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Gen 3 Wall Connector

€530.00 / 2141.62 ₪
The Tesla wall charging station is the optimal solution for charging in private properties, blocks of flats, at restaurant locations and workplaces such as offices.
With an additional range of up to 71 km per charging hour, multiple power settings, a cable length of 7.3 m and a versatile design for indoor and outdoor use, the wall charging station offers the highest level of charging convenience.
Tesla wall charging stations can share their power to maximize existing electrical capacity and automatically distribute power to charge multiple cars at the same time.
The Gen 3 Wall Connector is fully eligible through the “KfW grant 440”.

Model 3 console shells

€20.00 / 80.82 ₪
The console shell accessory package for Model 3 helps to keep the center console tidy with two additional compartments.
The rear shell is a good size for larger objects, while the front shell is divided into two areas.

Model 3 key

€160.00 / 646.53 ₪

Model 3 keychain

€19.00 / 76.78 ₪
The Tesla lanyard is a custom-made product available for every Tesla model to compliment your current key.
Consisting of a silicone strap on a metal key ring and a tastefully embossed logo, the key strap fits perfectly with every Tesla model.