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Bedsure Orthopedic Large Dog Cushion with Memory Foam Ergonomic Design, Washable Non-Slip Dog Bed, Size: 104x74x10cm XL

An orthopedic dog pillow made of memory foam specifically relieves the spine and joints.
Memory foam inside is surrounded by a water and dirt repellent, separate layer.
So that the washable dog pillow does not slip so quickly, the base is equipped with anti-slip knobs.
Thanks to the sturdy zipper, the cover can be easily removed and removed.

Вес: 3,12 pdfproductcatalog.weight.kgs
€80,99 / 327,28 ₪
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Blanco Fontas II single lever mixer, with filter system, with pull-out spray, chrome

€539,47 / 2180,00 ₪
Combination of drinking water dispenser and classic kitchen faucet.
Separate routing and outlets for filtered and unfiltered water.
Filtered water flow rate: approx. 1.9 liters per minute.
Classic tap water via the right control lever.
Swivel range: 180 °.
Durable chrome finish, easy to clean.

Filter cartridge with filter head.
Five-stage filtering process: removes the smallest particles from the water, preserves all important minerals.
Capacity maximum 12 months or approx. 1800 liters at 12 ° dKH (German carbon hardness).

Flow meter flowmeter.
Shows how many liters of water can still be cleaned and descaled.
For optimal utilization of the filter performance.
Acoustic signal when the filter is about to be changed.
The bracket is installed inside the kitchen base unit.

Elitech STC-1000pro Thermostat Temperature Control Sockets 220 V with Sensor Probe for Greenhouses Reptile Terrarium [Energy Class A++]

€45,99 / 185,85 ₪
Can be connected to refrigerator and heating devices simultaneously.
Easy to use: no wiring, easy to use, plug the socket and you're ready to go.
Large LCD display: with large and clear LED dual display for better readability.
2 m long temperature sensor for your home brewing, pet breeding and other different needs.

KESSER Infrared Heater, Patio Heater with 3 Adjustable Temperature levels

€112,70 / 455,42 ₪
Height adjustment from approx. 110-175cm.
sturdy tripod (extendable and easy to use).
temperature adjustable in 3 levels (800W, 1600W, 2500W).
Remote control.