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Anapont Electric Bathroom Radiator, White, Straight, High-Quality, Includes Heating Rod and Different Heating Cartridges, Size: 1175h x 600b, KTX 3

MADE IN GERMANY: Our electric bathroom radiator was made in Germany. This allows us to guarantee you quality, durability and safety.
DESIGN: The bathroom radiator is simple but elegant. It was important to us that you can choose the side of the heating element and that no weld seams are visible.
MODERN CONTROL UNIT: The radiator has a KTX3 cartridge heater with a timer, which makes it possible to program different heating periods throughout the day. The ANTIFREEZE function protects the cartridge from freezing.
SAFETY: Since a lot of moisture forms in bathrooms, we have always installed a heating cartridge with the very high IPx5 splash protection class in our timers. Lower protection classes should not be used.
The radiator is 1175 x 600 mm in size, has a maximum of 600 watts, is powder-coated and is sufficient for a room of approx. 6 m². It is delivered fully assembled and filled.
Weight: 23.65 kg(s)
€225.00 / 924.82 ₪
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Remove limescale deposits on the silicone nozzles with a gentle wipe (QuickClean).
Remove limescale deposits on the silicone nozzles with a gentle wipe (QuickClean).