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Bissell 1144N Hard Floor Cleaner Detergent for all hard floor cleaning appliances, 1 x 1 liter

€19.96 / 71.63 ₪

Suitable for use in equipment for hard floor cleaning, eg. B. Bissell HydroClean ProHeat Complete
This hard-floor cleaner removes stubborn dirt and stains, leaving it naturally shiny
Tested in the laboratory: suitable for use on hard floors, including linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tile
2-fold concentrated hard floor cleaning machine; Equivalent to 2 liters
Tested under laboratory conditions and classified as safe for use on hard floor surfaces, including linoleum, vinyl & ceramic tile

Bissell 1558N SpotClean Professional Carpet and Cushion Stain Cleaner, Portable

€164.99 / 592.10 ₪
High-performance emergency stain cleaner – Quick and easy it all those stubborn stains, spills and removes dirt Runner Rug – , upholstery, cars and much more.
Powerful performance with 750 W to quickly and effortlessly remove.
Tanks With Large Capacity, Easy to fill and to empty – Practical handle and low container ensures quick refill and easy emptying.
To reach the built-in 1.5 m hose allows you to on any, and support the at any time, whenever & wherever Spotc lean Pro you can.
Easy storage – the lightweight, compact design allows use in small cabinets.

Bissell 1788L Wood Floor Cleaner for Spinwave / Crosswave and other hard floor cleaning equipment, also suitable for sealed wooden floors, 1 x 1 L

€19.99 / 71.74 ₪

Brings back the natural glow of your wood floor
Refreshes your floors with lemon fragrance
Suitable for use on sealed hardwood floors
Pet and family friendly
Suitable for your BISSELL Spinwave and Crosswave as well all other hard floor cleaning equipment

Bissell 1789L multi-surface cleaner for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro, Spinwave and other multi-surface cleaning devices, 1x 1 litre.

€20.99 / 75.33 ₪
Cleaning agent suitable for hard floors, carpeted floors and carpets. Suitable for all multi-surface cleaning tools, including Crosswave and Spinwave. Cleans hard floors streak-free and leaves no dull residue. Removes dirt quickly and easily. Fresh spring scent.

Bissell 2550 Multi-Surface Pet Cleaner with Febreze Fragrance, Specially Designed for Pet Dirt, for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro and Spinwave, 1 x 1 L

€17.98 / 64.52 ₪

Concentrated Cleaner for Your Crosswave Pet Pro, Crosswave or Spinwave Removes embedded dirt, mud, paw prints and other pet dirt; leaves no streaks; Brings fresh scent to your home
Removes Febreze-freshening odors: The contained molecules capture and bind volatile hydrocarbons, eliminating odors and refreshing the entire room during cleaning
Multi-surface cleaners for Hardwood Floors, Tiles, Laminate and Carpets (Rugs only in combination with Crosswave or Crosswave Pet Pro - Spinwave is only for hard floors)
BISSELL Pet Multi-Surface Cleaner contains no heavy metals, phosphates or coloring ingredients and is safe to use in your family or pet household as well as for the environment

Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau descaler quick descaler for washing machines and dishwashers 00311919

€10.51 / 37.72 ₪
Quickly and powerfully removes limescale deposits.
Particularly recommended for hard water.
Must not be used together with dishwashing detergents.
Causes serious eye irritation.
May cause an allergic skin reaction.

ECM water filter, box with 2 pieces

€20.94 / 75.15 ₪
Special filter for use in espresso machines
These filters are only suitable for ECM devices with vibration pumps.
Aroma security through a special "anti-limescale" filter system: Reduces up to 40% of the limescale content. This way the water retains its optimal taste.

ECOVACS DEEBOT T9+ Robot vacuum cleaner with wiping function and suction station

€899.00 / 3226.24 ₪
With the latest technology, the T9 reaches every corner Thanks to the TrueDetect 3D 2.0.
TrueMapping 2.0 ensures that T9 correctly maps the environment and navigates it regardless of the lighting conditions.
Personalised precision: Control your very personal cleaning with the revised ECOVACS HOME app, no matter from where With the three-dimensional map, the experience becomes even smarter and more personal as it mirrors rooms realistically The 3D mapping technology comes to every corner of your home.
Efficient for a total floor cleaning: T9 sweeps, absorbs and wipes any type of floor covering thanks to its modern OZMO PRO function.
The OZMO Pro technology works through a special water tank with a vibration function The wiper plate moves here with approx. 480 vibrations per minute.
The maximum suction power of the DEEBOT T9 is with up to 3000 Pa twice as high as the T8 The DEEBOT T9 uses strong fibreglass to keep the suction power constant throughout the cleaning time and to efficiently remove dust from hard surfaces and carpeting.
Automatic suction station.
Dimensions ‎35.3 x 35.3 x 9.4 cm.

Karcher 2 x Replacement Rubber Lips For Window Vac Large Blade - 280 mm wide

€11.25 / 40.37 ₪

Intended for:Window cleaner
Product Type:Pull-off lip

Kärcher - 5 x Filter Paper Bags for Water and Dust Vacuum Cleaner - Compatible with: A2000 to A2099 and WD2.000 to WD2.399 - Ref 6.904 - 322.0, 69043220

€8.98 / 32.23 ₪
Karcher vacuum replacement filter bags for A2234. These bags are high-performance high-strength, 2-p.

Kärcher high-pressure cleaner K 5 Premium Smart Control (yellow / black, bluetooth, with hose reel)

€337.99 / 1212.94 ₪
Discover valuable Karcher expert tips such as the right pressure for your cleaning task with the Home & Garden app - individually tailored to your device.
Cleaning has never been so clever. The right pressure for every cleaning task can be transferred from the app to your device via Bluetooth - for the optimal cleaning result.
Extra power thanks to extra boost – even stubborn dirt is solved in no time at all with the boost mode. Activated via gun or app, it switches 15 bar additionally freely.
The powerful solution – the K 5 offers a wide range of cleaning tasks on vehicles, garden tools, balcony and garden furniture, fences and paths, stairs and stone walls.
Box contents: pressure washer with 180 Q smart control gun, 3 in 1 multi-jet jet jet tube, 10 m high pressure hose.

Kärcher 1.512 530.0 steam cleaner SC 5 EasyFix

€324.95 / 1166.15 ₪

With the VapoHydro function, hot water is added to the steam, which dissolves the dirt even better and then simply rinses it away
Through the floor cleaning set EasyFix with the efficient lamella technology and a flexible joint on the floor nozzle as well as the comfortable Velcro fixing of the floor cloth allows optimal cleaning results
The removable water tank is permanently refillable and thus enables uninterrupted working

Karcher 1.512 533.0 Steam Cleaner SC 5 Easyfix Iron

€439.99 / 1578.99 ₪

Floor Cleaning complete kit EasyFix with flexible hinged on the floor nozzle and comfortable velcro fixing of the cloth
Permanently refillable removable water tank
Multi-functional set of accessories including steam pressure and iron
Ground towel & sock for the hand nozzle made from high quality microfibre

Kärcher Battery Window Vac WV 5 Premium incl. Accessories & replaceable nozzle, window cleaner with removable battery for windows, tiles, showers & showcases

€62.85 / 225.55 ₪
Original Kärcher Quality from the inventor of the window vacuum (cleaning performance per battery charge: 35 windows) Scope of delivery: 1 x wide suction nozzle (280 mm) with Suction lip and adjustable spacers, 1 x suction nozzle narrow (170 mm) with suction lip, 1 x spray bottle extra with pad holder, size adjustable, 1 x microfibre mop Indoor (for spray bottle), 1 x window cleaner concentrate 20 ml (with bead effect formula), 1 x removable lithium-ion battery, 1 x battery charger / power adapter (for lithium-ion battery) part number: 1.633-453.0

Kärcher Carpet cleaner, liquid RM 519, 1L

€11.43 / 41.02 ₪
Carpet cleaning solution for vacuum cleaners.


€16.90 / 60.65 ₪
Extension piece for steam suction detail nozzle.
Compatible products: Kärcher SV 7.

Karcher extension set for all WV and KV

€34.90 / 125.25 ₪
Effortless accessibility of higher window surfaces.
Telescopic pull-out handle.
Compatibility with all window vacuums and the vibrating cordless wiper.

Karcher FC 5 hard floor cleaner

€167.00 / 599.31 ₪
he 2-in-1 function of the hard floor cleaner FC 5 enables both wet and dry dirt to be wiped and vacuumed in just one single step. This will save you the hassle of forcing your eyes - and wiping is more effortless, more thorough and faster than ever before. The automatically moistened, rotating microfiber rollers absorb the dirt and at the same time the water-dirt mixture is continuously sucked off from the rollers. This practical self-cleaning function keeps the rollers fresh and ready for use at all times. But the hard floor cleaner delivers even more convincing arguments: Compared to conventional methods, the FC 5 saves up to 85 percent of water and additionally offers a considerably better cleaning performance. Whether wood, stone or plastic: