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anapont Electric Bathroom Radiator - Curved - White, Size: 1100hx600b

Made in Germany: our electric designer bathroom radiator was made in Germany. This allows us to guarantee quality, durability and safety.
Design: the bathroom radiator is extraordinary, as the open side can point to the right or left. It was important to us that you can choose the side of the heating rod and that no welding seams are visible.
Modern operation: there is a KTX3 heating cartridge with timer on the radiator, which allows you to program different heating periods throughout the day. The anti-freeze function protects the cartridge from freezing.
Safety: as a lot of moisture forms in bathrooms, we have always installed a heating cartridge with the very high IPx5 splash protection class into our timers. Smaller protection classes should not be used.
Product information: the radiator is 1110 x 600 mm, has max. 1000 watts, a powder-coated surface and is sufficient for an approx. 8.5 m² space.
Weight: 32.30 kg(s)
€486.00 / 1997.61 ₪
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