges and brackets.
Extra fine 2-3 mm.
Flexible grip and safe handling.

Dontodent Mouthwash Gum Intensive Care, 500 ml

€0,89 / 3,66 ₪
Nourishes and strengthens the gums.
Protects against tooth decay.
Extra fresh breath.