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alverde NATURAL COSMETICS Foot butter organic lime organic echinacea, 200 ml

€3.69 / 15.34 ₪
Pampered stressed feet
Unpleasant feelings of dryness and tension are reduced

alverde NATURAL COSMET Hairspray organic lotus blossom, organic violet rice, 150 mlICS

€2.08 / 8.65 ₪
Gives your hair shine, volume and a lively structure
Organic lotus flower, organic violet rice

alverde NATURAL COSMETICS 5in1 foot cream, 0.075 l

€2.95 / 12.27 ₪
5in1: Can prevent 1. Blisters, 2. Calluses, 3. Calluses, 4. Cracks and 5. Odor formation.
The rich formula forms a protective layer that reduces friction and can protect against blisters, calluses and excessive calluses.

alverde NATURAL COSMETICS Q10 night cream, 50 ml

€3.48 / 14.47 ₪
Improves elasticity
Regeneration overnight

alverde NATURAL COSMETICS Sensitive face cream, 50 ml

€3.69 / 15.34 ₪
particularly suitable for the face, natural cosmetics, no aluminum salts, no dyes, no preservatives, no nanoparticles, no parabens, no paraffins / mineral oils, pH skin neutral, sensitive care, vegan

alverde NATURAL COSMETICS Sensitive Wild rose eye cream, 15 ml

€3.69 / 15.34 ₪
With rosehip seed oil from controlled organic cultivation
Developed specifically for the skin area around the eyes

alverde NATURAL COSMETICS Vital + day cream, 50 ml

€4.54 / 18.88 ₪
Helps to strengthen the skin's own protective functions
Firms the skin structure and improves elasticity

Balea Eye Cream Invigorating, 15 ml

€3.15 / 13.10 ₪
With 10% aloe vera and hydro complex.
For fresh luminosity for puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
With UV protection system.
Perfume free.

Balea Serum Beauty Hyaluron, 30 ml

€4.95 / 20.58 ₪
Instant smoothing and firming.
Noticeable reduction of wrinkles.
Recipe without microplastics and without water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.

Balea Day Cream Aqua Moisturizing Cream Gel, 50 ml

€2.09 / 8.69 ₪
Detectable intense moisture for 24 hours
With blue algae extract and thermal water
For radiant freshness
Dehydrated skin

Balea Day Cream Tinted Complexion Perfection Magic Complexion, 50 ml

€6.37 / 26.49 ₪
Soft make-up effect
Skin tone-matching micro-capsules & MYRAMAZE
SPF 10

Balea Natural Beauty 2in1 hair butter curls, 300 ml

€2.55 / 10.60 ₪
For curly and frizzy hair.
With organic macadamia oil and shea butter.
98% ingredients of natural origin.

Balea Night Cream Rich, 50 ml

€1.99 / 8.28 ₪
The Balea Rich Night Cream helps to soothe your skin and supports its nightly regeneration process.

Balea Night cream VITAL +, 50 ml

€3.95 / 16.43 ₪
For mature skin. Contains Calcium and vitamin B3. 50 ml

Balea Q10 Anti Wrinkle Energy 24h Care, 50 ml

€3.16 / 13.14 ₪
With natural Q10 and vitamins C & E.
Vitamin C & E strengthen the skin's protective shield.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
Formulation without microplastics and without water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.

Balea Q10 Anti-Falten Serum, 30 ml

€2.09 / 8.69 ₪
Verifiable wrinkle depth reduction after just 2 weeks.
With natural Q10 and vitamins C & E.
For a firmer complexion.
Formulation without microplastics and without water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.

Balea Q10 anti-wrinkle day cream, 50 ml

€2.09 / 8.69 ₪
With natural Q10, omega complex & vitamin E.
Formulation without microplastics and without water-soluble, purely synthetic polymers.
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
SPF 15.

Balea Serum Niacinamide, 30ml

€4.95 / 20.58 ₪
With 10% niacinamide and 1% zinc.
Refines the skin textur.
For a smooth and even complexion.

Balea VITAL Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream SPF 15, 50 ml

€2.09 / 8.69 ₪
Verifiably reduces the depth of wrinkles
Tension & elasticity
With argan oil and Elastonyl
SPF 15
Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

Balea Vital+ day cream, 50 ml

€3.95 / 16.43 ₪
Increase in skin firmness.
With calcium & vitamin complex.
Recipe without microplastics and without purely water-soluble synthetic polymers.