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Hoka Mix Dog's powder

€27,00 / 111,90 ₪

Hoka Mix Skin & Shine

€24,99 / 103,57 ₪
For skin and coat problems Omega fatty acids are a good health essential, because the body can be they don't make it yourself. Omega fatty acids have to be provided with the food and mostly included (complete) food for dogs is not enough of these fatty acids. In addition, these generally suitable lost during production and the conditions of fatty acids from falling into the appropriate feeds are not ideally balanced.

Hunter salmon oil 2*500 ml

€25,99 / 107,72 ₪
Dietary supplement for cats and dogs 100% pure natural product from fresh salmon from Norway Rich in omega-3 & 6 fatty acids: important for balanced nutrition & health, helping build healthy skin and shiny coat 500 ml 2 Bottles

HYDRA STREAM 2 additional filter

€49,90 / 206,81 ₪
Additional flow filter for aquariums up to 600 ls with revolutionary HYDRO-PURE filtration.

JA Chew strips with beef, 5x200g

€6,89 / 28,56 ₪
delicious meat snack for your dog.
no added sugar, no colorings.
with vitamins A, D3 & E.
with biotin, copper and zinc.

JA Chewing strips with poultry, 5x200g

€6,89 / 28,56 ₪
delicious meat snack for your dog.
no added sugar, no colorings.
with vitamins A, D3 & E.
with biotin, copper and zinc.

JBL EasyTest 6 in 1 25339 Test strips for a quick test of aquarium water

€14,37 / 59,56 ₪
Test strips for 6 important water values ​​in 1 minute: Orientation quick test for aquarium, pond, well, spring and tap water Easy to use: move the test strip for 2-3 seconds in the water. Remove the test strip. Horizontal dripping of water. Comparison after one minute: test strip with color scale on packaging Determination of the following values: chlorine, acidity (pH), total hardness (GH), toxic nitrogen compound (NO2), algae cause (NO3) and pH stability (KH) of the water

JBL Water Tests and Refills for Aquarium, Pond and Tap Water, Magnesium (Mg)

€21,80 / 90,35 ₪
For perfect aquarium plant growth: determining the optimal magnesium value for fertilisation control for freshwater aquariums.
Laboratory compressor system to compensate for water colour colouring: fill glass cuvettes with sample water, add reagents in a cuvette, place cuvettes in holders, read values on colour chart.
Magnesium deficiency leads to stagnant growth and bright leaf colour. Remediation with magnesium-containing fertiliser: JBL Ferropol, JBL ProScape Mg Macroelements.

LED DayLight Sunrise – Colourful and Natural Daylight 31258

€39,01 / 161,68 ₪
820 mm / 1.067 lm / 22 W, 6,000 to 8000 Kelvin

Leeko Dog shoes, pack of 4

€17,99 / 74,56 ₪
paw protection dog boots with non-slip sole, reflective strap, Velcro fastener, dog snow boots, paw protection

Luposan Gelenkkraft concentrate (pellets) (2700g)

€98,99 / 410,26 ₪
30% shellfish extract (from Perna canaliculus)
high percentage of GAG (glycosaminoglycan)
protection and strengthening of joints, cartilage, connective tissue, ligaments & tendons
promotes cartilage formation & buildup of joint lubrication
more resilience and motivation in training, pregnancy & growth

Luposan Lupoderm Skin & Hair Treatment - 1000 ml

€37,49 / 155,38 ₪
skin and hair treatment for animals

Luposan Zeckweg 1200 g

€38,94 / 161,39 ₪
Protects against fleas and ticks

Lyra Pet 5 kg Small fish

€48,58 / 201,34 ₪

Lyra Pet - pig skins 5 x 10 pcs

€88,83 / 368,16 ₪

Lyra Pet 1 kg, rabbit ears

€18,61 / 77,13 ₪