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WMF 10-Piece Silit Alicante Induction Cooking Pot Set with Glass Lid, Polished Stainless Steel, Induction Pot Set, Uncoated

€255.65 / 1074.88 ₪
Box contents: 3 x casserole pots with lid 16 cm (V 1.9 l), 20 cm (V 3.3 l), 24 cm (V 5.7 l), 2 x stewing pans with lid 16 cm (V 1.4 l), 20 cm (V 2.5 l), 1 x saucepan without lid 16 cm (V 1.4 l), 1 x steamer insert 20 cm, 2 x frying pans 24 cm, 28 cm. Item number: 2109304623.
Material: Rust-free stainless steel 18/10 – dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, ovenproof, neutral taste and acid-resistant. Heat-resistant up to 250°C (or 180°C with lid).
The pans without measuring scales can be used on all standard hob types: Induction hob, gas hob, electric hob, glass ceramic hob. Thanks to the optimal heat distribution, nothing is burned.
The handles of the stainless steel cooking pot provide a secure grip and do not get hot during cooking. The glass lid allows you to observe the cooking process.
The base construction ensures even and long heat retention. This means you can save energy and time while cooking.

Amefa Baguette Cutlery Set for 6 People, 24 Pieces, Polished Stainless Steel and Rustproof, Dishwasher Safe

€61.76 / 259.67 ₪
24-piece cutlery: the cutlery set includes 6 dinner forks, table spoons, table knives and coffee spoons. An ideal basic equipment or addition to the kitchen.
High-quality dinner cutlery for 6 people: high-quality cutlery made of 18/10 stainless steel. The knives are serrated for easy and fatigue-free cutting. High-quality packaging: the cutlery set comes in a cutlery tray for safe and gentle storage.

Bomann TSG 7404 table dishwasher, 55cm wide, 6 place settings, start time preselection, LED control display, white

€259.00 / 1088.97 ₪
The compact housing offers space for plenty of cutlery, plates, cups and glasses, designed for 6 place settings.
Low water and power consumption for energy-saving rinsing.
Practical: indicator for lack of rinse aid, overflow protection, delayed start of the respective rinse programs.
5 washing programs: intensive rinsing, universal rinsing, ECO (economy sinks), 90 min. Rinsing, pre-rinse.
6 place settings.
Cleaning temperatures 40°C - 70°C.
Stainless steel inner door.
Device: 43.8 x 55.0 x 50.0 cm (HxWxD).

Bosch 668270 Dishwasher Accessories/Dish Racks/Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Constructa Cutlery Basket for Dishwasher GV200

€25.41 / 106.84 ₪
Basket has 2 lids for the division, these can be folded away or dismantled.

Bosch Dishwasher Cutlery basket with handle and cover

€19.95 / 83.88 ₪
Flexible basket with separate cutlery compartments.
Approximate dimensions: 25 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm.
8 compartments with different heights.

Bosch SBV6ZCX49E fully integrated dishwasher

€849.00 / 3569.62 ₪
PerfectDry with zeolite technology: perfect drying results with less energy consumption - even for plastic dishes that are difficult to dry.
Max Flex baskets: flexible and convenient loading of your dishwasher, with easy-running castors.
Silence Plus: remarkably quiet at 42dB.
Home Connect: Connected home appliances from Bosch for an easier everyday life.
Extra Clean Zone: extra thorough cleaning for heavily soiled dishes in the upper basket.
Number of rinsing programs: 8.
Niche width (cm): 60 Niche height (cm): 86.5 min.niche height (cm): 86.5 max.niche height (cm): 92.5 Niche depth (.

Bosch SMD6TCX00E fully integrated dishwasher, 60cm wide, 14 place settings, Aqua Stop, cutlery drawer, PerfectDry

€1178.90 / 4956.69 ₪
PerfectDry: the patented zeolite technology of the dishwasher combines perfect drying results with low energy consumption. Even hard to dry plastic dishes are completely dry.
Silence Plus: the exceptionally quiet dishwasher (44 decibels).
AquaStop protection against water damage.
EcoSilence Drive Quiet and Efficient Motor.
Flex baskets: flexible and practical solution for a comfortable load.
Made in Germany.
Item dimensions (without packaging) H x W x D (cm): 81.5 x 59.8 x 55 Recess dimensions H x W x D (cm): 81.5-87.5 x 60 x 55.

Bosch SMS6ECI03E Series 6 dishwasher

€849.89 / 3573.36 ₪

BOSCH SMV24AX00E dishwasher (fully integrated, 598 mm wide, 52 dB (A), A +)

€453.90 / 1908.42 ₪
Type: built-in unit
Annual energy consumption: 290 kWh
year Annual water consumption: 3300 liters year
Dimensions niche size, minimum: 600 mm / 815 mm / 550 mm
Nominal capacity standard covers: 12 height
adjustable upper basket: no
Programs: Eco, Intensive, Fast, Pre-wash

BOSCH SMV25AX00E Dishwasher (fully integrated, 598 mm wide, 48 dB (A), A +)

€437.19 / 1838.17 ₪
Type: built-in unit Annual energy consumption: 290 kWh
year Annual water consumption: 3300 liters year
Dimensions niche size, minimum: 600 mm / 815 mm / 550 mm
Nominal capacity standard covers: 12 height
adjustable upper basket: Yes
Programs: Intensive 70 ° C, Auto 45-65 ° C, Eco 50 ° C, 1h 65 ° C, pre-rinse

Bosch SMV6ZCX00E fully integrated dishwasher, 60cm wide, 14 place settings, PerfectDry, Silence Plus, Home Connect

€779.95 / 3279.30 ₪
PerfectDry with zeolite technology: perfect drying results with less energy consumption - even for plastic dishes that are difficult to dry.
Flex baskets: flexible and practical solution for comfortable loading.
Silence Plus: remarkably quiet at 44dB.
Home Connect: Connected home appliances from Bosch to make everyday life easier.
Favorites program: Your personalized settings at the touch of a button.
The AquaStop system consists of a special double-walled inlet hose, a safety valve and a floor pan with a float switch and offers 100% protection against water damage.
A red point of light on the floor tells you whether your fully integrated dishwasher is still running or has already finished.
Capacity: 14 place settings.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 81.5 cm x 59.8 cm x 55.0 cm.
built-in properties: Niche width (cm)60 Niche Height (cm)81.5 min. niche height (cm)81.5 max. niche height (cm)87.5

Bosch SMV6ZCX49E fully integrated dishwasher, 60 cm wide, 14 place settings, TimeLight, AquaStop, glass protection

€762.90 / 3207.61 ₪
TimeLight: Program status and remaining time clearly displayed as high-resolution symbols on the floor.
Glass protection: for the gentle treatment of glasses and delicate dishes.
ntensivZone: optimally cleans pots and pans thanks to strong spray pressure and increased rinsing temperature.
Automatic programmes: best washing results automatically.
Save water and electricity with fewer dishes thanks to the load sensor.
Vario drawer - flexibility on the third loading level.
Capacity: 14 place settings.
Home Connect-capable via WiFi.
Device dimensions (H x W x D): 81.5 cm x 59.8 cm x 55.0 cm.

Bosch SPS6ZMW35E series | 6, dishwasher (white, Home Connect)

€848.99 / 3569.58 ₪
PerfectDry dishwasher for best drying results with flexible and practical loading solutions
Glass protection technology treats sensitive glasses particularly gently.
VarioSchublade Pro - maximum flexibility in the third loading level.
Automatic programs automatically ensure the best washing results.
3-way Rackmatic: Even with a fully loaded upper basket, the height can be adjusted in 3 steps up to 5 cm.
Wash programs 8
Remaining time display
Home Connectivity (control via smartphone or tablet possible)
Net item dimensions Width: 45 cm Height: 84.5 cm Depth: 60 cm

Cookware Set Gourmet Plus 6 Dishwasher Safe

€399.00 / 1677.60 ₪
Contents: 2x saucepan with lid, Ø 16 cm (V 1,4l), 20 cm (V 2,5l), 3x meatpot with lid Ø 16 cm (V 1,9l), 20 cm (V 3,9l), 24 cm (V 5,7l), 1x saucepan without cover Ø 16 cm (V 1,4l) - article number: 0720066030 Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 frosted - dishwasher safe, easy to clean, suitable for baking ovens and acid-proof. Heat resistant up to 250 ° C or 180 ° C with lid. Made in Germany Suitable for all heat sources - also for induction. TransTherm-Allherdboden: Floor construction with even heat distribution and long heat storage for energy-saving cooking Interior scaling - facilitates the metering of the filling quantities. Wide pouring rim for drip-free pouring. Hollow handles to reduce heat transfer from the pot to the handles The metal lid rests on the pot and can be quickly pushed aside if necessary. The steam vent prevents the formation of vacuum, uncontrolled steam discharge and splash water on the stove

Finish Dishwasher tabs Quantum , 64 pcs

€9.99 / 42.00 ₪
Three chambers for clean dishes.
Powder against dried-in, gel against grease soiling & liquid Powerball for shine.
With glass protection, silver protection and integrated rinse and salt function.

Gaggenau CA 060300 cooking sensor

€163.80 / 688.70 ₪

Gaggenau DA041160, Vario drawer for Pro baskets

€151.00 / 634.88 ₪
Additional third loading level above the upper basket.
Suitable for larger pieces of cutlery, cooking utensils and espresso cups.
Capacity of all three loading levels is 13 place settings.

Gaggenau DA043000, glass basket

€41.24 / 173.39 ₪
Offers safe positioning for up to four long-stemmed glasses during the washing process and ensures an optimal cleaning result.
For placement in the lower basket.
Dimensions: ( length × width × height ):22.30 × 22.30 × 26.40 cm.

Gaggenau DF481100F Series 400 dishwasher 60 cm

€2610.00 / 10973.74 ₪
Optimum protection for sensitive glasses thanks to low-temperature drying with zeolite, well thought-out basket design and intelligent water softening.
8 programs with Aquasensor and 4 options, including Power for cleaning and drying in 57 minutes and Intensive for particularly thorough cleaning in the lower basket.
Flexible basket system with smooth-running pull-outs on all levels and cushioned retraction for the upper and lower basket.
Perfectly lit interior.
Push-to-open function for perfect integration with handle-less furniture fronts.
TFT display showing the remaining time or the end time, the need to refill salt and rinse aid, and the water supply indicator.
8 washing programs.
Mass weight: height 86.5 cm broad 59.8cm depth 55 cm

Gorenje GS541D10W standing dishwasher, 45 cm wide, 11 place settings, start time preselection, click-clack system, white

€449.99 / 1891.98 ₪
The special soundproofing of Gorenje dishwashers ensures almost silent operation.
Gorenje dishwashers are equipped with a height-adjustable middle basket. If necessary, it is easier than ever to adjust the baskets, as the height adjustment mechanism is located on both sides of the basket, which makes handling much easier.
Thanks to the click-clack system, there is more space for more crockery of different sizes..
With the 3 in 1 function, the dishwasher is able to automatically recognize the type of detergent used (tabs, powder or gel).
5 programs: automatic programs; intensive program; ECO savings program; glasses program; 1 hour program.
11 place settings.
Device dimensions (W x H x D): 44.8 × 84.5 × 60 cm.