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1 Day Acuvue (30 lenses) Johnson & Johnson

€19.05 / 65.18 ₪
30 lenses.

1 Day Acuvue Moist Yearly package (720 lenses) Johnson & Johnson

€386.00 / 1320.74 ₪
30 lenses per package * 24 packages = 360 lenses

1 Day Acuvue Moist (30 lenses) Johnson & Johnson

€19.05 / 65.18 ₪
30 lenses.

1 Day Acuvue Moist (90 lenses) Johnson & Johnson

€39.99 / 136.83 ₪
90 lenses.

1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism (360 lenses) Johnson & Johnson Yearly package

€228.00 / 780.12 ₪
30 lenses per package * 12 packages = 360 lenses

1 Day Acuvue Moist half a Year package (360 lenses) Johnson & Johnson

€204.00 / 698.01 ₪
30 lenses per package * 12 packages = 360 lenses

1 Day Acuvue TruEye (90 lenses) Johnson & Johnson

€55.67 / 190.48 ₪
90 lenses.

Alcon Dailies Total 1 (90 pcs.)

€59.99 / 205.26 ₪
A new era of comfort in contact lenses: Dailies Total1 The daily disposable Dailies Total 1 are trend-setting in the development of contact lenses. The revolutionary technology combines the silicone hydrogel material with high oxygen permeability and classic hydrogel material with increased water content, resulting in even better comfort. This pack contains 90 lenses. Comfort and healthy eyes without redness Dailies Total 1 are the first and only contact lenses with variable water content. The core is made of silicone hydrogel with the water content 33%, through this material, the high oxygen permeability is ensured. The surface of the contact lens which comes into contact with the soft and delicate ocular tissue is therefore made from the classic hydrogel of high water content. The combination of these parameters provides comfort and thus comfort throughout the day. The healthiest method of carrying Dailies Total 1 is one of the daily lenses. Every day you unpack the new pair and after use this pair is simply thrown away. It is the most comfortable way of wearing contact lenses, because the entire care of the lenses is eliminated. It is also the most sterile and thus risk-free variant.

API 5 in 1 Tester for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquariums

€12.80 / 43.80 ₪
Harmful in contact with skin Harmful if swallowed Causes severe skin burns and eye damage May be corrosive to metals Causes serious eye damage Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Causes serious eye irritation Harmful if inhaled

atrea excellence 1 day spheric (90 lenses)

€55.67 / 190.48 ₪
designation atrea excellence 1 day spheric
brand Atrea
wearing time daily lenses
lens type Spherical Lenses
water content 54%
oxygen permeability 100 Dk/t (at -3.0 dpt)
lens diameter 14.2mm
base curve 8.4
lens material Stenfilcon A
Handling Tint Yes
UV protection Yes
Time of use after opening 1 day

Bissell 1144N Hard Floor Cleaner Detergent for all hard floor cleaning appliances, 1 x 1 liter

€19.96 / 68.30 ₪

Suitable for use in equipment for hard floor cleaning, eg. B. Bissell HydroClean ProHeat Complete
This hard-floor cleaner removes stubborn dirt and stains, leaving it naturally shiny
Tested in the laboratory: suitable for use on hard floors, including linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tile
2-fold concentrated hard floor cleaning machine; Equivalent to 2 liters
Tested under laboratory conditions and classified as safe for use on hard floor surfaces, including linoleum, vinyl & ceramic tile

Bissell 1788L Wood Floor Cleaner for Spinwave / Crosswave and other hard floor cleaning equipment, also suitable for sealed wooden floors, 1 x 1 L

€19.99 / 68.40 ₪

Brings back the natural glow of your wood floor
Refreshes your floors with lemon fragrance
Suitable for use on sealed hardwood floors
Pet and family friendly
Suitable for your BISSELL Spinwave and Crosswave as well all other hard floor cleaning equipment

Bissell 1789L multi-surface cleaner for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro, Spinwave and other multi-surface cleaning devices, 1x 1 litre.

€20.99 / 71.82 ₪
Cleaning agent suitable for hard floors, carpeted floors and carpets. Suitable for all multi-surface cleaning tools, including Crosswave and Spinwave. Cleans hard floors streak-free and leaves no dull residue. Removes dirt quickly and easily. Fresh spring scent.

BISSELL 2225N Crosswave Pet Pro 3-in-1

€239.00 / 817.76 ₪
Suck and wash floors in one step; Crosswave Pet Pro includes special pet detergent that removes animal odors.
Especially for cleaning pet mishaps: Crosswave Pet Pro features multi-surface brush roll, 1 liter multi-purpose cleaner for pets, cleaning dish and pet hair filter for easy cleaning Floor Cleaner, for hard floors & carpets, sucks & washes floors simultaneously, 1.44 l, 560W Model Number 2225N Colour Titanium und Bosonova Blau Item Weight 5.2 Kg Product Dimensions 23 x 30 x 116.8 cm Capacity 1.44 litres Power / Wattage 560 watts

Bissell 2550 Multi-Surface Pet Cleaner with Febreze Fragrance, Specially Designed for Pet Dirt, for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro and Spinwave, 1 x 1 L

€17.98 / 61.52 ₪

Concentrated Cleaner for Your Crosswave Pet Pro, Crosswave or Spinwave Removes embedded dirt, mud, paw prints and other pet dirt; leaves no streaks; Brings fresh scent to your home
Removes Febreze-freshening odors: The contained molecules capture and bind volatile hydrocarbons, eliminating odors and refreshing the entire room during cleaning
Multi-surface cleaners for Hardwood Floors, Tiles, Laminate and Carpets (Rugs only in combination with Crosswave or Crosswave Pet Pro - Spinwave is only for hard floors)
BISSELL Pet Multi-Surface Cleaner contains no heavy metals, phosphates or coloring ingredients and is safe to use in your family or pet household as well as for the environment

BOSCH SIEMENS 00311926 Washing machine cleaner, 200g

€13.65 / 46.70 ₪
Content: 200 g, sufficient for one application. Repeat every three months.
Ensures a clean, hygienic interior of the washing machine, which can improve washing results.
Suitable for removing residues such as detergent from the device.