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מולטי ויטמינים

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Abbey A-Z Complete Depot Complete Long-term Multivitamins

€5,99 / 24,62 ₪
Supports your vitality and well-being.
With 25 vital substances: Vitamins + minerals + trace elements.
1 tablet per day.
With Depot effect, in which the vital substances are released from a depot over several hours, making them available to the body in small portions.

Altapharma AZ Depot from 50 years multivitamin + mineral with 21 vitamins

€4,35 / 17,88 ₪
Just one tablet of altapharma AZ from 50 depot supplies your body with 22 vital substances.
Calcium and vitamin D3 are important for maintaining normal bones. Vitamin A and zinc support normal vision. Selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E help protect cell components from damage caused by free radicals.