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Bedsure Orthopedic Large Dog Cushion with Memory Foam Ergonomic Design, Washable Non-Slip Dog Bed, Size: 104x74x10cm XL

€80,99 / 332,89 ₪
An orthopedic dog pillow made of memory foam specifically relieves the spine and joints.
Memory foam inside is surrounded by a water and dirt repellent, separate layer.
So that the washable dog pillow does not slip so quickly, the base is equipped with anti-slip knobs.
Thanks to the sturdy zipper, the cover can be easily removed and removed.

Beef Scalp (light golden)

€10,75 / 44,19 ₪
100% Beef.
Without artificial additives.
Gluten- and lactose-free.
Long Lasting.

Beef Scalp (medium)

€9,29 / 38,18 ₪
100% Beef.
Without artificial additives.
Gluten- and lactose-free.

Beef Scalp (ultra hard 30cm)

€8,59 / 35,31 ₪
100% Beef.
Without artificial additives.
Gluten- and lactose-free.

Beef Scalp with Fur

€7,35 / 30,21 ₪
100% Beef.
Without artificial additives.
Gluten- and lactose-free.
High in fibre.

Bull pizzle ends dog snack, 5 x 500 g

€27,98 / 115,01 ₪
The bull pizzle ends are used for dental care . Since this product is the end pieces of the bull pizzle, these pieces are also suitable for small and medium-sized breeds. They are ideal as training snacks and represent a natural alternative to heavily processed industrial snacks.

Caniland calf pizzle long (Canibit), 2 x 5 pieces

€47,99 / 197,25 ₪
Long-lasting chewing snack, 100% calf pizzle, gentle air drying, low fat content, tasty & ideal for dental care, 100% natural product, without artificial additives

Caniland rabbit paws with fur 2 x 500g

€16,99 / 69,83 ₪
100% rabbit paws with fur: ideal as a natural snack between meals.
Particularly low in fat: suitable as a supplement to a balanced and species-appropriate diet.

Cattle ears, 3 x 650g

€35,49 / 145,87 ₪

Cattle Scalp Approximately 25 cm – 30 cm – 1000g

€13,74 / 56,48 ₪
30 cm pieces without fur, golden brown, low odour.
Gently dried and very convenient.

Dibea DB0036 Dog Bed, Size Name: (M) 106 x 62 x 15 cm

€23,95 / 98,44 ₪
Comfortable and airy summer lounger for dogs, cats and other pets.
Strong, durable Textilene fabric.
Easy to clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry.
Easy self assembly.
106 x 62 x 15 cm.

Dibo Premium beef maw, 10 x 250g

€29,99 / 123,27 ₪
Gently dried beef trachea, low in fat and also suitable for food-sensitive dogs - premium quality from Germany, natural, without any additives

Dog toy, lion in a Sitting position

€8,98 / 36,91 ₪
Height: approx. 24 cm

Drybed non-slip NEW - plain dark brown, Gr. XL - 100x160cm

€19,56 / 80,40 ₪
Fur structure made of polyester fibers.
machine washable up to 60 ° C.
Gr. XL - 100 x 160 cm - with two selvages of approx. 5 cm each.